News: Grudge Match: Eagles-Cowboys keys

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    Grudge Match: Eagles-Cowboys keys
    December, 24, 2011
    DEC 24
    AM CT
    By Bryan Broaddus
    Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan vs. Eagles RB LeSean McCoy: As many weapons as the Eagles have on offense, this is the one matchup the Cowboys cannot afford to lose.

    Rob Ryan and his staff must find a way to put his defensive players in the best positions to make plays. When you study the Eagles, you understand the dynamic of what Michael Vick brings to the game and how dangerous he can be to defend, but McCoy is truly what makes this Eagles offense go. With McCoy, it’s about dealing with his explosive plays that cause defenses the most trouble.

    Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhingweg uses McCoy in so many different ways, whether it’s on the stretch play, sprint draw or the screen. Mornhingweg does a great job of getting McCoy one-on-one in space, which puts so much pressure on a defense to have to make a sure tackle.

    McCoy has that rare stop-start quickness that backs like Barry Sanders had. He has the ability to allow the play to develop front side, then see what is happening backside, plant the foot and make a cut into the open space. Many a day I observed Sanders doing the very same thing for the Lions.
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    if the eagles are so great how did they lose 8 games/?
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    Mentioned the other day McCoy was the closest thing to Sanders I've seen since he retired.
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    McCoy scares the heck outta me. He makes something out of nothing constantly. We must play sound gap control and our defensive Ends have to play alot better than they did in the first match up or we are doomed.
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    Bingo! Our DE's were absolutely awful in the last game against Philly. I remember several times Hatcher standing straight up and just getting killed. No more playing patty cake today and just get after these suckers.

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