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    The save system acts as though the game continues when you aren't there. I guess to put it another way, you jump in and out of people's lives.
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    I've dusted off my xbox for this game. Maybe I should hit up Braveheart and Yeager. Anyway, anyone have good cheats for this game? I want the jet pack cheat. I love that one. But I can't find the cheats for GTA V.
  3. Jammer

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    That does make a lot of sense. I still feel as though I'm "missing" something when that happens.
  4. Aikmaniac

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    Yeah I haven't figured that part out either, however I haven't had the time to play it all that much.

    Odd that even the character's clothing changes each time I start up a game.
  5. The Ominous

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    To those complaining about the save system; Use the quick save button on your phone as much as you can. It even helps with the disappearing cars you might have.
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    I am into the online game. Although i am addicted to stealing the fighter jet from the military base then using it to track down and eliminate other players.

    BTW, how in the world can anyone be bored with the game after 30 minutes? There is like a million different things you can do.
  7. Section444

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    Loving it so far, just wish I had more time to play :(
  8. BigStar

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    Took me a little while to get into it, but definatley have become a fan of the GTA series again. Cool missions; less fetch missions and more mob and kill. Love Trevor and love the ability to switch between characters almost instantly and the in-game saves during missions start you very close to where you died/failed instead of beginning the mission again from the start. Blatant ripoff of the bank heist scene in "Heat" but it is my favorite movie scene of all time so I guess I am complaining while enjoying it. Great game, well worth MY TIME and money.
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    But you have enough time to click on threads with the sole purpose of criticizing others?
  10. CowboyMcCoy

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    Anyone know where to find some cheats? I want the jetpack cheat...
  11. AmberBeer

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