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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DBoys, Feb 25, 2007.

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    What makes you think a CB, FS or OG would make an immediate impact and not a WR?

    Is a corner at #22 going to take Newman's or Henry's place? Is a FS going to take Patrick Watkins' or Reeves' place? If you argue they can be put in the nickel package or on passing downs, why couldn't a WR be rotated into the three-receiver package?

    And with a WR, he can also serve as a punt/kickoff specialist. If it's someone like Ginn, then he could have the same impact as Hester, and Hester played like a first-rounder based on the field position he gave the Bears. I don't care if he was "just" a specialist.

    I don't see any position on this team where a guy we draft is going to make an immediate impact as in a contributing starter from Day 1. Those guys are too high up in the draft.
  2. Alexander

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    Unless it was orchestrated deception, Jerry Jones did mention that WR was the deepest area on the offense and we wouldn't react unless there was a good value available. This is one of those rare times I believe he is being completely truthful, unfortunately.

    I would like to have a 2008 starter out of this draft. We will not or should not count of having both Owens and Glenn on this team beyond this season.
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    I think our Draft on the first day is going to be about getting Tony Romo and the new offensive staff some tools.

    Now that we have a qb, we all hope, it is time to get him some young explosive players.
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    for drafting a corner at #22, we have to go with the assumption that we would move henry to FS, rookie corners adjust easier to the NFL than a WR due to the "5 yard rule"

    the only way we would draft a FS in the 1st round is if one of the top two safeties fall to us (landry or nelson) with nelson being the more realistic possibility

    as far as OG is concerned, not having rivera and romo on their backs for half the game would serve as an immediate impact to me, rivera NEEDS to go and someone like blaylock or grubbs would be huge right away (see marcus mcneil)

    do you really think JJ and ireland are going to draft another "return specialist" WR when we drafted SKYLER GREEN last year?? especially when we have newman at punt returner (oh yeah we did draft him to be our next deion but the tuna was "too afraid to lose his #1 corner") and hopefully wade will use newman exclusively on punt returns and not put patrick "i get two yards every punt return" arent u excited about what miles austin and sam hurd can do?? IMO WR is the deepest position on our team next to RB
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    The only explosive players I see JJ drafting on offense in the 1st would be the WR position.

    I doubt we take a RB and definitely not a TE (esp. with BP gone) in the 1st.

    But if you take JJ at his word at the Combine, I think the probability of taking a WR in the 1st is not particularly high. We all know JJ like to throw curves out there, but I also think he was being straightforward in not drafting a WR in the 1st (unless there was big value there).

    JJ wants a starter in the 1st round.

    Assuming we DO get an OG in FA to replace Rivera, the only places I can see someone starting for us is LB, CB/Safety (depending on what we do with Henry), and maybe as an 34 DE. (But I think it's a low probability we take a DE in Round 1.)
  6. Alexander

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    It all depends on what happens in free agency.

    If we obtain a starting OL, then all bets are off.

    I personally would rather go that route than depend on a rookie guard.
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    We had Ware, but Ellis was a complete unknown at OLB. And I didn't say NOT to draft a WR, just not one in the first 2 rounds. I think we have greater needs in the first 2 rounds instead of a WR to sit on the bench the whole season. This is a quaility Draft for WR, we can get a very good talent in the 3rd or 4th rounds.
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    My guess is that the first round pick will be a DB or WR.

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