Harvin placed on "left squad" list

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    Harvin placed on "left squad" list

    Posted by Judd Zulgad
    Last update: August 13, 2010 - 7:31 AM

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    Vikings coach Brad Childress has said repeatedly that he does not know when wide receiver Percy Harvin will rejoin the team. However, a move made by the Vikings makes it appear as if Harvin's absence might not end any time soon.

    The team received a roster exemption for Harvin on Thursday, with the designation of left squad, according to an NFL source.

    Harvin has been away from the Vikings since his grandmother passed in late July. The Vikings have said that Harvin is now at home in the Twin Cities but has been dealing with another round of migraine headaches.

    Harvin had migraine headaches on several occasions last season and even missed one game. However, none of his migraines lasted long enough to keep him away from the team for the amount of time he has been missing in recent weeks.

    Harvin's agent, Joel Segal, has declined to comment on the situation, saying the Vikings are handling the situation.

    It's not clear yet what move the Vikings will make now that they have the roster exemption for Harvin.

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    It's most likely the "Favregraine"
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    Interesting development.

    Not real sure what to make of it . . .

    Probably nothing though.
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    Well, if Farve can work the angle then why can't he?

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