Has anybody ever break or severly sprain your ankle

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by playmakers, Dec 5, 2005.

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    I broke mine and 6 weeks after that I got my cast off. Two weeks later, I played in a pick-up basketball game. Let me tell you this, it was a good 4-5 months after the pick-up game I was somewhat back.

    If your a bball fan, Tim Duncan and Chris Webber both did what Julius did and they had no explosiveness until the following season. Before you critcize Julius's speed you must understand the injury. He will get a bit better from week to week, but he wont be 100 percent until next season.
  2. Rack Bauer

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    I sprained my ankle a few times (the first one was 3rd degree sprain) and yeah, it does take a long long time to recover 100%.

    But, in my case, whenever if I sprain it now (rarely happens and I use no ankle supports) the damage isn't bad and I recover quickly.
  3. joseephuss

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    Most people seem to think he wasn't explosive before the injury. I think he is doing fine.
    The line is not doing its job and at run blockin was average even when Flozell was healthy.
  4. miamicowboy21

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    Yes i've had many a sprained ankle, their not easy to come back from. fOR A Running back in football, he cant cut without healthy ankles, same thing in basketball, your lateral movement is basically gone. I never criticized julius for taking as much time as he did. Anyone who tohught that was a 1-2 week injury was sadly mistaken.
  5. sporadic

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    I have had 3rd degree sprains in both ankles...they have never been the same (although I have never actively "rehabbed" them)
  6. sillycon

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    I dunno.. He seemed a little slow before he had the high ankle sprain. Either that or the conscious attempt to protect the football is robbing him of his shiftiness... (I even noticed that in yesterday's game when he had a chance to get out of bounds, he took extra time to secure the ball which ultimately kept him from going out of bounds to stop the clock... It was weird...)
  7. lcharles

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    I sprained my ankle yesterday jumping off the bandwagon!! :rake:
  8. 2much2soon

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    I used to blow mine out playing hs b-ball, on a regular basis. It hurt so bad whenever I did it I always felt, momentarily, like I was going to puke. Sprained one side twice and the other once in two nights worth of games in one weekend.
    Then I nearly broke it playing streetball and was in a cast for a few weeks. After that I wised up and started doing weight training specifically for my ankles. Never had another problem after that.
  9. kingwhicker

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    I broke mine (twice)- first time, took about 4 weeks. Second time (much more severe) took about 10-12 weeks (that one was like the TO injury with a fracture in the outer leg bone).
  10. viman96

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    I tore ligaments in my left ankle back in 1996 and it took a LONG time to heal. It is still not 100%. The doctor told me I was going to wish I broke it vs. tearing ligaments because the healing process takes so much longer.
  11. 50cent

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    Sprain and broke mine 10 years ago. Still not the same flexibility wise.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I tore my ankle up 3 years ago and it still is not the same, still painful and weak. I have led a very athletic life and have had a lot of injuries over the years but this has by far been the worst to come back from. Only my dislocated hip compares.
  13. Kangaroo

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    Actualy remember when emitt played the whole year with bone chips in his ankle I did that for a year and had them cut out. Remember how Emitt was a differnt back week to week depending on his ankle. Been there down that on my right ankle I have also had a 3rd degree sprain of my left ankle ended up in a soft cast for 6 weeks. Plus a few more things mixed in
  14. Ashwynn

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    As a Spurs fan, I can tell you Duncan was hobbled all year last year, between the ankle and playing summer ball he never got to rest it and it never went away. But Duncan is a different player this year playing a different game really then last year so you cant see how much better he is then last year on the surface, but spurs fans know and feel a lot better about Duncan this year.
  15. BIGDen

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    You're right. I'm a physical therapist who has both broken and severely sprained (twice) his ankle. I know from personal and professional experience that it takes months, not weeks, to fully recover. I really didn't feel fully recovered from my worst sprain util about 1 YEAR later. And that was with proper rehab and having a wife (also a PT) who could also help me rehab the ankle. For those of you who feel you never fully got your range of motion back I'd suggest going to a physical therapist. Joint mobilizations and nerve glides can do wonders for range and return to full function. A good therapist would also teach proprioceptive exercises which could help you to avoid chronic sprains. Hope this helped.

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