Has anyone ever been to a Raider game?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by EveryoneElse, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Remember never be scared of the guy who does a lot of talking. Be scared of the guy who doesn't say a word and then is waiting for you outside afterwards :) Act as if you are at Texas Stadium with a walkman with the broadcast going so you can't hear anything.
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    I have a co-worker here that is from Oakland and she just transferred to our Texas office about 4 months ago. She's a huge raider fan and has been telling me about the Raider games. You may want to reconsider wearing any Boys jerseys.
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    I don't know man, be carefull. Are you going with some friends?

    My brother-in-law used to cover the Cowboys in the 90's, so I got to go on the field in Oakland as a "grip." Basically I had a field pass to just watch the game. It was the game where Chad Hennings made Jeff Hosteltler cry. Deion had a pick over his shoulder. Jay Novacek caught a beautiful pass form Aikman for a TD in the corner. I was so close I could have caught it, it came right towards me.

    Anyway, the crowd is a riot. They are for the most part a bunch of people who like black, like to party, like to yell. But there are a lot more idiot trouble makers than your average fan base. I've been to a number of 49er games and never seen a fight. That game I went to in Oaktown??? Crazy. Fights all over the damn place. They have sooooo many security guards there. I'd hear the crowd start to roar when nothing was happening on the field, and you'd just see a bunch of yellow jackets running up the stairs to the fight.

    If you are going to gear up for this game, plan on verbal abuse and getting crap thrown at you. Don't take the wife/girlfriend and kids. Go with some friends and don't be a jerk and you'll be ok.
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    Another thing. If there were a HUGE, profane sign made by fans on the way into Texas Stadium, wouldn't security take it down? Yes, they would.

    I will never forget my intitial impression driving into the stadium. Just as my brother in law remarked that it looked like pirates of the caribbean- I look up to see a HUGE banner that read simple: F*** DALLAS
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    The Raider 'chicks' are tougher than the guys. If you MUST bring your wife/gf, don't let them use the women's room..that's where the intimidation is centered. It ranges from verbal abuse to jewelry snatching to actual beatings.

    I have never been to Oakland, but I have friends who have attended Jets game there...not wussy type gals but they came back vowing 'never again".

    Sometimes the guy Fader fans will throw a rival fan over the railing.
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    Dude - not a good idea. Raider fans don't like anything that can be used as evidence. Think of how you would react if you were committing a crime and someone was filming it.
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    I'm not sure about now but I remember about 10 years ago it used to be banned. Had something to do with NFLFilms.

    I talk to Raider fans all the time - they are intense but cool. I wouldn't be too worried, just get into the atmosphere and let it go, it's not like you're a Charger fan, we only play them once in a blue moon.
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    All of your stories are scaring the crap outta me, because IM GOING TO THE GAME TOO haha. Im going with my g/f who bought the tickets for me for my birthday , and two other friends who are neutral fans. Im strongly concidering wearing my Chuck Woodson jearsey, and try not to act like to much of an idoit when something good happens for the Cowboys. But im glad i read all these stories, because im going to take them all in concideration, especially telling my g/f not to be going to the bathroom at any point. I am though going to bring a backpack with my Roy jersey in it and then scope the scene out when i sit down and see what its like, to see if there are cowboy fans around me or not. If not, then i will be keeping the Woodson jersey on. If it looks like im surounded by a good number of 'Boys fans i might concidering putting on my Roy jersey. Ive got upper level seats. im not sure what kind of fans will be there with me. But i am planning on being safe....unless i see something otherwise that will prompt me to sport my Cowboys jersey and cheer.
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    Upper level is a little safer. Definitely wear the Woodson jersey through the parking lot. There should be other Dallas fans in that area though. It rarely sells out. BTW...bring binoculars for the famous "Mt. Davis" seats.
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    Don't act like an idiot is the best advice I've seen so far.

    You all remember that guy in SD who we laughed about because he kept shouting "Stay classy San Diego" as their fans left the stadium. If he did that in Oakland, he would have been beaten unconscious - if the fans decided not to kill him, he would wake up with "Stay Classy" tattooed on his forehead.
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    Seriously, there isn't an historic or a heated rivalry between Dallas and Oakland. Jerry and Al Davis are pretty tight, or they wouldn't be preseason game partners, and we haven't heard about Dallas fans feeling beseiged at those games.

    I suspect Oakland fans will not treat Boys fans like they do their more hated AFC rivals, or even their competition across the Bay. Unless you are unfortunate enough to be seated near some serious lunatics, you are prolly in far less danger than you would be in Philly.
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    I went to a Chargers vs. Raiders game up in Oakland in 2002 (the year we won in OT) with my brother and our cousin who is a Raiders fan. It wasn't too bad at first, because we were with a Raiders fan who kept telling his fellow fans to be cool, but I could tell that if it weren't for him, we would have gotten a steady ration of **** the entire game. As it was, we had two drunks hurling a non-stop string of expletives towards us, especially after the Bolts won. It wasn't a comfortable situation, but I can't say we ever felt threatened. However, I did see two fights between Chargers and Raiders fans, not to mention several between Raiders fans and Raiders fans. Those people are...different.

    Of course, the Bolts fans and Raiders fans have a longstanding animosity, so maybe it won't be so bad for the Boys fans. But it definitely is not like visiting San Diego, where the fans are generally cool, if not particularly happy to see you there. The Raiders fans were definitely hostile.
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    Seriously. Don't wear Dallas colors in the parking lot on the way out after a victory. Don't be an idiot in the stands--joke around a bit maybe, but don't be an idiot. Limit your time in the bathroom, and you should be OK.

    Seriously, don't wear your gear in the parking lot if Oak loses. I've seen them, men (yes, plural), go after a woman wearing the color of an opposing team. She didn't say a word to them, and other Oak fans had to literally step in to keep her upright.
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    My dads friend went to the game with his kid who was 12 at the time. there lion fans being from michigan. anyway a bunch of grown men started cursing out the kid calling him a little .... throwing beer on them etc. so my dads friend confronted one of the guys , and the guy says ''yo homey if you take on me you take on me and my 20 cousins and brothers too'' after that he sat back down and told his son to take his lion jersey off.

    anyway these raider fans seriously need to get a life. How pathetic that you take a game so seriously , you would threaten a 12 year old kid there to enjoy the game with his father.

    If I was going to the game I'd wear my cowboys hat and thats about it . I wouldnt go to nuts when dallas did well, i would cheer but it wouldnt be too expressive or obnoxious. if you got some cowboy fans around you then you got some more protection to be more expressive with your support. :star:

    enjoy the game , I think dallas is going to win this one .
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    Just go and cheer the way you would normally cheer, in any stadium. If one of those ***** Gayder fans gives you ****, "Accidently" throw a beer in his face and whoop his candy ***.

    Who wants to live forever anyway?
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    Or you could just go to the game with the mindset that you're about to run the gauntlet or something. You know, wear your cowboys gear, talk a lot of ****, and if you survive, you can consider it a rite of passage or something.

    Hell, people jump out of airplanes for the adrenaline rush. I'd much rather beat on some ***** raider fans then to jump out of a freakin' airplane. Bring a really cheap camera with you incase you have to use it as a weapon. Wouldn't want to destroy an expensive one. Also, see if you can sneak some Pepper spray into the game with you. That will incapacitate (sp?) them while you beat on them with your camera. Stop in between hits and try and take a pic for us.
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    Take a cane with you. Tell them you are handicapped. They have to let you in with it. :)
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    LMAO!!! :lmao2: I can just imagine you hittin' a raider fan with a Cane..too funny....


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