Has Dallas Gotten Any Better?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. jzcowboy

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    Redskins also have injuries to deal with. They also just lost a starting CB to suspension for the rest of the season.

    It's go time Cowboys!!
  2. Idgit

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    I think the offensive improvement--if it's sustainable--is almost perfectly offset by the defensive setbacks, which we know are pretty much going to be permanent.

    If Rat were to come back and Lisemore to get stronger, I'd have meager hope for DL improvement and more pressure, but that's not looking likely.

    I disagree with people who think we lack leadership from the top down. I think pretty much exactly the opposite. This looks like a gritty team that sticks around and has very good veteran leadership to me. We're compromised by injuries and, early in the year, turnovers.
  3. Future

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    Agree. It's unfortunate that even if, and that's a major if, this team can somehow get consistent and string wins together, we are too shorthanded to do so mroe than likely. Unless Ryan comes up with some genius way to hide the fact that the entire middle of our defense is scrubs - which will probably make him a head coach next year - we can't go anywhere. Realistically, we'd have to win at least 7 shootouts to win the Super Bowl...I don't see that happening.
  4. DenCWBY

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    The answer is overall we have not improved and have gotten slightly worse.
    There are a few improvements with some individual players but overall the balance of team improvement is worse by position. QB - worse, OLine - worse, DLine - worse, ST - same to worst, LB - improved, RB - same and sigificanly worse w/out Murray, CB - improved but you could'nt go anywhere but up. Safety - worse than last year, TE - same. We see some players like Dez, Lee, Harris which gives hope for improvement but it's lipstick on a pig.
    Until the trenches are much improved, it's groundhogs day. I'm not going to hack long on JG but as a coach, I see no improvement and for his position coaches, no improvement and actually worse than last year. Ryan is awful as of late.
  5. nalam

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    If our offense didn't lay an egg and defense could have got a few more plays in the first half we would have probably in a position to win that game 4 scores in one quarter while none for us, disgusting....
  6. DFWJC

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    I think if you add in the innjured players that this team is better (and younger)than last year's team.

    Some of us forget that this team lost three games in the closing minutes.
    That would be, best case scenario, 9-3 right now with just a few plays.
    And yes, I do realize that we won acouple like that too.

    They still need to patch a bunch of holes and add more depth as well. But add back Carter, Lee, Church, Ratliff, Coleman, and Scandrick to this defense and they are far better than last year's bunch.

    Is the oline better?
  7. sbark

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    agree.......I saw some passes from RGIII that next time could easily be tipped by the LB, passes thrown behind receivers that next time could be either a incomplete ball or a INT at best.

    He is free wheeling on a good rookie season, but the breaks wont always go all his way.....it might actually be to our advantage to be on the road.

    We'll see, it why the game will be played......our guys got some pride, I figure they'll show up
  8. KJJ

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    The Cowboys have regressed they looked like a better team last season than they have so far this season. The defense looks a little better this season but it's starting to show cracks. After 12 games last season the Cowboys were 7-5 compared to 6-6 this season. Last season the Cowboys won 4 straight games at one point compared to this season where they've only been able to manage 2 straight wins.

    Last season they completely dominated the Rams 34-7, Buffalo 44-7 and Tampa 34-14. This season they haven't beaten down one single team unless you want to count the first Philly game where they were handed 21 points by the defense and special teams which enabled them to come back from a 17-10 deficit. Last season the Cowboys were jumping out to leads against playoff teams like the Patriots and Lions only to cough them up in the 4th quarter.

    This season they've been getting way behind in a number of games because of dreadfully slow starts. Last season they only scored under 20 points 3 times. This season they've already scored under 20 points 4 times with 4 games remaining. The Cowboys are going to have to go 3-1 just to improve on last years record. So far this has been a VERY DISAPPOINTING season.
  9. Clove

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    Finally, someone without excuses.
  10. Ratmatt

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    That win over the eagles,I'm afraid,will be the last win the cowboys have this year.
  11. Hook'em#11

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    They should of beat NYG and Baltimore and the Falcons IMO..

    THE biggest problem with this team is themselves shooting themselves in the foot. With either penalties, key missed assignments.

    Seriously, the other teams aren't doing that much. I know that is homeristic, and I don't care. :D

    I don't think they have gotten better, they have gotten the injury bug no doubt. but, every team gets that. no excuse.

    This team actually executes and is consistent.

    They would be deep in the playoffs. But, not the case.
  12. Hoofbite

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    Pinning hopes on the successes of other teams to come on top in the "against all odds" scenarios seems like an unreasonable course of action.

    The comparisons to the Giants of last year are pretty flimsy at best. Getting beyond face value that the Giants were 6-6 at the same point the comparisons just fails to stand up.

    When the Giants slumped last season, losing 4 straight games to hit their 6-6 rock bottom, they had just come off one of the most hellacious stretches in all of football.

    San Francisco (8-1)
    Philadelphia (3-6)
    New Orleans (7-3)
    Green Bay (11-0)

    Top 3 teams in the conference in that stretch. The only game that wasn't a 1 score game was the game in New Orleans and they took Green Bay down to the last play of the game. Philly was crap but that's about it. Although, not sure just how crappy as they slaughtered Dallas just a few weeks prior to this game.

    During Dallas' recent "run".....winning 3 of the last 4.

    Philadelphia (3-6)
    Cleveland (2-7)
    Washington (4-6)
    Philadelphia (3-8)

    Not exactly comparable in any way.

    Another large difference is that the 2011 Giants had 2 games against their primary competitor left and they only had 1 team to really worry about. Dallas has 2 teams to worry about and they only have 1 game against either of them.

    I don't think Dallas has really improved all that much over the last month. The offense has gotten better but as others have said the defense has taken a step back.

    I think the main reason Dallas is in the position they are in is because they have played 3 games against pretty poor teams. You can only play who is on your schedule and while it may be fortunate timing to hit those teams, the next 4 games are all against much better teams than the Eagles and Browns.

    Dallas' defense should concern everyone. They're struggling and if they allow 30 spots from here on out, I don't think Dallas wins many of those games, if any.
  13. CowboyMcCoy

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    Oh, I agree. We should have won those games and I think aside from shooting ourselves in the foot, we've been good. No doubt we could be much better than our record.
  14. CowboyMcCoy

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    Which is why I posed the question. I thought about these things, too. I think the only real indicator is what the future holds.
  15. kevm3

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    The defense actually looks improved when we have all of our talent in there. our offense looks atrocious until we go until into no-huddle, which causes it to look like a completely different team.
  16. CowboyMcCoy

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    I agree.
  17. rwalters31

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    Well, lets see Romo is 3th in passing; Dez Bryant is tenth in receiving; DeMarcus Ware is 7th in Sacks; Dallas is 2nd in passing; Dallas is 7th in Offense; and 11th in defense. This all adds up to a 6 - 6 team and 3th in our division. I would say the Cowboys are one dimensional and inconsistent in the other parts of the game. Now, having said that are we getting better at penalties and turnovers? that killed us during the first part of the year. On this point I do see a slight improvement.:)
  18. ufcrules1

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    Yup, you are dead on. How could anyone see otherwise in that game? The Redskins beat us down.
  19. CowboyMcCoy

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    Too funny. I'm convinced you must have been drinking.
  20. Hook'em#11

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    That is why this year has been really, really frustrating.:mad:

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