Has there ever been a QB as unclutch?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Haha, he may very well could be, the high's and low's with Romo are incredibly frustrating to say the least.
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    I would think that the fact that Troy himself was playing on a virtual all-star team with one of the best offensive lines ever assembled would hep counteract that. We don't know how this Redskin loss will look until the playoffs are over, but surely you remember they Romo has twice been knocked out by the eventual Super Bowl champs.
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    As a Cowboys fans, I was never more proud of Troy and the Cowboys than I was watching them claw and scrap their way back into that game against a damn good 49ers team. Troy was awesome in that loss;)

    You do know that Deion Sanders got away with the most blatant PI against Irvin in the history of the NFL that day. If that penalty is called, I have no doubt Dallas scores a TD on that drive and that game takes on an entirely different character. Would have been fun to see...
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    LOL!! Deion's signature arm bar running with receivers is well documented. I miss those days of the two NFC juggernauts playing in the Super Bowl...oops I mean NFC Championship:lmao2: We owned the NFL in the 90's!!
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    JG5000s playcalling is as robotic and monotonous as he is. Always snapping on the last second, always the same pattern of calls, never tries to take anyone by surprise. He seems to fit the definition of insanity. He never seems to adjust in real time. They blitz almost every down and we never make them pay til the 4th quarter. Can't blame Tony for that situation.

    The only season Garrett looked good was when TO was in his peak. And the OL was buying Romo so much time he could have taken a leak back there each play.
  6. DWhite Fan

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    Yes yes yes!!!!:laugh2:
  7. Gameover

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    Mark Sanchez
    Peyton Manning
    Tom Brady
    Big Ben
    Ponder(although AP might be better than all our skill players combined)
  8. Sarge

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    That would be awesome.
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    I posted in the wrong thread. Haha. This was meant for the who are you rooting for thread.
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    Which year? Because every year before the season and during it I hear about how talented we are and how we are super bowl contenders with the roster that we have. Then when Romo plays poorly at the WORST TIME, I hear well he has no one around him. We can't have it both ways.
  11. Venger

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    Of your answers, only Sanchez is accurate.

    Ponder? COME ON, Peterson just ran for 2000 yards!!!!!

    Did you watch the Cowboys game? See what a consistent, productive running game can do? It can get you into the playoffs with your QB making what, ten pass completions?
  12. Frozen700

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    Ware also Let RG3 and Morris toy with him, and extend drives, and score....1 play means jack. Romo Threw an early TD

    He made a play, gave us the lead...and what does Ware do? Get faked 5+ times on 1 drive for a TD.

    Yeah they both suck, if you want to say Romo sucks
  13. john van brocklin

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    My memory is fuzzy, but didnt Danny rally the Cowboys over the Falcons on the road with 2 TDs late in the game ?
  14. percyhoward

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    No, and in most cases not even close.

    (Rushing rank/Pass Defense Rank[DPR])

    Wilson (3rd/3rd)
    Cutler (10th/2nd)
    RG3 (1st/18th)
    Mark Sanchez (12th/7th)
    Tom Brady (7th/17th)
    Peyton Manning (16th/9th)
    Ponder (2nd/25th)
    Big Ben (26th/8th)
    Luck (22nd/22nd)
    Rivers (27th/19th)
    Brees (25th/28th)
    Romo (31st/29th)
  15. Risen Star

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    Good stuff, percy.

    It's easy to blame Romo. It's lazy too.

    Look, I've been accused of being a hater over the years. Mostly because I'm not afraid to criticize my own team. But I can not lay the blame on this team's failures on the QB. That's not to say he hasn't made mistakes, but when you look at his overall body of work he's been good enough to win with. The rest of the team hasn't.

    So if you want to plan on winning next year you start with Tony Romo and build around that. Let's actually do this Romo-friendly thing the owner talked about years ago.
  16. Plankton

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    He's not entirely blameless in this.

    Yes, they need to upgrade the lines. They also need to put a bigger emphasis on the run game, and lessen Romo's load. He cannot carry this team to where we would all like to see the Cowboys go to.

    He has had to bear too much of the burden, and he cracks in the biggest spots. His play on Sunday night was abysmal, as was the play of the line and the adjustments from the coaching staff. When he doesn't play at a high level, they cannot win.

    They need to change that formula so it isn't all on Romo. They also need to find his successor and begin to groom him.
  17. DFWJC

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    So the last 5 gmes of the season are all huge.
    Romo is insanely clutch in all but one of them....so he's "unclutch"
  18. DFWJC

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    All those games were huge.
    In fact, I bet the pressure in game one at New York with the whole nation watching, vs the defending champs, after a bad ending for Dallas last year, had the same level of pressure.
    He was masterful in that game.

    I was not the pressure that killed Romo, it was some bad decsions under well-desinged blitzes coupled with a cracked rib. Add it up and he had a bad game vs a better team.
    On that drive with the 3rd pick, he looked very comfortable completing a pass right before the pick. He just should not throw that ball. We're all pised about it. But that was not choking, that was just a bad play.
  19. 187beatdown

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    Romo has no running game, no OL, and no D, so you name a bunch of players who have all of those things.
  20. Primetime42

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    If this guy of all people is willing to say that, it oughta make you think.

    No offense of course, buddy. Your take is of appreciated. :)

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