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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Big Dakota, Nov 22, 2006.

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    I try and stop here a couple times a day because it's the best Cowboys site on the net for info, but i don't remember this on Monday or yesterday. A buddy of mine posted this at the blue and silver. Very sorry to you mods and members if this has been posted and talked about.

    from ********.com:

    Michael Irvin Has A Theory About Tony Romo's Speed

    http://www.********.com/assets/resources/2006/11/heinnowaylooksretarded.jpgWe mentioned this briefly yesterday, but it kind of looks like the story has a little bit of legs under it now, so let's dive back in. ESPN "analyst" Michael Irvin, appearing disheveled (or as disheveled as anyone can sound on the radio), was on the Dan Patrick Show on Monday, and apparently he had some strange things to say about Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, seemingly claiming that he had some slave blood in him, or something. The Big Lead has the pseudo-transcript:
    Irvin comes back with, "No, that's not the only way ... but it's certainly one way ... [maybe his] great, great, great, great Grandma pulled one of them studs up outta the barn [and said] 'come here for a second' ... back in the day ...(more sinister laughter)"
    Patrick, along the just-popping-by Keith Olbermann, attempted to help out Irvin by changing the subject, but there's no helping Michael Irvin. You can find the audio if you're an Insider. We're not sure what the hell Irvin's talking about ... but, of course, nothing new there.

    Michael Irvin Does His Best Jimmy The Greek Impression On The Dan Patrick Show [The Big Lead]

    Let The Michael Irvin Firing Watch Begin

    Posted Nov 22nd 2006 1:22PM by Brian Cook
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    [​IMG]A follow-up to this morning's post, Now with audio.

    If you're wondering if there is some sort of reasonable claim Irvin was misinterpreted... uh... not so much.

    That's right: there must be some brothers in Romo's background, because his great-great-great Grandma "ran over in the hood and something went down" or "pulled one of them studs up outta the barn." Not to get all Scoop Jackson on y'all, but if a white guy said that he'd have been shot by ESPN management. Can the widely-reviled Irvin survive? Let's hope not.

    Whitlock, we've got some bojangling on line three.

    (HT: The Big Lead.)
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    Because he's black, and the NFL's version of Charles Barkley, he'll survive it just fine.
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    I'll laugh if he repaets Rush Limbaugh's comments and no one objects because it was Mike (or TO, he probably agrees with Limbaugh's comments since they were about McNabb).
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    LOL...I loved it when he said that...LOL

    It is just Mike being Mike.

    Good luch ol' buddy in the HOF voting...I hope you get what you deserve. And that's to be beside Aikman waiting for Emmit to join the best in the history of pro footbal.
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    The country is too damn politically correct nowadays. OMG!

    What's wrong with a guy JOKING AROUND?!?!?!?!?!?

    If you think about it, its pretty funny. Romo does seem to get a little burst of speed when defenders are upon him or if he's running for a first down on 3rd down.
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    If it were Steve Young saying that, he'd be fired by now....

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