Hatin on Deion?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by NewEraCowboy, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Anyone remember when he started and played an entire game at both CB and WR? Monday Night at Chicago, I believe. Unbelievable performance, completely won me over.

    And I could be mistaken, but I think this was also the game where Emmitt got hurt diving over a pile and Walter Payton paid him a visit after he was carted off.

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    Deion may have been the greatest corner in your lifetime but he is a long ways from being the best of all-time kid. I've been a football fan for over 40 years and I have seen several CBs I would rank ahead of Deion in my time.

    I will agree that no one was better at self promotion than Deion and that is why so many younger fans believe that junk about him being the best cover corner ever and shutting down half the field. The reality is that good QBs had no trouble throwing against him and the top WRs beat him regularly. Just go back and watch the chanpionship game from 1994 and see how badly Aikman and Irvin schooled "Prime Time".

    For some other examples look at Young & Rice, Brunell & McCardell and Smith, Mitchell & Moore, and don't even think about putting Deion up against Randy Moss because he mysteriously got hurt every time he had to face him then was fine the following week.

    Deion was able to dominate lesser WRs and QBs but he was not up to the task when it came to the elite players. Greatest ever? Not by a long sight.

    I won't even get into his personality which turned me off the first time I saw him play in college. He was all about self promotion and never, ever about the team.

    Hatin on Deion? I take pride in it.

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    You must have missed Ricky Williams' coming out party when he was with the Saints then. He ran right at Deion every time and Deion did his "matador" imitation where he would suddenly move out of Ricky's way and try to grab him as he ran past. Did it several times in the game and afterwards Ricky was laughing about it saying he was looking for Deion to run over him.

    That wasn't the only time either. Usually deion was nowhere to be found on running plays. I will say that he did make more than a few last second tackles of guys that had broken off a long run/catch and stopped them just short of the goalline. Tackling guys from behind was his forte though.
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    Met Deion Sanders in Atlanta at a restaurant with Bill Bellamy. He was very approachable and seemed like a genuine person. Met him again at Redskins training camp a few years back.

    While he was in DC he was known as a good locker room guy.

    BTW - It was an 8M signing bonus.
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    Daryl Johnson once hinted that Deion's presence in the locker room had a bad influence on some, but other than that I've never heard anything bad about him.
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    man gtfoh.jimmy smith did WHAT TO DEION?

    i want proof

    its typical that a 40 year old hates deion.VERY TYPICAL.
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    Great story Hos.

    I never liked Sanders until he came to the Cowboys. But I have never been able to dislike a Cowboys player.

    And lord knows I tried to keep the hate going with Sanders when he came to the 'Boys.
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    Ricky williams did that to ALOT of corners his first year ........ where they all poor tacklers? :rolleyes:
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    The best players in the game can beat ANY corner ...... they know where they are going .....the corner doesn't ....... thats like saying someone cant play defense because Michael Jordan dropped 40 on them. Name a Corner that Aikman and Irvin or Young and Rice couldn't beat ..... name the guy who is better at shutting down half the field than Deion?
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    My favorite Deion play actually was a tackle. The first play of a home game against Washington. Stephen Davis was coming around the end and Deion read the play, shot through like a bullet and took out Davis' legs for a 2 or 3 yard loss. It really set the tempo for the game.

    Other than that, I don't think Deion was a good tackler. Could he make good tackles? Sure, he could and did. You can't avoid every tackle, but you can position yourself to not make every tackle as well. I just don't think it is that big a knock on the guy. It is relatively minor. It is something I greatly appreciate about Terrence Newman. He looks to make a tackle on every play that comes to his side. The stats reflect it. He has had two 70 tackle seasons. Deion's best was 66 and most of the time he was in the 30 to 40 tackles per season range. The difference between 70 tackles and 40 tackles is 2 tackles per game. Is 2 tackles a game a big deal? I guess it depends on perspective. Dallas won a lot of games with that production.

    Dallas faced Randy Moss 3 times while Deion was on the team. He was hurt for more than that one game in 1998 when Dallas faced Moss on Thanksgiving. In the 1999 Monday night game, Deion played and gave up maybe 2 passes to whomever he was covering. None for big plays. Deion was locked on to Cris Carter in the 1999 playoff game, so Dallas could double Moss. Carter caught 1 pass for 5 yards, while Moss got his big numbers. I don't think Deion was avoiding Moss.

    I heard Mike Ditka talking about the label "greatest" the other day. He was asked about running backs, but it relates to any position. He said that there really is no such thing. How do you compare different players who face different situations. Different teams, different eras, different styles, different roles and whatever else. Deion is one of the greats. Changed games because of his presence and could take over a game. His persona is over the top, but that stuff doesn't bother me most of the time because I ignore it.
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    I'm pretty much with you there Jay Cee.

    I respected Sanders game, kinda turned off by his attitude.

    Hos, never heard that signing story before, good read. Things like that can change my mind on a player.

    So, Dieon was outspoken and he said a veiw things, hinting about Troy holding back the team that irked me a bit. I don't know all of the details so I guess I should not be to judgemental.

    One thing I didn't see mentioned here yet that bothered me. That was he would not enter the defensive huddle between plays. I felt that was arrogant and did not lead to team unity. Then, because Deion was doing it, Kevin Smith started the same practice.

    In my playing days (defensive LB) I would not have put up with that from a teamate, I belive in a TEAM and players being part of the team. Too me, that stunt of not joining the huddle would have been addressed by me on my team, one way or the other.
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    I could never stand deion sanders.

    I think he was one of, if not the, best cover CB's the NFL has ever seen so it is not his play on the field (other then his openly lack of tackling).

    It is not that he was ever a trouble maker off the field when it came to drugs or criminal charges.

    It was just something about the man I could not stand.

    I have never seen a person claim to be one thing...and turn around and be so prideful and arrogant and in contradiction of what they claim they are in life...more than deion sanders.

    Put him in cleats and healthy and he did not bother me....let him act a fool and run his mouth and I wanted to beat the man upside the head.

    Doing some kind of goofy prayer rain dance when waiting to return punts or kicks.
    Driving into camp in a golf cart fixed up to look like a mini mercedes.

    Stuff like that just kill me.
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    I always liked Deion Sanders, I think people need to get off his butt.
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    I think a lot of it is the syrupy sweet way he talks to the cameras that just give off the impression that it's not real.

    I'm not saying it's not because I can't judge the man, but he just acts like a huckster, TV evangelist who is trying to sell you something or get a donation from you.

    That's just my take. I never had a problem with his play. He was an unbelievable cover man and a weak tackler. Everyone knew that. He ws what he was. No need to hate on him for that. I never minded his "Prime-Time" flash and dash, but it's the sappy sweet "persona" that rubs me the wrong way.
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    you can only judge how real a man is on actions you have seen.PERIOD

    not from what u hear from other people.:mad:

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    Bobby Taylor routinely shut Irvin down.

    No corner can shut down half the field, including Deion, which is why it was BS hype to even say that. Teams picked on the scrub opposite Deion (like Larry Brown or Kevin Mathis) was all unless he happened to be on one of the elite WRs, in which case the QB simply threw against him.

    I never saw any WR school Michael Haynes or Herb Adderley, for instance, the way Irvin and others could beat Deion.

    Sydney Moncrief was a guy that could shut Jordan down.

    I'm not saying Deion wasn't a great cover corner but he certainly wasn't the greatest ever, he did not shut down half the field, and he was a self-centered, self-promoting jerk.
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    Well Ill tell you why New Era because he was an extreme narcisist (sp?). He was a showboat, and worst of all he showed up other players with his patented turn around and look at the player he beat and put his hand on his helmet move. Totally classless. You dont have to dislike him but I am surprised that you or anyone would need to ask why he was disliked.
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    you have no proof whatsoever of irvin getting killed by anyone but irvin.jimmy smith never did anything to deion.neither did rice really.

    bottom line YOUR A HATER.stop it

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    I watched the games kid. You can live in denial all you want, that's your perogative, but the truth is still the truth whether you choose to accept it or not.
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    lol sure buddy.id love to see those phantom games you speak about.

    i dont remember any of them but the 1994 game against the niners.


    i wanna see them

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