Have you ever been to a Cowboys game?

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by StevenOtero, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Cornish83

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    Washington @ Dallas Dec. 26, 1993 was my first game. I got to sit on the 50 yard line in the visitors section because we were a friend of a player. I will never forget
  2. CMJ76

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    philly@ dallas win
    miami @ dallas win
    kc @ dallas win
    chicago @ dallas win
    nyg @ dallas win
    dallas at houston texans loss
  3. CMJ76

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    got to go to dat nguyen's house the day before the game to meet him. took the whole family. trying to convert my son from being a packers fan. (i know, i know) but at least he's a football fan. almost worked too. actually did foir a while til i took him to the packers at the texans that favre pulled out a win in the last minutes. now i'll never get him to convert.
  4. Tennione72

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    Every game they've played in Carolina including the 2 dreadful playoff games
  5. danzig

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    I had a similar experience at a L.A. Raider game in the 85 playoffs.I was 13, My brothers roommate was a player for the Patriots that year (Derrick Ramsey) so we went to the playoff game with tickets he gave us, I was wearing a red shirt and i was openly rooting for the Patriots to win the game. Well i got threatened a few times inside. on the way out, after the Raiders lost my brother was getting threatened really badly. we ended up going to wait where the players walk out and my brothers roommate and another patriot player ended up taking us to our car so we could avoid all the 'a' hole raider fans.

    on a side note, unfortunately the Cowboys lost their playoff game earlier that day to the Rams 20-0.
  6. Bobo

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  7. skinsscalper

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    Been to three. All in Texas Stadium West (Sun Devil Stadium). Two pre-season and one regular season. Lost every one!! There's nothing more pathetic than a trash talkin Cards fan as you leave a stadium. :rolleyes:

  8. t.o.boys81

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    In 2000, I saw the Cowboys spank the Bengals at Texas Stadium. This last year, I was at the terrible loss we had in Seattle. Their fans are nasty people, man.
  9. ghosttown cowboy

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    I have been to four.

    Seattle v Dallas in 1980-win

    Pittsburgh v Dallas in 1985-win

    Philly v Dallas, playoff game, 1992-win

    Washington v Dallas, 1993-win :starspin
  10. cowboyeric8

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    Have any of ya'll attended any of the 8 super bowls?

    And its pretty awesome that for the most part everyone has a winning record, ah the Cowboys
  11. demdcowboys#1

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    one game.......................last seasons blowout loss to WSH, but hey pre-game was fun:):):) I got lots of pre game pics, i was all smiles, but then came that horrendous day, oh well at least i got to see THE BOYS play!!!!!
  12. FarWestCowboy

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    I've been to several games, but the last one I went to was on a Sunday night against Arizona. Tom Landry was the coach and Dorsett and Herschel Walker were splitting time in the backfield. I also went to a Thanksgiving game against Arizona in '85. We stayed at the same hotel as the Cowboys, I think it was the Lincoln Center, we hung out in the lobby and got autographs from all the players when they came out of team meetings.
  13. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Yeah, been to three in Seattle.

    1 win in 2004 on MNF, two losses, in 2001 29-3 in the pouring rain and then 13-10 last year.
  14. Jarv

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    3-4 games in the old Foxborough and the new Gillette...

    About 8 at the Meadowlands and one when I was real young at the Yale Bowl (When the Giants played there for a season).

    One in Dallas back in 1996...

    We beat the Patriots 12-6 (all FG's) in a rainy/sleety day. Bledsoe was horrible.
  15. cbfan55

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    Ive been to every home game since I was 11, now Im 26, so ive been to a few games
  16. diamond cutter

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    I have been to one, it was the year that Emmitt broke the rushing record in Pheonix. It was the worst football game (High School, College, or Pro). The score was 6 to 9. The Cowboys lost and they had 6 because of a botched extra point. :bang2:

    Although I have to say it was a great time though. I have been to Baseball events and NBA games, but nothing really compares to being in the stadium for a football game. I like the college atmosphere a little better, but it is fun regardless.
  17. hendog

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    Hey man I was at that game as well. Awesome game. What a catch by Glenn for the win. Also saw the boys at the Georgia dome in Vick's first start along with Leaf starting for the 'boys. Horrrible game and we lost to boot.
  18. RCowboyFan

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    So you moved from One Cloudy City to another? Not much of upgrade in weather :D

    Was there any Game in Detroit from 96-2000? I don't recall if there were any, I did go to all three games played there from 2001-2004. Silver Dome seemed louder then the new Ford Field though.
  19. Cbz40

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    I'm sorry to say 46 years a fan and I have never been to a Cowboy game.

    My profession keeps me very busy during football season therefore I have not had the opportunity to see a game at Texas Stadium.
  20. RCowboyFan

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    And you call yourself an Old fan? Shame on you for never making it to a Game :mad: :D

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