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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CoCo, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. CoCo

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    After watching the ugliness yesterday you walk away with a feeling we were never in the game.

    But we certainly held our own in that 1st quarter, forced a couple punts, but gave up the TD with a short field after the pick.

    The Barber TD that was called back? Total phanthom penalty. I have watched it over and over in slo-mo. I just can't see it.

    We certainly made mistakes in Q1 but nothing we couldn't overcome.

    Not sure I can stomach the other 3 quarters but I'm gonna try.
  2. The30YardSlant

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    We never recovered from the Bledsoe INT, it just took the wind out of us, got the crowd hyped, and gave a sputtering offense hope.

    If that pass isnt picked off, the game is completely different IMO
  3. ChldsPlay

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    The Barber play wouldn't have been a TD if the refs hand't have blown the whistle. A lot of skins stopped trying though Barber kept fighting.
  4. jimmy40

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    Guys saying we didn't show up is just a copout. We showed up, got hit in the mouth and quit.
  5. Future

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    the play that killed us was the missed FG more than the INT i think, we could have come back from 11 when we had moved the ball, but 21 was insurmountable
  6. Homerun Trot

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    Parcells basically said the same thing about that false start call on Larry. That was large.
  7. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    That's where we are as a team. We are not that good, and can't afford to "F" up in any game. And I believe that Kansas City destroyed our chances of winning out.

    Kansas City exposed our weakness on defense. Just pull your Tackles and Guards on every run play for a sweep, and you will move right down the field.
  8. Staubach12

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    I dont know how you can watch this crap again, it was bad enough the first time.

    That game went off the Tivo ASAP in this house!
  9. Zman5

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    You are a sick dude. :laugh1:
  10. Smith22

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    Same here. No way I watch this game again. Funny thing is, the wife and friends always give me grief for taping games, not understanding why I would watch it the 1st time and then find the need to watch the games a 2nd time. I gave up trying to explain it to them, they just enjoy bringing it up weekly now.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    I agree with you, Coco. On re-watching it, it didn't seem as bad as it did live. The LA penalty and then another penalty that moved us back from the goalline, and then of course the missed FG, were huge momentum-wise. But the real killers were the turnovers. Like Parcells said, they started something like five drives inside our territory! And like he also said, the turnovers and field position are what really did us in. It's not like they drove for several 80-yard drives against us, although it felt like it during the game.
  12. RCowboyFan

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    Bingo, best point I have seen you make on this board :D
  13. WoodysGirl

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    Interestingly enuff, Spags mentioned that it's hard to tell on film if LA false-started on that play.

    per Spags:


    So let me get back to you on those false starts on Larry Allen and Marco Rivera called after the Cowboys reached the Washington 12, trailing just 7-0. I watched those plays over and over Sunday night when I got home. Watched them slow-mo. And for the life of me, I can't see where either guy moved an inch. Even Parcells said, "Well, you know, I'm hard-pressed there on film to see those. I'm hard-pressed - I mean those were not obvious things, but, that's the way it is." Especially Allen's, and to think both were called by the umpire, not the head linesman or line judge as they usually are. OK, the Cowboys got beat 28. But if they score there, a 7-7 game becomes a whole lot different.
  14. WV Cowboy

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    Are you talking about the tipped ball, the first play of the game offensively for us ?

    If you are, I hope you are kidding.

    If we can't recover from one bad play at the beginning of a game, we will never, I repeat NEVER be a good team.

    If you are saying that our first offensive play of the game lost the game for us, we have NO hope !

    That would be about the most spineless team I could think of.
  15. alancdc

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    I thought that down 21-0 we were driving for a TD late in the first half. Score a TD there it is 21-7, and we get the ball to start the 3rd quarter. Who knows if we could come out and score it could be 21-14 then it is on. When that ball was deflected by JJ, and picked off THAT was the end. Particularly when they scored in about 3 seconds to go up 28-0. I thought we were moving the ball well on that drive before the half, and had we scored going into halftime we would at least have a shot.
  16. JohnsKey19

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    The Redskins were controlling the LOS on both sides. Scoring early(7-7) would've helped our chances, but ultimately the Skins' line play would've been the difference.
  17. ConcordCowboy

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    Are you a glutton for punishment?

    Why on Gods green earth would you go back and watch any part of that game again? :D
  18. SultanOfSix

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    Yes, the refs had extremely itchy fingers on Sunday when it came to the Cowboys. Obviously, this didn't cost us the game, but we're not good enough to overcome penalties, especially when they take away touchdowns and shift the momentum. I did not see those false starts like many others who watched the same plays, and for the life of me, I'm still puzzled on how two holding penalties get called on a defensive tackle, i.e. LG.
  19. Staubach12

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    After some consideration, I think might rather have a root canal than have to watch that game over again. I might give up big time intelligence secrets if I had to watch that game and I actually had any of those secrets. :D

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