Haynesworth and the Patriots

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Verdict, Jul 29, 2011.

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    It is just me, or does it seem like the Patriots always seem to find great value and turn a disgruntled player into a team strength? They have that potential once again with big Al. Is this more brilliance by Little Bill, or does this signal desperation to shore up the defense by the Pats, or both?
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    A little bit of both, but I'm thinking more a sign of trying to shore up their defensive rotation. Considering what they gave up for him, and not knowing what his remaining contract looks like, they might only use him in nickel and dime sets.
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    As is usual, Satly is on line. It is kind of deceptive in description, but New England had a pretty solid defense last year. The statistics in turnovers and sacks points to this. That means that they are disciplined in a lot of settings.

    They already have a quality nose tackle and Haynesworth will not be asked to do what troubled him most, stand and take it. Haynesworth has a temperament that wants to attack and disrupt. Now, he will at least be given more mobility related chalenges in the middle, that will marry up with his personality. This will serve his motivations in New England.

    New England, being a strongly armed and disciplined franchise, can handle character flaws or conflicts that don't carry over to that team. The hand on press is strong through it's players. What goes on with the team, stays there. So there is much less gamble in acquiring such players for them. Their dungeons remain closed to the press, and lockerrooms at least outwardly cordial when visited by the press.

    New England will serve as a refuge and release for Haynesworth. He should rebound in his career, as I don't think he is a real wart upon athletics in his own character. But he is an aggressor in footbal.

    He could tend towards being something of a specialist, in packages. But that isn't a dminishing of playing time. When a team is ahead, packages ARE the dominant package on the field from that point forward. Here, is where the strength and demand for Haynesworth will work in.

    The disciplined work that New England has used for the past ten years, allows them to make 'wise' selections just of this nature. They take advantage of the pitfalls of another franchise, and purchase problems for them, that elevate their own play and don't have carry over baggage within their organization.

    Their philosophy encompases a view of field performances. Not on media involvements, as those are capped prior to entering THEIR facilities. So, they are very effective in these types of settings.

    Hope this helps a little in understanding what is happening...
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    ESPN rumor: ochocinco may be on his way to NE too.

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