HB/FB possiblity as Julius' backup

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Dayton Cowboy, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Brandon Joe from the Ohio State University.

    Saw him play on more than one occasion.. He is a very capable blocker and a nifty runner.

    And on a note for the 2006 draft.. LB AJ Hawk will have everyone salivating next year.

    pro day workout from 3/9
    March 10
    (1:00 PM): Pro day updates... Nebraska has played second fiddle to Oklahoma on both the conference and national stages the past few years, however, the Huskers refused to take a back seat to their Big 12 rivals when the schools went head-to-head in competing pro days at their respective campuses yesterday. It was especially big day for members of the Nebraska secondary when they worked out in Lincoln yesterday. Junior CB Fabian Washington, for example, proved that his 4.31 40 clocking at the scouting combine late last month was no fluke when he posted pretty much the same times yesterday. Washington, one of the rising stars of the 2005 draft, also posted a very athletic 41 1/2 inch vertical leap. Same story for FS Josh Bullocks, who ran in the 4.50 range, backing up a similar time at last month's combine. Unheralded CB Willie Amos also put himself on the draft radar, clocking close to 4.35 for his his 40-yard dashes. Meanwhile, solid MLB Barrett Ruud was solid, running in the sub-4.75 range. OG Mike Erickson also reportedly had a strong workout, running the 40 in under 4.85 and testing well in the other agility drills. In fact, about the only former Husker to struggle yesterday was tweener DE Benard Thomas who barely got under the 5.00 second mark running the 40, not a great time for a player looking to make the shift to OLB at the next level. Meanwhile, across the country, Florida underclassmen Ciatrick Fason and Channing Crowder reportedly had solid workouts at the Gators' pro day. Fason, a junior RB, reportedly ran in the low 4.6s for the 40, although some teams had him timed in the low 4.5 range. Meanwhile, sophomore LB Crowder reportedly ran in the low 4.7 range and looked very athletic in the agility drills, dispelling some concerns that 5 knee surgeries had robbed him of some quickness. An underclassman also reportedly stole the show in Columbus where the Buckeyes' had their pro day. Unfortunately, pro teams will have to wait a year to get a shot at junior LB A.J. Hawk who surprised observers when he opted to return to school for his senior year. Hawk, though, gave NFL teams something to chew on when he joined his draft-bound teammates and clocked under 4.50 seconds for the 40 running at 6-1, 243. Of the draft-eligible Buckeyes who worked out, RB/KR Maurice ran a respectable 4.45 40, while FB Branden Joe clocked a very respectable 4.55.
    Big 10 rivals Wisconsin also worked out yesterday where CB Scott Starks posted a very quick sub-4.35 40 time, keeping him very much in the thick of the second-tier of this year's deep class of corners. Rangy 6-6 WR Darrin Charles may have earned himself a late round pick or free agent tryout running in the 4.6 range. Note, however, that Badgers' FS Jim Leonhard is still unable to workout because of a stress fracture in his foot.
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    Yeah, I watched AJ Hawk few times and think he will be a good one. But track record of Ohio State LBs last few years haven't been that good. Starting from, whats his name LB, in first round that went to NE and dropped out of NFL in three years ( who I had a bet with friend saying he would be a flop when he said he would be star in NFL). Andy Katzenmoyer ( Was that his name, I forget).

    Then Nail Diggs was highly touted and didn't go that high, hasn't been a flop but he is nothing to write about either. It seems like OHio state produces great WRs and CBs these days.
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    Katzenmoyer had a career ending neck injury.
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    Some might say he had a career ending head injury. It happened at conception.

    I'd be shocked if Joe is drafted, much less makes an NFL roster.
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    I think Vrabel was drafted by the Steelers as a DE(at least thats what he played for the Buckeyes).. I dont know if the coversion to linebacker happened before or after he went to the Pats
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    i wouldn't mind the big back from the citadel nemo (ithink) he would be a big brusier that we need to go with jones

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