Hearing Jerry isn't going to fight

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by phildadon86, Aug 12, 2017 at 9:56 AM.

  1. phildadon86

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    A friend of mine from Texas said on local news this morning Jerry isn't going to fight back. Anyone from Texas can you corrobarate this?
  2. FuzzyLumpkins

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    He was not likely to sue the league. Zeke is the one that has to appeal and then file.
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  3. LittleD

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    Yep, Zeke will have to fight this with his own team. The player's union should help but, are a bunch of wussies.
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  4. 65fastback2plus2

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    Jerry cant fight right now. Its up to the NFLPA first.
  5. Real1st

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    Jerrys war isnt right now its Zekes.
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  6. BrassCowboy

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    Do you think Jerry wants to if it comes down to it?

    Think about the repercussions for him if he does, win or lose? If he wants to see a Superbowl being hosted at At&t stadium ever again, it may not be a good idea to go after the NFL. There is more at stake as well, buy that one alone is worth millions!

    I don't say this cuz I don't think he should, but just stating the real world the way things work.
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  7. The Quest for Six

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    I think Jerry knew this suspension was coming weeks ago and backed his player in an interview stating He hasn't seen any evidence that would cause a suspension, but Jerry wouldn't have access to the evidence to begin with, he was just defending his player, any owner would but I have no doubt he knew the 6 game suspension was coming....he'll kick up a fuss about it in the media but in the end he will accept what ever the suspension is, probably reduced to 4 games and just move on....
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  8. goshan

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    He would fight it if he were 100% confident Zeke didn't commit violence.
    But the risk is too great, as there is a reasonable chance he did do it.

    He was very calculated in talking to the press last week (he already knew what was coming). He will move to the background on this now.
  9. Aven8

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    I've stated this before. Jerry doesn't like ruffling feathers, he likes making money. He's doing that better than any owner and IMO allows him a lot of leeway on brokering deals for other teams and making more money.

    I know he wants another SB, but it is secondary IMO to making money and building the brand.
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  10. Cowboys22

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    Jerry would actually be fighting against himself to try and fight an individual suspension of a player. Jerry's real fight would be to oust Goodell and get someone in place that would instill equal and fair treatment across the league instead of arbitrary make it up as you go decisions. The league should be on it's players side 100% until it's proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they did wrong. The league should not be screwing with players based on suspicions, possibilities, and accusations without proof. Oh, and they need to define what a catch is and go back to something closer to what it always was. Two feet down with clear possession is a catch. If it gets knocked out before you're down, that's a fumble like it was for 150 years before Goodell came along and screwed everything up.
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  11. xvendettax914

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    The NFL can't figure out what a catch is. Why should they be trusted with something as serious as this. It's going to be fought. And hard.
  12. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    It's Zeke's problem and all player's problems who ends up suspended. If they can't conduct themselves in a mature and cognitive manner, then these millions aren't for them.
    In other words, "Get your **** together".
  13. Cowboys22

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    He had access to everything because it was presented to Zeke for a response. I'm sure Jerry saw everything the league gave Zeke.
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  14. bbailey423

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    You speak the truth bro. I posted something the other day to this effect "fans need to recognize what game is REALLY being played, then decide how they want to proceed with their fandom". Wake up people! Roger Godell works for the OWNERS. The value of their franchises is HIGHER than at any time in the history of the sport. Only ONE owner walks away with the Lombardi every year....they know and understand this.....so the first order of business is to secure the money.....everything after that is gravy. And I am not suggesting they don't want to win....but they win without having to win....if you know what I mean!
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  15. bigbob

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    Yes it's on Elliot now , I am waiting for him to speak out say something or at least file an appeal.
  16. movaughn88

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    Who do you think is paying the lawyers? That's how a businessman fights in today's world, is what it is.
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  17. Doomsday

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    Jerry will feint outrage, than move on. He is about profits first and wants the draft in Dallas.
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  18. Curmudgeon

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    I'm hoping he keeps his mouth shut and let's his attorney do the talking. Nothing Zeke would say is going to improve his situation.
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  19. Aven8

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    Nice post. I also might add that the other time he went after the league is was when he was brokering his own sponsorship deals with Am/Ex, Ford, and Miller Lite. Remember when he was suing the league?? Those moves helped make him a billionaire and the rest of the Owners and league tons of money and was paramount in landing him in the HOF IMO.
  20. Dash28

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    Right now it's Zeke and the appeal. If it goes to court (sounds like Zeke will) then I believe Jerry will help by funding his fight.
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