"Hell of a game!", Sherman's words to Crabtree Postgame

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TheCount, Jan 23, 2014.

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    I would love to have Richard Sherman on the Dallas Cowboys. He is a fantastic football player. But, even he has said he should have kept his yapper shut and he was right. If it was week seven, this would be gone by Sunday (like his interaction with Trent Williams) or at least until the two teams played again. But, this is the Superbowl coming up and everyone on either team is under a severe microscope by talking heads looking for stories to spur on their ratings. Sherman threw up this massive softball, so it is no surprise that they are knocking it out of the park. Heck, I am surprised that his choking gesture is not getting more play, but I am sure that it will and soon.

    America loves a good villain to cheer against and Sherman has set himself up as such going into the biggest stage in the football universe.
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    It might just be me but I found that quite annoying.
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    Yeah I haven't been watching much television lately due to work. My remarks were based on the game I saw and the post game interview, no other outside influences. It seems like other people are letting the media get to them with their spin and categorizing posters here.
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    If Richard Sherman is a "thug" then he's probably one of the smartest "thugs" I've ever seen. I certainly never put Sherman in that category and I still don't.
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    How any Cowboys' fan didn't get a kick out of Sherman jawing about a 49er right after making the play to keep them out of the Super Bowl is beyond me.
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    Knowing the back story between Sherman and Crabtree, and their history, .. Sherman wasn't saying, "good game" in the EZ. He was saying, "ha ha ha, we kicked your rear!"

    Very disengenuous of him to say anything after the game to Crabtree if they had the bad blood between them that they say they did.

    He would not have run after Crabtree and chased after him in the EZ to say "good game" if the 9ers had won.

    I had another coach do something like that one time to a kid on my team after we lost a tough one against his team. My player messed up at the end and felt he was responsible for us losing. I was sitting with him after the game and talking with him when this other coach comes over and says, "tough luck, good game" or something like that.

    His kid and my player are in the same age group, and compete against each other a lot in sports, and there is bad blood between them. It was very unlike this coach to feel compassion for my kid, and very disengenuous for him to come over to console my boy. I am sure he enjoyed us losing and seeing that my boy felt real bad about it. There is no way he comes over to tell my player "good game" if we had won.

    This thing with Sherman reminded me of that right away.

    Then Joe Buck and Aikman said Sherman said a lot of the stuff that he said to EA, he had said to them in pregame interviews. He was setting this up for his commercial.
    That was fake.

    Plus he is patting himself on the back quite a bit for what turned out to be a lucky play for him. If his man is not in the area, the ball falls to the ground and the 9ers get another shot.
    If another receiver from the 9ers is in the area, he may have caught the tipped ball for a TD and the Seahawks would have lost.

    I would not use 'thug' to describe his actions, but I would use 'punk'.

    And people bringing race into this need to step back.
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