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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Crazy88, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Just a quick hello to one and all.

    Im new. Hmm what to say. yeah well i love the boyz ( doesnt everyone :) ) and have followed them religiously via the joys of the net for the last 5 years. i used to watch a bit of games when i could when i was younger but in england ( where i hail from ) nfl coverage is slim.

    A quick story for you. I found this wonderful forum via extreme skins site which my twin bro is a member of ( and a skins fan. you can imagine the rivalry on game day ) and i caught the link. then i wondered why its never occurred to me to google this before but there ya go.

    So thank you to whoever owns/runs this place. I look forward to becoming even more hardcore in my support of the cowboys. already got my superbowl dvd on order ( i was waaaay to young to watch it as it was on so late when we won them so this is a big thing for me ) its about time they made that too.
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    Welcome aboard... glad to have you and enjoy your stay...

    Hopefully your brother will come over from the dark side...

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    Welcome to the board.

    Budd: You're telling me she cut through eighty-eight bodyguards before she got to O-Ren?
    Bill: Nah, there weren't really eighty-eight of them. They just called themselves "The Crazy 88."
    Budd: How come?
    Bill: I don't know. I guess they thought it sounded cool.
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    Hey....good to see you here....

  6. Zaxor

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    welcome..I am sure you will enjoy this board
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    Say that Ike Holt was an all-time great and you will be welcomed.
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    Welcome aboard... glad to have you and enjoy your stay

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