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Help and Ideas on trip to U.S.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by daschoo, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. daschoo

    daschoo Slanje Va

    2,569 Messages
    325 Likes Received
    ...would be appreciated.
    Coming Stateside for a fortnight (2 weeks, is a fortnight even a thing over there?) in September. My girlfriends parents have a house in Palm Springs and rent an apartment in L.A. I'm flying in to Vegas on Sat 2nd of September and out of San Fran on Friday 27th. Anything I absolutely have to do? Quite fancying Monument Valley but seems a bit out my way. Also hoping the Chargers are playing at home first weekend as its driveable and would let me get to an NFL game. When's College football season and is there any teams near where I'll be? The In-Laws are more into basketball which I understand won't be on that time of year? Also and this is a long shot does anyone know any bars that will be showing the Glasgow Celtic games when I'm on your side of the pond? My father in law is a bit of a fan, especially after I took him to Celtic Park a couple of years ago and I'd love to be able to take him to a bar local to him with a bit of an atmosphere.

    Cheers in advance guys
    Tapadh leibh
  2. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

    12,225 Messages
    7,171 Likes Received
    I have recently lived in SF, Palm Springs and now in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Whatever you do, get out of Palm Springs ASAP and head to LA. I would spend a week there and the last week in SF.

    Things to do:
    LA-too much to type but Magic Mtn, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Rodeo Drive, Malibu, etc, etc. Go see the Hollywood sign, lots and lots to do.

    Can always head down to San Diego and see the zoo, Wildlife Safari Park, SeaWorld, Coronado, etc.

    SF-Napa wineries(an hour from SF), Fisherman's Wharf(highly recommend). Golden Gate Bridge, ride a Trolley or take an Alcatraz tour. A lot to see and do there too.

    What ya can't miss is a nice ride down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH/hwy 1) somewhere between LA and SF. I suggest from Carmel to Pacifica, which is just south of SF.

    I was born and raised in Texas and am having a hard time deciding if I want to go back home or not, California is a beautiful state with too much scenery and activities. Where else in the states can you snow ski and surf in the same day?
  3. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

    49,429 Messages
    12,056 Likes Received
    Fantastic. One place I've never been regretfully. Is it getting cold in Sept there?

    There is NFL football and college football in September. San Diego is a fair piece from LA but not a bad drive. Should be great weather in Sept. You have San Diego State, UCLA, Southern Cal and more to choose from college wise. The zoo in San Diego is great. Vegas is fun. :) Hope you have a great time.
  4. daschoo

    daschoo Slanje Va

    2,569 Messages
    325 Likes Received
    Cheers for the early responses. Tapadh Leibh by the way is Thank You in Scots Gaelic. If anyone's coming over here feel free to ask for advice (if you're a golfer then google Askernish a truly unique course in the Western Islands) Definitely want to get to a football game, just wish they stayed a little closer to Arlington. Fishermans wharf, tram, the bridge and Disney all seem good choices and I definitely will do but looking for something a little unexpected. What do most foreigners miss out on and I can impress the in-laws by suggesting? If I don't get to a game opening weekend where's a good place to watch the Dallas game and do folk on here normally meet to watch it in the area?
  5. daschoo

    daschoo Slanje Va

    2,569 Messages
    325 Likes Received
    I'm from Scotland, Its near the end of March and I had to drive home from work at 40mph because of the blizzard. I'm sure California in September will be positively tropical! :D
  6. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

    12,225 Messages
    7,171 Likes Received
    As for the sports part....throw a rock and chances are you will hit a college football stadium.

    Teams worth watching in and around LA-UCLA and USC
    In or near SF-Stanford and Cal, both are beautiful campuses to explore too. Stanford is less than an hour south of SF and Cal is just across the Bay Bridge, east.

    As for watching a Glasgow game, good luck finding a place :) LA would be the best bet, I know you can't watch them in Palm Springs.

    Out of those two weeks, either SD, SF or Oakland will be at home to go see, I would imagine anyways. Oakland is across the bay from SF but I would avoid going there unless the Raiders are the only chance to see an NFL game.
  7. CowboyMcCoy

    CowboyMcCoy Business is a Boomin

    12,749 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    I agree. I love San Diego. I was in SD for a month or so, went to visit LA and drove back to San Diego because I didn't care much for LA. I did enjoy Venice Beach though. That place is a must see. Fun place and lots of bikinis. Great place for straight men such as myself. You should get there a bit early, and maybe catch the Cowboys in Oxnard too. 'Tis a blast, if you like that sort of thing. :)
  8. UKCowboysFan

    UKCowboysFan Member

    457 Messages
    10 Likes Received
    We spent a couple of weeks in California the summer before last.

    In San Fran, the other thing that's great to do is bike the bridge. Hire push bikes and cycle across the bridge and down in to Sausalito. If you are feeling energetic you can cycle back or alternatively get the ferry back. The Alcatraz trip was very good too, but if you are going it's worth pre-booking.

    We also spent several days driving down Highway 1 stopping regularly on the way down. Had overnight stops in Santa Cruz, Carmel/Monterrey (it's worth going round 17 Mile Drive & stopping at Pebble Beach if your a golfer), Pismo beach and then a few days in and around LA. If you are a coaster fan then Knotts Berry Farm & Six Flags (in Valencia) are also worth looking at.

    We were fortunate that when we went over the Cowboys were playing a pre season game in San Diego, so we managed to get down for that as well.

    We then drove back up to Yosemite for a few days before heading back to San Fran.

    Whilst we enjoyed our trip and got to see a lot of great things, we almost crammed in too much and didn't get as much time to enjoy each town/city/park.

    As a result, we will probably head back at some point in the future.

    If I was to give you one piece of advice, draw up a list of MUST DO's, and make sure you work your trip around them.

    Whatever you do, have a great trip.
  9. muck4doo

    muck4doo Least-Known Member

    3,720 Messages
    1,897 Likes Received
    Don't wear a Hawaiian shirt in San Francisco. Pack a sweater.
  10. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

    4,030 Messages
    388 Likes Received
    Hmmmm.....Let's see.......The Cowboys play the Chargers....at the Chargers this year. Date not determined yet, but with any luck, my friend, it will be on either 9-8,9-15, or 9-22! I'm crossing my fingers for ya!!!!

    BTW, the 2nd of September should be a Monday! If they do play the Chargers then,start saving your money!!!
  11. arglebargle

    arglebargle Well-Known Member

    5,298 Messages
    302 Likes Received
    Words to the wise. Took me my third trip to SF to remember a sweater, 'cause I just couldn't get my head around 60 degree high temperatures in August.
  12. muck4doo

    muck4doo Least-Known Member

    3,720 Messages
    1,897 Likes Received
    Yeah, it's a weird place. It could be in the 90's in San Jose, but 65 in San Francisco. Weirder still is it could be 80 in one neighborhood of San Francisco, and in the 50's in another. The tourist areas like around Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, and Chinatown you can bet on it being on the cold side any day of the year. There isn't much difference there between summer and winter.
  13. ethiostar

    ethiostar Well-Known Member

    6,308 Messages
    45 Likes Received
    When you are in Vegas, try to make a trip to the Grand Canyon, if you can. If I'm not mistaken it's about a 4 to 5 hour drive but well worth it. A little closer than Monument Valley.
  14. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

    4,030 Messages
    388 Likes Received

    And if you've got a good DSLR, take a wide angle lens! Even if you have to rent one!!
  15. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

    17,828 Messages
    1,778 Likes Received
    It does get cold at night but oddly enough, Sept and October are the warmest months in SF. Still shorts are a luxury there, and you have to wear a sweatshirt if you want to wear shorts.
  16. muck4doo

    muck4doo Least-Known Member

    3,720 Messages
    1,897 Likes Received
    A game to play while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge is see how many hawaiian shirts you can spot walking across.
  17. sacase

    sacase Well-Known Member

    4,515 Messages
    222 Likes Received
    I live in San Diego, its a great city. So if you get down here take a day for Sea World and a Day for the San Diego Zoo. In the evenings hit old town for some god Mexican food and tequila and then the Gaslamp another night for some good night life/bars/restaurants.

    LA - is fun others have mentioned things to do. Venice beach is great for the freaks. You see some interesting things!

    Palm Springs is fun for a day or two, I enjoy it for a mini vacation.

    Vegas.....So much to do there! If you don't mind the 5 hour drive and a hike, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wave,_Arizona its more than worth it.
  18. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Well-Known Member

    28,513 Messages
    3,070 Likes Received
    Do not go to Magic Mountain, Disneyland, or Fisherman's Wharf unless you have a high tolerance the most awful touristy things you can imagine. Full of English people too.
  19. muck4doo

    muck4doo Least-Known Member

    3,720 Messages
    1,897 Likes Received
    Magic Mountain is awesome if you don't have small children with you. If you do, then Disneyland is the way to go.
  20. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Well-Known Member

    28,513 Messages
    3,070 Likes Received
    Yes. If you are a teenager , Magic Mountain is awesome

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