Help for the D-Line: Jacquies Smith of Bucs

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by Strong, Mar 19, 2017.

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    We have basically two spots available on the dline and we more than likely draft them which would make 11 d lineman. With the bucs guy that would be 12. We only dressed 9 on game day if I recall correctly. I highly doubt we sign another guy. Moore was the guy
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    We will be hard pressed to keep 10 DL on the active roster. I know they did in the past. And they had what we thought were enough last year, but they did not keep as many as we thought.
    Look to have max 10, but I would not be surprised we keep only 9 max.
    all depends on injuries and needs at other positions too. Way too early to project how many are kept.

    however, I can see 2 DL drafted still. But with the possible need now at RT, and TE, who really knows. As we need more numbers in the secondary more than any where else.
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    Yeah, another article said he was restricted and got the lowest tender.
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    Interesting. I have read some positive things about him and he's only 27.

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