HELP! I need San Antonio trip ideas ASAP

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CowboyPrincess, Nov 6, 2005.

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    I'm going to San Antonio next Saturday for my daughters 15th birthday. We are needing ideas on things to do for two adults and two children ages 13 and 15... Any ideas?

    At this time we are planning it as a day trip only, but may stay the weekend...

    Need attraction, food, and historical locations and ideas, especially in the River Walk area.. that seems to be where everyone goes when they go to San Antonio

    BTW.. The Alamo is already on MY list

    Addresses and directions would be helpful also. I've been there only once three or four years ago and that was just to the Airport and Six Flags Fiesta Texas only so I am not familiar with the area

    Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions

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    Have you been to Seaworld yet? Fun place. I liked it better than Fiesta Texas. Fiesta is probably a lot better now though since they were bought out by Six Flags.

    An activity we used to do as a family was go to the Imax movie theater while at the Riverwalk. We'd always eat at the same Tex Mex place too on the Riverwalk. I'd definitely recommend that over some of the chain places like Planet Hollywood. Shopping is pretty good at the Riverwalk mall if your group is into that. A lot of cool novelty stores at that mall. (Example is the Tobasco Store.) The tower in downtown has an observation deck. If you go without the kids, check out the Irish piano bar on the Riverwalk. Fun place.
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    Thanks TBC. I didn't know there was a Sea World there and I've always wanted to go to one. And the IMax sounds like a great idea. What TexMex place did you go. I'm assuming there is more than one on the Riverwalk..

    Oh, and women are ALWAYS in the mood for shopping :) Sounds like there is a lot of fun stuff to do there. I think my daughters going to have a great birthday

    Anyone else have ideas?
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    Lose the Camo hat. Your much cuter w/o it.

    What? Thats a GREAT idea. :D
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    I recommend checking out PTs or Wild Zebra. I've had some great times at those spots.

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    When I was at Fort Sam, a long time ago, SA had a pretty good zoo.
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    I wish I could tell you the name. I've forgotten. :(

    I'm pretty sure it's one of the more popular ones and been there for a long time because I remember going decades ago as a little kid and tourist. I think it was located either fairly close to the Riverwalk Mall or one of the main bridges and stairwell entrances.

    Another idea if you want to take the family and haven't been to a location in Texas (there's about 50 in the U.S. but 6 in Texas) is Dave and Buster's. They're loads of fun! Kind of like T.G.I.F. with a better bar meets the old arcades. There's everything in them from golf simulators to prize winners to arcade video games to laser gun contests.

    As far as places unique to San Antonio, these may be boring for kids, but if you're into nature, there's two awesome places..... the Japanese Tea Gardens and the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. The SABG is pretty cool because all the acres are set up to resemble Texas vegetation and geography. So if you go to the northern part of the park, they have panhandle vegetation, if you go to the western part of the park, they have deserts (they enclose it in a greenhouse with very little humidity), and so on.... If you like art, I recommend the McNay Art Museum. The building is just as impressive as the art collection. I hope I can own a home like that one day. :p: (It's a former millionaire's house which was set up as a museum and dedicated to the arts.)

    Some more suggestions for restaurants... if you like Japanese food, the Fujiya Restaurant. It's the place made famous by Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw. They even have a dish you can order which has everything the couple ordered on their famous trip to the restaurant. Maggie's has good margaritas and if you're into those trivia bar contests, it has a super set up in the big bar surrounding the center.

    Liberty Bar is a cool restaurant. It's known as the famous place with the crooked floor. The foundation, sinkhole or something caused it to collapse. It has that hole in the wall type look, but don't be fooled, awesome food!! Very filling place! :) There's several places like that in San Antonio, especially when it comes to great Tex-Mex food, just ask around with the locals and they'll let ya know what to look for.

    Another thing I forgot to tell you about the Riverwalk are the Yanamamo Cruises or whatever they're called. Cheap, relaxing boat cruises down the Riverwalk and some fairly entertaining tour guides who will tell you all about the place

    Also, a bit north of San Antonio (about 20 minute drive on I-35N) is New Braunfels which has a cool water park called Schlitterbahn. Check out the New Braunfels Smokehouse too. Fresh beef jerky! :D

    Writing about that city makes me miss it. I'll tell you this, while San Antonio is known as a tourist destination, it's also an awesome place to live in! I've always described it as a big city that fills like a small town. It has a relaxed atmosphere, the highways are planned efficiently (local highways go in circles around the city), cheap cost of living, the World Champion Spurs :cool: and it never gets too cold. :)
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    The Sunken Gardens (might be called Oriental Sunken Gardens now) is really pretty and the tower offers some really nice views of the city. There are loads of old missions in the area, if you're into the historical stuff too. Breckenridge Park is also beautiful.

    You can check out too. Looks like they have some good info there.
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    That place is still open? I remember going through it in 88 :D

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