Help Sell Me On Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Not 1 Offensive line man on the Rams was drafted by the Rams, they are all journeymen AT BEST

    LT -Wayne Hunter traded from Jets for Jason Smith. Benched by Rex Ryan for allowing too many sack (wiki) 1st yr w/ Rams
    LG - Quinn Ojinnaka. Drafted 5th rd Atlanta 2006, 1 yr in NE (2010), 1 Yr with Colts (2011) 1st yr w/ Rams
    C - Robert Turner - UDFA NYJ 2007. played ST, Def and TE as well. 1st yr w/ Rams
    RG - Harvey Dahl - Signed by Dallas as a UDFA in 2005. PLayed Rhein Fire, SF 49ers, Atlanta Falcons. 2nd yr w/ Rams
    RT - Barry Richardson: 6th Rd by Kansas City in 2008. 1st yr w/ Rams

    4 of 5 players are playing together with the Rams for the first time in 2012 and the other is there for 2 years. He is grasping at straws

    Again, it shows that most people just do anything they can to excuse this mess - its scapegoatish at this point. Put another way.... 4 of 5 of the Ram O Linemen could have been had this offseason if they are SOO MUCH BETTER. Fail on either arguement
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    Is this a top O-line? No. But it should be at least average. Just having a supremely talented LT puts you ahead of most teams... Or it should.
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    I enjoyed this thread and all the research and passion you guys have put into it.

    The post above really struck me.

    Singletary was obsessed with changing the culture in San Francisco and by his record it looks like he didn't succeed, but I think he may have set the table for Harbaugh and allowed them to transition faster.

    After Wade, Garrett was really up against it with a team that essentially quit.
    Garrett hasn't won yet but by dedicating this next entire off season to the offensive line, we will have our answer soon enough.
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    It's a process. He's an RKG, and he does things well. day by day. week by week. stacking good days on good days in all 3 phases.

    the dude is all bark!!!!

    it's a process for me becoming a CEO of a fortune 500 company...does it mean that if i talk about it, then it will come to fruition? ?
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    also would like to add the giants have the 4th ranked run blocking oline and 1st ranked pass blocking oline this year and they've replaced 3 of their offensive linemen the last 2 years. people need to stop making excuses for the molasses slow pace that players/units develop in dallas.
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    So other teams have had to do this to and not stink it up doing it?

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    You dont change cultures as an OC

    AZBOYZFAN Member

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    Hey where is this good OL?
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    Absolutely and completely.

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    You do realize Garrett was waiting on the guy in the booth who works for the Cowboys (every team has one) to tell him the play was a good one to challenge as they can see when the PI happened in regards to the tip. You must know and just want to hate

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    Whats Aaron Rodger's record atm?

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    You do realize its Jones' fault that Reeves didnt come here right?
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    Good stuff.

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    Did their oline play the entire offseason, preseason and training camp together?
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    Reeves who? And what does that have anything to do with what I stated?

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    If you dont know who Reeves is in Cowboy lore you need to turn in your fan card. O and if you dont know what you wrote in this thread you might want to stop posting
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    Is there any doubt that JG will get out coached this weekend?
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    Really? The replay had clearly shown it was a tipped ball. Everybody in the stadium knew it was a tipped ball. Everybody on the Cowboys bench knew it was a tipped ball.

    And besides, why would you save a challenge at that point, we were down 14 and the only small hope of winning that game was overturning that call. You had to challenge.

    It was embarrasing.
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    It wasn't a question of it being tipped or not. It was when it was tipped and did the PI come before or after the tip.

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