Help Sell Me On Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheFinisher, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Stick with his 5 year contract. Let's see where it goes..

    He did get rid of dead wood and cancer players and he continues to do so (I expect Dez not to be back next season unless he turns his season around and changes his behavior outside the field)

    He does sign/draft/start real pros who are level headed and not looking for flash just putting the effort on/off the field (Murray, Claiborn, Lee, etc.). One hire I question since he took over and I don't think he wanted it and that is Rob Ryan. Am not a big fan of his just a loud big mouth Ryan with no real end product to match his ego/trash talk.

    As frustrated as I am I keep reminding myself that the rot is deep in this organization and it will take time to fix everything...

    Let's wait and see

  2. Numbers921

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    The delusion is strong in this post.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    You want to draft a guy in the second who got busted multiple times for drugs?


    Good grief.
  4. tecolote

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    Why would anyone be upset about the last two drafts? They have been great so far. I guess some people just like to complain.

    As far as coaching, Garrett has been pretty bad on gameday but I have no complaints as far as the draft. Maybe he could be a decent GM.
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    Our secondary is solid. Our front 7 sucks.
  6. Lodeus

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    People have an issue with Claiborne because he got beaten in his forth NFL game? This place sometimes....
  7. Joshmil53

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    Pretty sure Jenkins has been targeted some ~35-40 times already to Mo's ~15. That should say things. Also, supposedly there was supposed to be safety help over Hester's TD and Sensy bit on the PA.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    The amazing part about it is the one making these foolish rants is the one who is calling other people delusional.

    The irony...The Irony.
  9. DallasDW00ds0n

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    I can't sell you on Garrett. Look at this team the past 3 weeks, how the heck do you sell that??
  10. Numbers921

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    They drafted Dez Bryant. A guy who doesn't know the playbook 3 years in, beats his mom, has to have round the clock security and Jerry Jones to handle his finances. This team sucks, might as well go all the way in.
  11. DallasDW00ds0n

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    all part of the process
  12. Proximo

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    Great response. Thanks for the insight.
  13. Numbers921

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    Running backs are a dime a dozen, Bruce Carter has barely done anything in the NFL, Tyron Smith is one of the worst left tackles and Claiborne is just an ordinary corner at this point. What's the point in arguing with you about a "better 4"? JJ Watt alone would be better than what the Cowboys have done the last two drafts.
  14. arglebargle

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    So, if I can show you a game where Darrelle Revis gets beat, it means he's a terrible CB, right?
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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  16. bigdnlaca

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    Jenkins is solid but Claiborne is the better player. Jenkins has shown he got beat before (I believe it was a long pass against Washington). I agree.
  17. Aven8

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    Jerry's still trying.
  18. Numbers921

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    My point was that every corner gets beat. GloryDays was popping off about how Jenkins got beat against Arizona. Well, Claiborne got beat against Chicago.
  19. Hostile

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    Have you noticed that the only people who bash him are frustrated fans and media? I ask you, who would you rather listen to respected coaches, executives, and players, or frustrated fans and media? I realize the frustrated fans and media talk more than the rest and therefore have a louder buzz.

    Do you trust Ozzie Newsome as a football man? he wanted him as his Head Coach in Baltimore. I personally think Ozzie is one of the best in the business and don't know why Baltimore is phasing him out a little to make room for Eric DeCosta, although he is being credited with many of their recent draft successes. Ozzie remarked that Garrett is aiming too low in being a Head Coach in the NFL and should run for President.

    Do you trust Rich McKay as a football man? Like Ozzie, he wanted Garrett as his Head Coach. This same guy everyone around here sees as inexperienced and inept was sought out by two of the more respected football men in the NFL.

    Do you trust Nick Saban as a football man? Nick wanted to take Garrett off his Miami Dolphins roster and staff (QB Coach) to his Offensive Coordinator at Alabama.

    Do you trust Cam Cameron as a football man? He was Jason's Head Coach in 2006 at Miami. Cam was going to be Jason's OC at Baltimore. That's right, went from being his boss, to willing to work for the man. Cam got the
    job as OC in Baltimore mostly because Jason Garrett sold Ozzie on him.

    Do you trust Jimmy Robinson as a football man? He was the WRs coach on the Giants while Jason Garrett was a backup QB. While there they decided that they wanted to work together on the same coaching staff. He left Mike McCarthy and the World Champion Green Bay Packers to come work for Jason Garrett at the same job he had in Green Bay. He wasn't even promoted.

    Do you trust Ernie Zampese as a football man? Back when Ernie was our OC and Jason Garrett was our 3rd string QB Ernie identified Jason as effectively Troy Aikman's personal QB Coach in Dallas. Oh, and by the way, Troy, Michael, and Emmitt all highly endorse him as well.

    Do you trust Norv Turner as a football man? Norv considers Jason the next Bill Belichick in the making. The son of a lifelong football man who grew up in a football family, around the game, and has an analytical mind that looks to solve the riddles of the game. Oh, those riddles don't get solved until the team sees the vision. They are closer than a lot of people here think. Many of our players already see it.

    Do you trust Wade Phillips as a football man? Whether he is a good Head Coach or not, he is a great football man. Look at the Texans Defense. Really outstanding. Wade could have brought his son Wes with him to the Texans as a Quality Control Coach. Instead he advised Wes to stick with Garrett and learn from him. Wes did.

    Do you trust Jimmy Johnson as a football man? Jimmy think Jason Garrett is the perfect choice to right the ship in Dallas. Jason Garrett spent 3 days picking Jimmy's brain about football. Jimmy considered Jason for a spot on his staff with the Dolphins but Jason wasn't through playing.

    Do you trust Sean Payton as a football man? Sean was Jason's OC in New York for 3 years. He once stated that he used to bounce ideas off Jason about all kinds of football related concepts including the Xs and Os of the game. He said of Jason Garrett, football is "in his blood."

    Do you trust Jerry Reese as a football man? Back when he was part of the Giants staff and before he became the GM he, like Jerry Jones, tried to talk Jason into leaving his playing days behind to become a Coach.

    Do you trust Bill Belichick as a football man? He and Jason have not had a lot of interaction, but last year in a conference call with the DFW Media he spoke about Garrett for about 16 minutes and emphasized the respect Garrett's coaches have for him, including some of his former assistants. He pointedly said, "I have a lot of respect for Jason and the job he has done."

    To a man, Garrett's players praise him. Some on here ask "What else are they going to say?" That is a cop out. They say what they think. Players don't answer questions they don't want to. They certainly don't expound on topics they don't want to. If Jason Witten didn't think Garrett is a great coach, he wouldn't have gone into details trying to make the DFW media see something he wanted them to see.

    Now, it's entirely up to you, but what would you rather pay attention to about Jason Garrett? The men above? Or Ed Werder, Tim McMahon, and Steve Dennis? I could throw several posters under the bus as well, but I won't.

    Last year the Cowboys overhauled 60% of their starting Offensive line. By flip flopping the OTs this year they have overhauled 80% of it or 100% of it depending upon how you want to measure that. Maybe you want another 60% if you consider Costa as the de facto starting Center. I hate to tell people this, but that isn't easy to do. If the OL comes together, and everything I'm hearing suggests they are improving, then the sky is the limit.

    Believe what you want. I hope that you'll listen to football men over frustrated fans and media who simply want to stir up emotions without giving any thought to the fact that the only thing they see is the game. 90% of football is not the game. It is the teaching, coaching, training, and practicing that leads to the results on the field. The main issue this team had was pre-snap penalties and snap cadences. Both issues seem to have been fixed. Why turn a blind eye to the fact those get fixed by coaching? Someone is doing their job. Whether you put that credit on Callahan or someone else is irrelevant, because it all is a reflection on the man in charge. That is Jason Garrett.

    Turnovers happen. That is what sunk us last game. Right now, our biggest flaw lies at the feet of the OL. They are not opening holes and they are not stopping oncoming rushers forcing Romo to sidestep and adjust. He has done so brilliantly. The running game cannot adjust like he can, not even with a Gale Sayers or Barry Sanders back there.

    The issues with that run blocking are synchronization. I am sorry to tell the naysayers, that is fixable. We're talking slides and reads here. Film sessions can show this and players will see it. Am I telling you this OL is going to be great? No, I am telling you they can get the job done with some tweaking. I would still like to upgrade there but this is what we have in 2012. It isn't as bad as the hysteria has rang through the hills. It isn't good, but it's not as bad as all that.

    If you want it fixed, Garrett is the man for that job, and the man to take us to the next levels in this great game. Just my two cents. I doubt I changed anyone's mind but I am sure I upset the same people always upset by my commentary.
  20. arglebargle

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    Ozzie Newsome, a Real Football Guy (tm), wanted to hire Garrett as a head coach. Good enough for you?

    Edit: Ooops, long form version from Hos.....

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