Henry Melton on the draft radar after impressive Pro Day, some info on Melton

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    Henry Melton on the draft radar after impressive Pro Day
    By Cedric Golden | Thursday, March 26, 2009, 11:22 AM

    Former Texas defensive end Henry Melton may have done himself the most good after competing in every drill at Pro Timing Day Wednesday. He not only competed in every drill, he competed very well, something he needed as that other defensive end at Texas.

    The 6-3, 269-pound Melton clocked in the 4.5 range in the 40-yard dash at the UT bubble, which immediately put him on the draft radar, considering the defensive end position is one where big and fast pass rushers are in high demand. His 40 time followed a vertical leap of 34 1/2 inches earlier in the day, which was better than wideout Quan Cosby’s best effort of 33 inches. Melton added a solid 23 repetitions in the 225-pound bench press.

    On day when teammate Aaron Lewis was limited after he tweaked his hamstring, Melton did everything right, competing in every drill and improving his draft prospects in front of 60 NFL scouts. After registering 19 solo tackles and 4 sacks in his only season as a starter, Melton wasn’t thought to be a sure-fire draft prospect. That may have changed after Wednesday’s workout.

    “(The scouts) got to see the awesome athleticism they didn’t know I had,” Melton said. “I feel pretty good about my performance. I did everything I could do out there.”

    Melton’s uncle, former NFL defensive back Ray Crockett, believes Melton will be a steal in this draft if he is selected.

    “He wanted him to show his athletic ability and he did,” Crockett said. “With him being a defensive starter for just one year, he had to adjust to a new position. He has already shown the capability to learn and adjust. With is ability, if a team puts him in the right position and nurtures him along, he can play in this league.”

    The former super-sized tailback is hoping a team will call his name at next month’s NFL draft because as he so eloquently put it: “it’s better to get drafted than sign as a free agent because if you get drafted, that means they want you.”

    Melton has private workouts scheduled with New England, Miami, and Chicago. The Dallas Cowboys have also reportedly shown some interest.

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    He went from RB at Texas to DE and had a good season
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    He could be an interesting OLB acquisition late in the 2nd day with his 40.
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    Dallas needs to find someone, because Greg Ellis isn't worth $6 million + dollars to keep.

    The problem is the talent pool at DE/OLB isn't very deep and guys are going to get picked fast.

    Clint Sintim doesn't have great upside, but he could get rid of Ellis. The problem is that there will be better players than Sintim at 51 and 69. You don't want to lose out on a better player due to need. Sidbury might be gone by 51, and after that, I don't see much immediate impact.

    The guy from Hawai seems to be a power player, and Dallas needs speed and quickness. Sintim's test results have been terrible. Dallas would look at him at 69 but not 51, imo.
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    yep, we need some speed and quickness at linebacker with just a little size to handle the offensive guards and centers pulling,

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Actually, I'd kinda like to see what he can do as an ILB. He has good size and speed. If his agility is good, he could be one heck of a good match up against opposing TEs in coverage.
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    How about Cody Brown from Conn.?

    He's productive and very fast.
  8. Biggems

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    If we got Miller and Melton in round 7, I would be a very happy camper.

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