Henry Melton wants to remain a Chicago Bear

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Jan 27, 2013.


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    I live in Chicago and 2 days ago a local sports radio program interviews Henrly Melton.

    Some snippets from the interview:

    He was sat to see "my main man Rob" (as he put it) go. Interestingly, the question was about Lovie Smith and Rob Marinelli leaving and he only talked about Rob M, with no mention or thought about Lovie Smith (I found that interesting)

    While the above sounds promising for him coming to Dallas, he also said these 2 other things in the interview:

    First, he said his agend and Bears management tried to get a deal done during the season, and while they did not come to terms, they came very close.

    Seconbly, Melton said that he wants to come back to Chicago because he really likes it here, and he hopes they can strike a deal soon.

    So there you have it folks, read into this what you want, but all this is from the horse's mouth (Melton's).
  2. Cowboys=SuperBowl

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    Thanks for the info America. Melton I s doing the politically correct stance. Whether or not he really wants to go back there, there are a lot of fans of him there, so going and burning bridges is not ideal in case the Bears give him an offer he cant refuse...
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    Not surprising at all. Chicago is a great city and a great sports town.
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    That's what you are supposed to say, that way you don't look like a diva and your all about the money. Spencer says the same thing about Dallas. But you know as soon as FA start they will go to the highest bidder.
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    This means nothing, just saying what he needs to say...to get a deal with the Bears...or another team will say..hey this guy is a team guy, lets give him a better deal....

    or, are you trying or get someone to imply...

    Melton doesn't want to follow Marinelli to Dallas, or wonder where Lovie will end up and go there...so these guys must be bad coaches....which no way we will believe that....
  6. Galian Beast

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    I think getting Melton would be difficult, but I absolutely think we need to look into it as a possibility. If Jerry fails to at least look, I'd be disappointed.
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    Yeah, no kidding, and Anthony Spencer wants to remain a Cowboy. What else is he going to say, " I want out, I hate that Chicago fired Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli was hired by the Cowboys."
  8. xwalker

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    Thanks for posting.

    I agree that players in that position almost always say they want to stay with the current team. It is the politically correct answer.

    I appreciate any info and don't feel the need to "shoot the messenger".
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    Thanks for the post. I, too, hope Melton becomes a Cowboy. I recall him as a freshman carrying the ball as the third RB at Texas one night in a blowout win. The announcer said "this guy has a chance to be a great one in the pros someday." He then mentioned Earl Campbell.
  10. lostar2009

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    reading in between the lines JJ is gonna to have to over pay him to come to this dump :jackpot: :jackpot: :jackpot: :jackpot:
  11. DFWJC

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    What part; the organization? the city? the stadium? all of the above?
  12. TheDallasDon

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    Cowboys are no dump......go hop on some bandwagon team like u want to
  13. IAmLegend

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    Yep. I probably wouldn't want to leave either.
  14. Cowboy from New York

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    1000 times this. Just how the game is played.
  15. Prossman

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    I Like melton allot but im torn between him and Alan Branch from seattle. Two different types of DTs but both could help.

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    Some of you are saying that he's just being PC - merely saying the right things. Perhaps! But I heard the interview live and he was pretty adamant in his hopes of returning with the Bears.

    Now I will say this: Dallas should peruse him hard, if not to sign him, to drive up his price. That puts the Bears in more of a compromising financial position as they may not be a le to restructure Julius Peppers' contract good enough to keep him.

    Imagine a scenario wher we can bring in Peppers at DE instead of bringing back Spencer. While Peppers is under contract, he will cost the Bears a ton over the next 3 years. They have no choice but to restructure him. At this point there's no speculation they'll lose him, but you never know. Crazier things have happened in the NFL.

    Also, Brian Urlacker is a free agent. The more money the Bears dump in Melton and Peppers, the less they'll have to bring back Urlacker.

    I don't know if Dallas is interested in Urlacker, but imagine him in the middle of Dallas' defense with Lee and Carter on either side. WOW!
  17. lostar2009

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    This organization as a whole is a dump... Why would any real talented NFL personal or player come to dallas? 2 reasons.. either they are at the end of there career or they have no choice (no job offers). If someone has options they are not coming here.
  18. Titleist

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    Urlacher is old, injury-prone, and above all, expensive. No way I would want to shell out the $$$ for a liability like that.
  19. lostar2009

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    This team is nothing in comparison to other 2000 era teams markets like the pats, 49 ers, giants etc...

    The only thing Dallas as fans and organization can hold on to is what Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson built. This organization is a joke i still root for my cowboys and hope they put it together but it is the truth. JJ has ran this star into the ground and until he is remove it will have the same effects..

    Im going to tell you this another PA type era and the cowboys will be wipe off the map im telling you.
  20. skinsscalper

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    And the ignore list grows.

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