Henry Melton wants to remain a Chicago Bear

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Turn your sarcasm meter on. The gimmick response was indeed sarcasm. Geez.

    I did not in any way completely absolve blame from Romo...if anything if

    Romo was so terrible...JG is not coaching him...JJ isn't replacing him...blame them.

    Both lines are mediocre...I put that on JG and JJ.

    Either the team is not ready for the first half or the game plan sucks...JG.

    Who was the last FA that the Cowboys hit a homerun on ? T.O. ??? I put that on both guys as well. I don't say Carr is a homerun...a triple perhaps.

    Team has needed to draft a good safety for years...put that on both guys also. Moreso JJ.

    JJ shopping for JG's groceries is absurd to me.
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    What make it so bad is the fact JJ actually think the oline was great last year which has me thinking this patch line was his ideal. Why because its takes JJ alooooonnnnnnnnggggggggg time to admit failure upon himself but only a split instance to put it among his coaches. These are reasons why i say this organization is a dump is trash. It has no agenda, structure, or future... the only thing i see is a gm snatching and pulling parts at his will. We had something good going on at the end of the year and JJ butcher it.

    Also for all you guys wanting a OG in the first round forget it.. not going to happen. For some reason JJ is still sold on the defense

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