Here is how i would have drafted who agrees?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyvic, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. cowboyvic

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    1. Nick fairlety over Tyron Smith.Fairley would have monster. who with Ware and Ratliff, would have given us a great passrush.
    2.]Benjamin Ijalana over Bruce carter. could have played OT or OG. first round talent.
    3. Ryan Mallett over Demarco Murry.Did not need a RB there
    Robert Sands, S, 6-4, 217, West Virginia Sould have drafted him over a small school O-Linemen.
    5.Josh Thomas CB. have no problem with this pick.
    6.Dwayne Harris.WR. have no problem with this pick.
    Shaun Chapas.FB GA. no problem with this pick.
    7.Josh Bynes.LB Auburn. Drafting Nagy was a wast of time. all Josh Bynes, does is make plays.

    I did not like the top 4 picks of this draft.
  2. Eldorado

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    Oftentimes, I try to type with my fingers instead of my toes. Just a suggestion.
  3. burmafrd

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    yawn. There was a reason Fairly fell as far as he did; and there is reason to believe he would have fallen farther. One really does need to remember that Madden is only a game.
  4. Biggems

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    Thank the Lord above that you are not the GM of my favorite team.....please feel free to take your GM talents to the Skins, Giants, or Eagles though.....
  5. sureletsrace

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    Yeah. Let's draft jerks. That's really proven to work out well for NFL teams.
  6. Nightshade

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    Why waste a 3rd on Mallett when we already have a QB and a backup and a developmental? Also Mallett is a statue. We have one of the most mobile QB's and he lost most of last year because our O-line was swiss cheese. Oh I get it. You don't like Mallet's attitude and you figure he should get the crap beat out of him by playing behind our O-line right? Am I RIGHT??!!?
  7. Hostile

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    Horrible. The only one worth considering is the 2nd round pick, but since I'd take Smith over Fairley I wouldn't take him there.
  8. BrAinPaiNt

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    T.Smith was the right player to take with the first round pick.

    For far too long we have just passed on taking an OT in the first and it has been catching up to us.

    I would also imagine, though I am too lazy to go back and search, that there have been times when you yourself have complained that we did not take an Olinemen in the first and talked about how that has hurt us.

    There were other players I would take over some of the other picks but not enough to complain about.

    I just know we were long overdue for taking an OT in the first round and I think with him and Free we have setup bookend OTs for a long time.

    So have your out, you can like the pick and still complain about Jerry for looking past the position in the past.
  9. DFWJC

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    I like our picks just fine.
    Would I have done it slightly differently? Probably.
    However, I know I would have not done it your way.
  10. TheCount

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    I do not agree, but there are some picks I would have made differently.

    I'm not going to be as hard on you since, let's be honest, this has been one of the dullest offseasons in the history of offseasons. The mind tends to wander.
  11. DFWJC

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    For example, although I like our picks, that Jacksonville trade offer would have made me think real hard.
    You have to ask does
    T Smith + Carter =
    Costanzo (or Solder) + Carter (or Rahim Moore) + Ijalana (or Marvin Ausin) ?

    or even
    Does T Smith + Carter =
    Costanzo (or Solder) + Amukamara (or Kerrigan or Cam Jordan)?...assuming we trade back in to the 1st round

    To me, that will be the question. Having the 16th, 40th and 49th picks would have given us great flexibilty.

    It even brings in the discussion of Murray vs Ingram.

    If Smith ends up way better than the other guys and Carter does what we hope can do, then all will be fine.
    We'll see!
  12. ccb04

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    #1: I'll take the 20 y/o OT that could play RT, LT, and potentially serve as the default 'swing' OT if needed. This is prior to factoring in Fairley's work ethic and charachter being questioned by some. I also don't think a 3-4 DE warrants a top 10 selection unless you honestly feel the guy is the next Seymour, etc.

    #2: I liked Ijalana ... but the Boys had a definite need at ILB. Brooking is at the end. James is aging and not an ideal 3 down player. Lee is still somewhat unproven and questions remain about his ability to stay healthy. I think the Boys viewed Carter as a Kevin Burnett type. In other words, a guy that can come in and potentially have a solid impact on the nickel D (an area they've struggled in with the departures of Burnett and Carpenter), and develope into a solid 3 down starter in the not too distant future.

    #3: Mallet reminds me of another Ryan ... with the last name Leaf. Big. Immobile. Strong arm. Headcase. Also, I do think the Boys have somewhat of a need at RB. Jones hasn't lived up to expectations. Barber has slowed and been less productive/more injury prone. Choice is in the final year of his contract and the apparently view him as a compliment.

    Murray can impact a game as a pass-catcher (157 career catches) ... as a runner with very good speed and some wiggle ... as a blocker (arguably the best in the draft) ... and possibly on ST's (3 ST's TD's). Own's OU's career all-purpose yards record with 6,498. Also has OU's career TD record with 64 (50 rushing/11 receiving/3 ST's). He also has OU's career record for receiving yards by a RB with 1,512.

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