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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Daniel Synder, Sep 17, 2005.

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    I may be new to this site but i am not new to this rivalry that some say has died.. but I SAY it is more alive than ever! had we split the games even over the past 6 years or so and been, on and off, poor to mediocre teams (which has been the case anyways) big whoop! but the pies have owned us year in and year out and it has been down right amazing how we invent ways to implode late in pie games. its enough to make you insane if your a skins fan. i am literally beside myself twice a year every year at the ways we invent to blow leads.

    statically we've been the better team with the better record over the last 6 or 7 years against the rest of the league (not counting pie games) but couldn't beat the pies if Chads Hutchinsons kareoke career took off and he resigned with the pies and Quincy Carter aquired the franchise to resolve a cocaine debt with Scary Jones and Billy Parcels had a heart attack after a missed extra point and Oscar De La Hoys became the 1st latin head coach in the NFL, we still couldn't win. the year the pies were 1-15 its no secret who you beat.

    but regardless of the fact that we have a stale offense and the curse of Jack Kent Cooke over our head (ever since the day i changed the name from his to FedEx and made millions we've been doomed) I still believe we will whoop that *** Monday Night!!!! And i don't give a damn if you guys throw that lop-sided record in our face, it will still be soo sweet! So don't put too much stock in some of the BS you read on these boards like Cowboyz Zone & ExtremeSkins. any kid can get a UserName and Password. Take it from a true veteran Skins fan..i don't care how many times you beat us i still think we're whooping that *** twice a year..eryear! you'd think about the pies the same if your a true pie fan..and with that...

    Keep it clean and may the players and not he referees decide the winner. (i would say good luck but i'm not one to BS. i do not wish you good luck. in fact, i wish very bad luck but hey, least i'm honest)

    "Lost In TRanslation" is a great film that proves superior acting and writing can take a film much further than a superior budget can.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Ain't that the sad truth.

  3. rojan

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    Bad luck to you too
  4. Daniel Synder

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    you hungry, i'm bout to cook dinner? naw i'm full, i just had some red-hots.
  5. CliffnMesquite

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    Outstanding post. We hate you also. Tell me will little Danny have his motorized highchair with him this year?
  6. Daniel Synder

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    I don't even know? good question..let me ax my momma...

    she said naw hes rockin the private jet with the 10's on it..they ain't 20's....but i keep'em clean tho!
  7. Draegerman

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    So I take it that the userid "Daniel Snyder" was already taken when you signed up?
  8. Parcells

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    ok why isnt this moron banned allready??!!!! WHERE ARE YOU NOW kINGBRICE?
  9. dallasblue05

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    I feel that this rookie made some good points......everytime he said that they cant beat us........I dont know about you, but that is an excellent point. An overrated Defense, and an offense struggling to tread water will not get the job done come Monday Night, buddy.....sorry to pop ur little delusional bubble, but it just aint gonna happen, that is more on your level.
  10. lane

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    the pain brunell will feel monday night will be unrivaled only to the pain mcnabb will feel
    october 9th.

    i cannot begin to describe what this defence will do to the redskins come monday.
  11. Seven

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    You're back yet again. I see you brought your humor with you. I still love the "PIE" gig, cracks me up. Listen, when LA gets done with Lavaar, Crayton whiffs your secondary and Julius is winded cause 190 yards rushing takes it out of a fella, I want a digi pic of you posted on this board with the Dallas cap of the week. If you ain't smiling in the photo it don't count. I gotta tell ya Danny, I do like your style...thinking out of the box and all.
  12. zagnut

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    You guys haven't imploded. We've beaten you. Regardless of the coach, the QB, the defense...we've beaten you. Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. The entire Skins fanbase is in serious need of an intervention.

    By the way, Quincy Carter would be far and away the best QB you've had since Brad Johnson. He's available. Sign him. He could save your season. Sign Chad too. He would also be better than anything you have now.

  13. Qwickdraw

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    You guys may have to endure his posts...
    But I have to endure him in person.
    He's one of my good friends here in Skins country. Always has a good analysis to offer before the game and even better excuses afterward. (he would be my best friend if not for those awful maroon and gold panties he prances around in on Sundays)

    Michelle Tafoya: "So Brunell, what happened on that 4th and goal when Demarcus Ware caused you to cough the ball up?"
    Brunell: "Oh that?... I got spray in my eye."

    As always, may the best man win.
    Relax, you're QB could be this guy

  14. vicjagger

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    I don't believe in luck. It's all "cause & effect". In football terms, that means blocking, tackling, catching, throwing, kicking and scoring more (or better) than your opponent.

    Luck, good or bad, is just an excuse.
  15. Hostile

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    You gotta figure it's a habit.

    "Hear ye, hear ye."

  16. Avenging Hayseed

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    Hey Snyder! Isnt it nice to be able to come into an opponents message board and talk a little on the upcoming game. Maybe be able to throw out a little REASONABLE smack just in good fun? See, over here we actually have MODS, not mini dictators with one hand around Gibbs sac and the other on the ban button. Say ANYTHING remotley Cowboy positive over at , AHEM, THAT PLACE, and you will be ARTfully banned in short order. Supressing the truth doesnt make it less TRUE....
  17. big dog cowboy

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    :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
  18. SuspectCorner

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    tom flores was winning superbowls in the 80s. flores... now there's a good Irish name.
  19. Yeagermeister

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  20. followthestar

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    Look at it this way, Snidely - the only one of the last 15 games we lost was the last game of a lame duck coach on a horrible team. and even then we should have won. that game was totally meaningless to us, otherwise it would be 15-0...

    i like your style though - writing i mean, not game day attire...
    and i don't mind wishing the Skins good luck - they'll need it to keep from being humiliated so badly, they may start simply forfeiting their games against us!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!

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