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Here's a fun exercise

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by VACowboy, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. VACowboy

    VACowboy Well-Known Member

    5,632 Messages
    1,774 Likes Received
    Hey, football talk is all referees and otherwise very dead.

    Lets say the two trades from the main board happen...

    Glover and our second to Denver for one of their firsts and their fourth.

    Romo to NO for their third.

    Who do you pick?

    1. Manny Lawson (OLB)
    1. Max Jean-Gilles (OG/OT)
    3. Charlie Whitehurst (QB)
    3. Todd Watkins (WR)
    4. Babatunde Oshinowo (NT)
  2. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage Zone Supporter

    47,184 Messages
    8,030 Likes Received
    I think Watkins goes in the 4th, but I like him. I like your first pick as well.
  3. neosapien23

    neosapien23 Well-Known Member

    2,875 Messages
    122 Likes Received
    I think you could trade down from the 18th pick and pick up another 2nd round pick and still possibley get Lawson.

    25-31st pick Manny Lawson, Daryl Tapp, or Kamerion Wimberely. One of them will be there.
    30th pick - Max Jean Guilles
    low 2nd rounder - Ryan O'Callaghan. If Pettitti beats him out he can slide to guard. He started there already in college.

    Other than that I like your picks.
  4. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage Zone Supporter

    47,184 Messages
    8,030 Likes Received
    If we miss out on Lawson, I'd like to get Darryl Tapp.

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