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    2009 NFL Draft/Post-Combine - Receivers

    By Pete Fiutak,
    Feb. 24, 2009

    Where do the top receiver prospects rank as the Combine finishes up? Along with the positives and the negatives for each top prospect, here's the initial ranking for the 2009 NFL Draft receiver class.

    1. Jeremy Maclin, Missouri 6-1, 198
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
    Post-Combine Skinny: While the 4.45 was seen as a disappointment, he scored huge points for fighting it out through a slight knee injury. He might not have had the greatest Combine experience, but everyone came away impressed overall.
    Positives: Can do it all. Can be a No. 1 receiver, a return man, and a runner … Extreme speed. Can take any pass the distance …. Tougher than he looks. Played through ankle injury all of last year.
    Negatives: Not all that thick. Isn’t all that physical … He isn’t going to block anyone … Has to prove he can beat jams at the line.

    2. Percy Harvin, Florida 5-11, 192
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
    Post-Combine Skinny: Showed off that he was well built, could cut on a dime, and he came up with a nice 4.41. He did was everyone wanted to see.
    Positives: Played like a man among boys even in SEC play and against Oklahoma. A special talent … A difference maker … Can be used as a situational runner … Fast, fast, FAST.
    Negatives: Durability … Durability … DURABILITY … Not big enough or reliable enough to be a No. 1 receiver … While tough, he’s not afraid of contact. Considering his injury history, this is a problem.

    3. Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech 6-1, 215
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
    Post-Combine Skinny: The talk of the Combine, his foot injury didn't let him run. However, there's more concern than ever that he might really be more of a high 4.6 guy than a low 4.5.
    Positives: Big, physical receiver … Confident without being a jerk. Not a diva … Functional football speed better than timed speed … Elite hands.
    Negatives: Not fast. He won’t blaze by anyone at the NFL level … Will fumble. Uses his size, but will take shots and will lose the ball … A system receiver? He might need to be in a wide open offense.

    4. Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland 6-2, 210
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
    Post-Combine Skinny: Was he really as fast as expected? Oh yeah, and then some. When you run a 4.3 and measure at 6.2 and 210 pounds, you'll make a lot of money. He broad jumped an impressive 10'6" and was extremely quick through the drills.
    Positives: Elite speed. With his size to go along with his speed, he has the tools … Possibly the best home run hitter in the draft … Tall. Good at using his height.
    Negatives: Doesn’t make enough plays … Mediocre hands … Need work on route running. Need polish on becoming an all-around receiver.

    5. Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers 6-3, 218
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
    Post-Combine Skinny: With his size, the 4.47 40 and 23 reps had to have moved him up on several draft boards. The deep speed is there.
    Positives: Excellent size and decent speed … Isn’t afraid to use his size. Can be physical … Nice hands. Will go after the ball and will win battles.
    Negatives: Character. Was suspended … A diva … Not a burner. Good speed, not great speed.

    6. Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina 6-1, 212
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
    Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't do anything special, he was solid with an expected 4.54. No one thought he'd be a deep threat, but he certainly wasn't slow.
    Positives: Ultra-productive … Great hands. Can make the highlight play as well as the routine … Decent size and knows how to use it. He won’t get pushed around.
    Negatives: Lacks the top-end speed … Not explosive. Has functional wheels, but he could be erased by the faster NFL corners … He isn’t going to be flashy in the open field.

    7. Derrick Williams, Penn State 5-11, 194
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
    Post-Combine Skinny: An unmitigated disaster. Sick before the Combine, Williams didn't work out well with a horrendous, draft-killing 4.64. Known as a speedster, he'll have to make up for it with a big second workout. Expect a far better performance.
    Positives: Can do a little of everything well … Very quick. Can be a top punt returner and can be used as a runner … Track speed ... Hard worker. Willing blocker.
    Negatives: Didn’t always produce up to potential as a receiver … Needs polish as a route runner … Not huge. Might get shoved around a bit by the more physical corners.

    8. Brian Robiskie, Ohio State 6-3, 210
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
    Post-Combine Skinny: Everyone seems to be interested in him. He has the family reputation and he worked out well for his size with exceptions quickness in the drills and a solid 4.51.
    Positives: Excellent size with room to add more bulk … Good hands … Tough enough to go over the middle. Isn’t afraid to take a pop. … Quick enough to be an occasional punt returner.
    Negatives: Doesn’t have top-shelf speed … Not a No. 1 receiver at the NFL level … More of a grinder than a special receiver talent.

    9. Demetrius Byrd, LSU 6-0, 199
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
    Post-Combine Skinny: The 4.42 confirmed what everyone already suspected. The extremely long arms stood out.
    Positives: Great size/speed combination … Has all the tools. He’ll wow everyone in workouts … Fast enough to blow past slower corners, and strong enough to push around the weaker ones.
    Negatives: Is he going to consistent? … Question marks about ability to digest an NFL playbook … Not a good route runner.

    10. Brandon Tate, North Carolina 6-0, 183
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 10
    Post-Combine Skinny: Still not 100% healthy after his knee injury, he didn't run or work out. But he showed off big hands.
    Positives: Unstoppable at times when he was healthy … A great returner … Phenomenal athlete with basketball skills.
    Negatives: Got knocked out in 2008 with a knee injury … It was a major knee injury … Not quite as quick as he is fast. Will need to show explosiveness after his injury.

    11. Louis Murphy, Florida 6-2, 203
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
    Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't generate much of an overall buzz, his 4.43 proved he has the deep speed to deserve a longer look.
    Positives: Home run hitter … Can turn it on and blow past top-shelf corners … Underappreciated. Publicity lost on a team of top players and in the shadow of Percy Harvin.
    Negatives: Overall route running ability … Has grown into a hard worker, but it took a while … Needs a bit more polish.

    12. Ramses Barden, Cal Poly 6-6, 229
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 12
    Post-Combine Skinny: While he slow 4.61 and only benched 17 times, but at 6-6 and 229 pounds, he was athletic enough. However, he didn't completely make up for the mediocre Senior Bowl.
    Positives: Big time production … Caught 50 career touchdown passes … Produced against Wisconsin and San Diego State … Big-time size.
    Negatives: Speed a concern … Struggled at the Senior Bowl … No. 1 target potential, but he’ll need to work for it.

    13. Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma 6-1, 210
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
    Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't a good run. Iglesias only ran a 4.56 and immediately got thrown into the possession receiver category. He didn't stand out in any way.
    Positives: Extremely quick and fantastic after the catch … A good prospect as a kick returner … Ultra-competitive. Will try to be a playmaker.
    Negatives: Will disappear at times, and will be lost for stretches when he’s not involved … Lacks jaw-dropping speed … Could be an ideal No. 2 target, but he isn’t going to be a No. 1.

    14. Mike Thomas, Arizona 5-8, 195
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 14
    Post-Combine Skinny: He helped himself. He really helped himself. While he's small, he ran a 4.4, jumped over 40", broad jumped a fantastic 10'6", and was as fluid and as seamless as possible in the drills.
    Positives: Tough for his size. Played through injuries … A great battler and will work to be better … Very quick. Will find the open holes.
    Negatives: Size. He’s not big enough to handle all the shots he takes … Not all that fast … Might need the right fit. Will never be a No. 1 target.

    15. Kenny McKinley, South Carolina 6-0, 189
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 25
    Post-Combine Skinny: He made himself a lot of money. Not only was he a bit bigger than expected, his 4.44 proved his potential deep speed. Was lightning quick in the short drills.
    Positives: A battler for his size with great hands … A true go-to target who handled himself well against SEC corners … Always seems to find ways to make himself open.
    Negatives: Needs to get stronger. A lot stronger … Isn’t quick enough or fast enough to make up for his lack of size … Won’t be able to block anyone.

    16. Jarett Dillard, Rice 5-10, 191
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 16
    Post-Combine Skinny: There was no questioning his college production, and now there's no questioning his athleticism. His 4.53 was decent, but the 42" vertical raised some eyebrows. The 10'9" broad jump was special. However, he has small hands.
    Positives: An all-timer of a producer … Excellent athlete who can jump out of the stadium … A scoring machine. Great around the goal line.
    Negatives: Lacks elite speed … Needs to prove he can be an NFL route runner, and needs to work a bit … Needs to get stronger.

    17. Jeremy Childs, Boise State 6-0, 200
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 17
    Post-Combine Skinny: He ran a disastrous 4.62. He was quick in the other drills, but he just pigeonholed himself as a possession receiver.
    Positives: Dangerous. A productive playmaker whenever he had the ball in his hands … Physical for his size … Good, willing blocker.
    Negatives: Character issues. Was suspended for academic issues … Not a blazer for his size … Needs to be a more efficient route runner.

    18. Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia 6-2, 210
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
    Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't show off anything special outside of his jumping ability. The 4.6 wasn't great for his size, but the 10'7" broad jump was fantastic.
    Positives: Excellent speed. Great on the outside and great at getting deep … A battler. He’s a baller who’ll fight for the ball … Nice quickness against physical defenders.
    Negatives: Average hands … While he beefed up a bit, he’s still wiry and lanky … Good wheels, but doesn’t separate.

    19. Patrick Turner, USC 6-5. 223
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 19
    Post-Combine Skinny: Considering his speed is the question mark, his decision to not run the 40 sent up major red flags. He ran through the drills and was fine.
    Positives: Tremendous size and strength … Excellent route runner … Tough and not afraid to go over the middle and take a shot.
    Negatives: Not a blazer … Not as productive as he should’ve been as a No. 1 receiver at USC … Doesn’t catch everything.

    20. Greg Carr, Florida State 6-5, 215
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
    Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine
    Positives: Underutilized producer who was great at getting jump balls … Big-time size. A matchup nightmare … Hard-worker. He could make himself into a devastating No. 3 receiver/goal line specialist.
    Negatives: Slowwwwwwww … Takes a while to get going … Not as physical as he should be for his size.

    21. Kevin Ogletree, Virginia 6-1, 196
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 21
    Post-Combine Skinny: It was a nice few days for the big question mark. Ogletree showed he's fully past his knee injury with 4.45 40 and a 4.08 in the cone drill; the best among the receivers.
    Positives: Good speed and excellent hands … Graduated from Virginia … Solid blocker.
    Negatives: Coaching staff not sad to see him go … Not a deep threat … Doesn’t do any one thing at a top NFL level … A year removed from a major knee injury.

    22. Austin Collie, BYU 6-1, 200
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 22
    Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't a great workout, but he showed off excellent quickness. The hands in the drills were fine, but they weren't good enough to overcome the 4.6 40. Proved he'll be a possession receiver.
    Positives: Big-time producer coming off a dominant season … Great worker who’ll do what’s needed to improve … Excellent route runner.
    Negatives: Not fast. He won’t get any separation on NFL corners … Won’t catch everything … Needs to be more physical.

    23. Brian Hartline, Ohio State 6-2, 195
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 23
    Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice overall workout. He was quick and fluid through the cones and came up with a decent 4.53. He was who everyone thought he was.
    Positives: Good size … Quick and productive … A solid punt returner as well as a strong No. 2 receiver.
    Negatives: Not a blazer … Needs a ton of work on his route running to make up for his lack of NFL athleticism … Will get pushed around.

    24. Aaron Kelly, Clemson 6-5, 204
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 24
    Post-Combine Skinny: The 4.55 wasn't bad for his size, and the leaping ability was decent jumping up 38". He has to get much, much stronger after lifting 225 pounds just 11 times.
    Positives: Ultra-productive … Great size and good football speed … Fights for every ball.
    Negatives: Not fast … Needs to hit the weights and he has to get stronger … Might have a tough time getting open against an NFL secondary.

    25. Deon Butler, Penn State 5-10, 182
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: NR
    Post-Combine Skinny: Considered too small before the Combine to be much of a factor, he ripped off a 4.38 and was just as quick in the drills.
    Positives: Nice overall production when used in the offense ... Fast. Always seems to get open ... A playmaker.
    Negatives: Size. He's small. Wiry ... He's always been a bit of a second-fiddle. Isn't a No. 1 target ... Not strong.

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