Heres somewhat of a SPOILER from last year.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells, Sep 8, 2005.

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    Ok Guys lets open up the book from last year up again.. Because it might have a role again this year.. Ok this is the can im opening, Last year our main problem was V. Interceptaverde, and how he couldnt throw a great deep ball and ofcourse escape from the rush. He was plain as old dirt. Now this year after training camp I couldnt help but get a little upset when I heard Bill Parcells say Romo has the ability to escape the rush. So just taking that into consideration and Parcells holding out Henson from Starting atleast the last 4 games of the year, or atleast letting Romo start he opted to stay with Verde. While we could have had a young QB who might have been able to make a few extra plays than Verde did. Ok Jump Back to the Present Day now, This year we have Bledsoe and who is to say Parcells will bench him in a hurry if "KNOCK ON WOOD" he starts acting like Verde did. Do yall Think Parcells would change his tune this time and put in Romo since knowing now that Romo can escape a pass rush? I totally doubt that he will and we might be faced again next year with the same questions over about us at QB, BUt next year I do predict Henson getting cut and us probably not knowing anymore about Romo than what we found out this Preseason.. I honestly think Romo is a good and just a backup QB but honestly if Bledsoe stinks it all up what do you think Parcells is going to do? I honestly think he will stick with bledoe the whole year and if its gonna spell another 6-10 season Parcells is so hardheaded and determined in his old QB's that we will just ride another year.. Now Bledsoe might come out and pass for 4500 yards and 30 td's and we will never second guess him but im just trying to point out a reality that could come true again.. Does anyone see this scenario like I do or am I just to dam worried cuz I love MY DALLAS COWBOYS TOO MUCH...

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    I don't see Bledsoe getting benched, unless he stinks it up with non of his weapons being hurt.

    Even then, BP is stubborn.
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    I know and im hoping if that situation of ugly misery does happen I hope he will be more of the expirementing way with our QB's cause I still think that was a bunch of crap.. Even tho in his mind its all about Winning and I cant complain with that either.. DAM Hurry up SUNDAY AND GET HERE!! :star:
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    Parcells said something to the effect that, "I now have confidence in Romo." I think that's a huge statement from BP and one made to help push Bledsoe.

    I think Parcells will pull the trigger on Romo if he believes Bledsoe is responsible for losses. If we're sporting a 2-5 record by Game 8, and Bledsoe is stinking it up, he'll put Romo in there IMO.
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    Don't forget how bad our defense was last year. If we would have been able to hold opponents to less than 30 points a game, we would have seen a different offense. But we were always having to come from behind. I think a significant improvement in our defense and o-line will eliminate our chances of last season-form.
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    Our passing game was good in the beginning of the year last year. Vinny wasn't costing us games.

    Our putrid D was. Building a running game around Eddie George was. Our below average blocking was.

    I don't see how any of those things relate to this season, so I think your concerns are probably unwarranted. We won 10 games with Quincy at QB. We'll win 10 or more this year with Bledsoe.
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    Vinny is almost 10 years older than Bledsoe. He wore down. Big deal. He was tearing it up until Glenn went down.

    Bledsoe is in fabulous condition. He has Glenn, Witten and Jones on the field at the same time which Vinny never did. Lets wait until he starts throwing up ducks like Nor's throws out threads before we consider this.
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    See thats my point again!!! This is What im trying to say, if for some bad reason we have a season like last year I would think Parcells this time would bench Bledsoe and play his backups.. I was saying that I hope he learned from last season because for all he knows is that he can elude a pass rush and maybe deliver the ball on the money Parcells comments on Romo. And as for Henson hey man Aikman wasnt ready either and he started from day 1!

    You cant tell me Verde wasnt throwing picks the whole season!! cmon now hes 10 years older see thats my point.. We dont even know what are backups can do and how we could have solved the problem for our backups only unless Parcells sees something we dont and doesnt show it or say it...

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