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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 28 Joker, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Herman Johnson LG LSU 6-8 382

    He should fall right in the Cowboys' hands, and the value is perfect. Plug him in and let him play LG for 10 years. The planet theory meets value and need. Criss-crossing Eagles and Giants, get you some of this. Don't buy into the negative press this guy received at RT during the Senior Bowl. I'm not drafting him to play the edge. By the way, he played it well during the game. Johnson made his name blocking SEC players at LG, and the Cowboys need a young blue-chipper on the offensive line. He has something the current Cowboys don't have. That is a ring.

    3rd/ #69

    Ron Brace NT Boston College 6-3 329

    Brace is a third rounder, and this is a great value. Another team could reach at the back-end of round two and spoil it. In this mock, Kevin Burnett is resigned, and Brace gives Burnett cover in short yardage and for about 20 plays and gives Ratliff a few breathers. Brandon Jacobs can come get him some of this.


    Emanuel Cook SS South Carolina 5-10 205

    I like Rashad Johnson, but he's a FS, imo. Plus, I want that guard and NT, and I"m taking them. The Planet Theory wins. It's time to put high draft picks into the lines. Moreover, Ken Hamlin is terrible at SS. Remember the Ravens game. Fundamental SS play prevents both runs. The FS and SS were terrible on the first one (both players failed to fill the hole in the box), and the SS failed on both plays or near the line. The Cowboys need a SS who can tackle, and this guy can. He is one of the best tacklers in the SEC. He can run and cover, too. Cook has SS and FS skills in a CBs body. He has good range and can play the single, high safety or cover 2. It's a two for one. When you draft him, you get 2 skill sets. Cook can run and be interchangable in the defense. Right now he is a 3-4 rounder.

    4th/# 115

    Jason Watkins OT Florida 6-6 317

    Watkins can definately play RT, and he has the skill set to play LT. He's not finished and needs to get stronger. The player hasn't reached his potential. Feed the front! Watkins is a perfect value here, and he meets a huge need. He has a chance to be a starter one day. Get him in the pipeline and coach him up and get him ready to play one day.

    5th: (Late 5th)

    Ramon Foster OT Tennessee 6-6 338

    I'm high on Foster, and I'm not backing down. He can play guard and RT. The Cowboys have no depth on the offensive line. If a starter goes down, well, you saw what happened. This guy can start in the NFL.

    5th: (C)

    Demetrius Byrd WR LSU 6-1 200

    He has a great deal of potential, and he's good over the middle. He will need some coaching, but that is what coaches are for. He has good hands, and he can really scoot. Good bye Patrick Crayton. Get ready to buy a house in South Beach.


    Quinn Johnson FB LSU 6-1 251

    He probably will not be here, but I hope he is. I think he can take the job.


    Mike Wallace WR Ole Miss 6-0 189

    Kickoff returner and helps on special teams

    Nevin McKenzie SS Tennessee 6-2 218

    I'm going to find a way to get him.
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    people ask, "why take an Olineman so early?"

    it's simple really, Oline is the strongest position in the draft

    that aside, I can dig this mock
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    Thanks, iroot4. It's heavy SEC, but those are some good players. I wanted Phil Loadholt, but I took Brace. I don't think Loadholt is around in the fourth. Foster covers not taking Loadholt. If he sheds a few pounds, he can play RT, imo.

    You are right, the offensive line players are there for the taking for the Cowboys. If we can get Big Herm by the Bears, the Cowboys should take him.
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    C/G Eric Wood has more upside, mobility, quickness, and a higher football IQ than Herman Johnson. Wood is a student of the game, a technician, and plays with a mean streak. I want him on this team.
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    So let me get this straight..we draft a guard with our first pick?? You know we have Kosier right? When he played in the 4 games last year we won all of them and our running game was superb. He's above average and not worth replacing. If he does get hurt we have Holland who we gave up a 5th rounder for and he's above average as well, and he's a backup!. I get so confused when people have guard with their first pick..there are so many other glaring needs on this team. What are the odds that Kosier and Holland get injured again? very slim. I don't care if theirs a 400 pound 6 9 guard who can run a 5 flat in the draft, THERES MORE GLARING NEEDS!
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    I'd rather draft a Lineman that wont eat his way out of the league in 2 year hell we could put him at NT in goal line situations. You do realize that their is other conferences besides the SEC right?
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    well i will put my 2 cents worth in, i was real high on herman johnson, till he came in at 388 pounds, way to high for a offensive guard. Now, at same time Herman can play smash mouth football, that is what is needed on this team.

    However, biggems made a valid point, eric wood can play offensive guard and center. Also, wood is nasty, tough and big too but not overweight like Herman Johnson is.

    AT ROT Herman Johnson did not play that good a game, he played fair but not super.

    Now i do think we need a safety, big NT and an offensive guard or offensive tackle. Also, we need a linebacker too due to zach thomas not coming back, burnett if he isnt resigned.

    What I say is this, possibly use one of your 5th or 6th or 7th round picks and see if you can move up in the 2nd round, to get a good player like wood or brace or safety or herman johnson. Dont leave a stone unturned.

    What this team is quality players, nasty mean tough football players that eat, sleep and drink football 24/7.

    In turn in time those players can make an impact on the cowboys. Look at the 75 draft, or the 92 draft, we got quality players. Sure, extra players in the draft too, but quality players.

    Then think about this. Something as you all know has to be done with T O. Either keep him or trade or release him. If you do that though, you need a speed wr.

    If you keep T O, the most person i see that has trade value is patrick crayton. Next, we have bobby carpenter whom is a complete bust, because carpenter as we all know is a barbie doll when it comes to football. Even his own teammates call him barbie on the team.

    Then, if you do take an offensive guard or tackle in the draft, i think you can trade Mcquistan and maybe proctor.

    If you look at the senior bowl the cowboys were looking at wood, unger strongly and those players were mostly centers in their career. So, to me, the handwriting on the wall is for proctor not to be here soon.

    If you can trade crayton, carpenter with mcquistan whom parcells loves, you might could get another 4th rounder, hopefully a 3rd rounder. Thats more ammunition to get what you need in this draft. I think you could trade crayton to several teams, possibly get a 2nd or 3rd for him.

    Last but least, as you all point out, we need safeties bad, so most likely roy williams the safety is gone. See if you can trade him, he might bring a 2nd rounder. If we can do that, with some of these players that arent playing like they should or players that open their big fat mouth, you get rid of some of the bad attitude on this team, and get some draft extra picks to get some good quality football players in the draft.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    No problem with the players, really, but not a single linebacker? We need an inside one urgently and an outside one to develop for when Ellis leaves. (Which may be sooner rather than later.)
  9. TheCount

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    I dig this draft, I was thinking the same thing about Loadholdt, put those big guys at Guard for us and we're set.... as long as they all get smarter.
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    Agreed, I love the draft but running a 3-4 you almost have to take a lber every year, especially this year because of Zack leaving and Burnetts up in the air. Look at the Steelers last year, they took 2 lbers with there top picks Woodley and Timmons. We need to start adapting to this phylisophy to get our defense fresh.

    edit: Looking at it again I love this draft. Strictly meat and potatoes and we can find us a lber in freeagency
  11. cowboyjoe

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    i understand what your saying about linebackers and all. But it stinks, when you draft a linebacker high in carpenter whom plays like a barbie doll.

    A linebacker in spencer whom tries to go around players instead of through players which he was suppose to do on the big running plays against the ravens and he goes out and gets drunk, doesnt have right attitude to get treatment. IT STINKS!

    we have other needs at linebacker, and now if your stupid and let burnet go, while zach probably wont play for dallas, then your hurting yourself at the other key positions that you need in the draft.
  12. RS12

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    to me Herman Johnson has bust written all over him. Senior bowl drills he looked like a turn style. Guards Ubrich Wisconsin and Cantwell Cincinnati looked best, but I dont see Dallas drafting an O Lineman first unless a starting LT type falls a long way.
  13. SLATEmosphere

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    Barbie is a rare breed..huge,fast but is a complete puss..You can be like the Steelers and draft Woodley and Timmons..it's possible and I hope we go that road.
  14. 28 Joker

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    I respect your review of Wood, but I'm going to play 'Devil's Advocate'. Wood is rated as a center, and he is a third rounder. He is being primarily rated due to his ability to play center. Andre Gurode needs a backup, not a replacement. The Cowboys need offensive line players to put in the pipeline, because they have no depth. Kozier has one more year on his contract and played in two + games last season.

    Big Herm came into the Senior Bowl as a solid 2nd round pick, and he is still in the 2nd round. Duke Robinson will be gone, imo. Herman Johnson has a great number of starts at LG (about 33 at LG and about 3 at RG). He has a great resume on film. Just because Herm is huge, that doesn't mean that Wood is smarter. In fact, the complex defenses in the SEC and the caliber of players is much greater than what the Big East has to offer.

    Herm plays a little high, but he's 6-8. That can be corrected. He can be coached up. Johnson does a good job at getting to the second level, and he moves very well for his size. He carries his weight well, and I have not heard a backlash against his weight. His body looked impressive from the reports I read, including Scott Wright.

    A blue-chip LG (a starter) trumps a center, imo. The Cowboys have a Pro Bowler at center. Herm is stronger and more powerful than Wood. Wood is 304 pounds. He's going to have to get stronger to play guard in the NFL. I can plug Herm in right away.
  15. 28 Joker

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    Kozier has one year left on his contract. Herm Johnson very well may be the hightest rated player available to Dallas at number 51. NFLDraftScout rates him at number 48 now. Holland played one full game and then, he got hurt. He has a history of weight trouble. I wouldn't hang my hat on him. How many chances do you get at a 6-8, 382 pound Giant. Look what the Cowboys paid Leonard Davis, a guard. They had to do that because of their poor drafting on the offensive line.

    I don't see a more glaring need than the offensive line. The Cowboys have no depth. LG is an issue. It killed Dallas in 2009. Again, Kozier will be gone after 2009. The safety class isn't strong. I like your guy from Utah, but some team is going to take him in the first round or very high second round.
  16. 28 Joker

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    Herman Johnson was in great shape. He carried his weight well at the Senior Bowl. He was in shape. If a team wanted him to trim down some, he could do it. His play on the field, in the SEC (the best conference in college football), speaks for itself. He's a second rounder. He was durable. He started about 33 games at LG and 3 at RG. He won a national championship and was highly thought of by most, until he played out of position in the Senior Bowl.

    "Small (pecks). Carries weight extremely well". Vine arms". This is a report on his weigh in.

    As far as the SEC goes... Where is Jay Ratliff from? What state is DeMarcus Ware from? (Auburn, Alabama) Bradie James, Jason Witten, Kevin Burnett, Marcus Spears,... The Cowboys should draft more SEC players, imo. Felix Jones

    Johnson fits the slot and has the rating to go at 51.

    Watkins should go in the middle of round 4. He's my LT to groom and swing tackle. Florida sure beats Northern Iowa.

    Byrd can play and replace Crayton by 2010 for sure.

    Ramon Foster is starting material. Ask the Vikings about the player that wasn't drafted from Tennessee that plays guard for them. Foster is better, at this point, than the guy they paid a big contract, too.
  17. 28 Joker

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    I respect your opinion, like the other guys. However, I don't get taking Wood over Herm Johnson. The team needs a LG, and Herm Johnson and Duke Robinson are both better than Wood at guard. Wood gets his rating as a center and has the versatlity to play guard. Johnson can be plugged in immediately if need be. Wood is going to have to get stonger. He doesn't have Johnson's power and strength. How do we know Wood can anchor against NFL players at guard. Herm played the best front 7 players, in the nation, while in the SEC.

    Johnson played good at RT when you consider how tough a week he had. He is a guard, not a tackle.

    I do know the Cowboys need depth at linebacker, but I'm hoping Burnett is brought back. I would deal or cut Carpenter. The team needs to know that you can't just be a third stringer and collect a huge check.

    I agree about moving up a little bit, but I wouldn't give up too much and move way too far for a player like Brace. I wouldn't move up for any safety in this draft. I would let the meat and potato guys fall in my lap or move up a little to get them.

    Don't forget about Miles Austin and Felix Jones. They are your speed. I would replace Crayton with a faster player. Bryd can replace him by 2010. I would get rid of Crayton anyway and play Sam Hurd.

    I'm all for shopping guys to Parcells for picks. Good idea.

    Safety is a problem. The third OLB is a problem, but the board dictates other needs. I don't want 3rd or 4th round projects at linebacker, inside or outside, when the offensive line or defensive line needs the blood.

    If I could get a 5th rounder for Crayton, he would be gone.
  18. 28 Joker

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    You are right, C.Lab. The draft will not cover it all. The Cowboys are going to have to replace some guys with undrafted free agents, trades, or by look at other teams' practice squads.

    Depth at linebacker and safety is a problem. Justin Rodgers was undrafted. Barbie plays like he was undrafted.

    I'm hoping to keep Burnett. I know you don't like him, but we can agree to disagree.

    Ellis is gone for sure, imo. I wouldn't put a 3rd or 4th rounder in a project when d-line or o-line talent will be there for the taking. I would look outside the draft.
  19. BigBoy63

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    i like the draft except we need to draft ILBs, its okay to draft one or two lineman but i think you had like 3 or 4.
  20. 28 Joker

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    Robert Ayers VS Herman Johnson

    From the Senior Bowl, you would think Ayers is the second coming of Reggie White, and Herm was a bum.

    Look at the film. Who had the better career? It isn't even close. Ayers was an average pass rusher at best. He is a strong run stopper. Taking him in round 2 is reaching, imo.

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