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Hey eliland

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by skinsscalper, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. skinsscalper

    skinsscalper Well-Known Member

    7,641 Messages
    3,044 Likes Received
    Come on in and take your *** whoopin' like a man.
  2. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

    13,395 Messages
    4,986 Likes Received
    Eliland is probably lying in his own vomit. Where you at boy?
  3. Mike_45

    Mike_45 Active Member

    1,098 Messages
    5 Likes Received
    Probably wont show. Hope he does.... See what he is spewing forth.
  4. rocboy22

    rocboy22 Active Member

    1,606 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    :bow: :laugh2:
  5. DandyDon1722

    DandyDon1722 It's been a good 'un, ain't it?

    4,610 Messages
    3,791 Likes Received
    Eli wasn't so lucky tonight eh?
  6. Cowboysfan22

    Cowboysfan22 Member

    616 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    sheli is gonna be havin nightmares tonight...about the beast DWARE
  7. The Emperor

    The Emperor Marcus Aurelius Maximus

    3,878 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    This needs to be stickied.
  8. Questfor6

    Questfor6 Well-Known Member

    1,614 Messages
    523 Likes Received
    I'm sure you'll that turd will back come week 8.
  9. muck4doo

    muck4doo Least-Known Member Zone Supporter

    3,398 Messages
    1,463 Likes Received
    Indeed. I vote for it.
  10. a_minimalist

    a_minimalist Well-Known Member

    4,762 Messages
    192 Likes Received
    I as well :D
  11. Boyzmamacita

    Boyzmamacita CowBabe Up!!! Zone Supporter

    16,240 Messages
    4,946 Likes Received
    He won't show his face. Trolls only troll when they think they have the upper hand.
  12. Neverhood

    Neverhood Active Member

    249 Messages
    140 Likes Received
    hahahahahahaha I was coming on to make this exact thread, have been owning this moron for the last few days, HAHAHAHAHA GIANTS GOT OWNED ELILAND WEEEEEEEEEEEE GO BACK TO YOUR HOLE
  13. Joshmil53

    Joshmil53 Well-Known Member

    2,565 Messages
    34 Likes Received
    Count me in
  14. CowboyMcCoy

    CowboyMcCoy Business is a Boomin

    12,749 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    What is the Giants' main message board? I feel like making a trip over there.
  15. SaltwaterServr

    SaltwaterServr Blank Paper Offends Me

    8,124 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Adding in my vote too.
  16. tupperware

    tupperware A Plastic Container

    7,269 Messages
    93 Likes Received
    Spanked by a #3 WR, lulz.
  17. Hagman

    Hagman Put Niland and Green in the ROH

    1,272 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Some mod should change his name to Romoland.
  18. Joshmil53

    Joshmil53 Well-Known Member

    2,565 Messages
    34 Likes Received
  19. tupperware

    tupperware A Plastic Container

    7,269 Messages
    93 Likes Received
    Be prepared to swim, there's about a whole foot of tears over there.
  20. bigE79

    bigE79 Active Member

    2,414 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Punk *** gnat troll

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