Hey Guys I'm new here.

Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by Texas Gator, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I'm a sports junkie and will be posting on here alot. I'm 19 years old, lived in San Antonio for seven years, now I reside in Florida and currently go to University of Florida. The Cowboys became my favorite team because I have a distant relative who played for them in the 90's. I also used to go to at least 4 games a year with my stepdad when I lived in Texas. I hope I will be able to make positive contributions to the forum in the future.
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    Welcome to The Zone.

    You don't have to tell us, but I am sure we'd all like to know who this relative was.
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    Leon Lett. He is my stepdad's cousin. My stepdad's side of the family lives in the Mobile and Pensacola area. So when we moved to Florida, we were able to attend the Family Reunions in Alabama, where I met him a few times.
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    Welcome to the Zone...I think you will like it here...Real cool that you are related to Leon
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    glad to have you here. contribute well. :star:
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    :welcome: :lombardi:

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