Hey... How did Henson look?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Juke99, May 1, 2006.

  1. Juke99

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    I didn't have a chance to watch the game...or the replay...first time that has happened this year.

  2. aikemirv

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    I thought he looked pretty good. The best of one of his drives, from the announcers perspective, was not shown because of tech difficulties with the feed I guess, but he played pretty well in my book

    13-21 and 2 tds and over 200 yrds. Almost had a pick at the goal line but if I am correct the WR's route was run incorrectly and the defender was allowed inside position. Nevertheless, even ahd the WR run the proper route the pass would have been a bit behind but not the easy pick that it could have been.

    A lot of Henson throws, which are not necessarily accurate and possible picks are thrown so hard that the defenders don't catch them.

    In perspective though, Chang wass 4-6 for 150 yards with 2 TD's and 1 pick. Needless to say, the Rhein WR's were as open as I have seen them all season long and Starling actually had good seperation on many plays.
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  4. aikemirv

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    I disagree that the offense sputtered unless you are blaming him for the first drive drop by the WR and the 3 fumbles by the RB when he was in there.
  5. TheHustler

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    theebs? Is there going to be a replay?
  6. adbutcher

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    They didn't show the game @ 3 yesterday. I have my pvr set to record it today @ 2, hopefully it comes on this time.
  7. StarMan

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    Maybe it's just me, but when Henson is in the game the offensive play calling seems to be more dink and dunk. They brought Chang in and he seemed to really ignite the offense. But they let him throw the ball down the field more imo.

    I thought Henson looked pretty good overall. He looked great on those last couple of drives, one to tie the game(td) and one to win it(fg). On those two drives, they seem to loosen the reigns a little and let Henson throw down the field.
  8. jbz64

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    Here are Henson's drives:
    1 - 2-4 9 yards - Punt
    2 - 3/3 42 yards - RB fumbles
    3 - 1/3 31 yards - Punt
    4 - 1/3 56 yards - FG
    5 - RB fumbles on 1st play, No passes
    6 - RB fumbles on 2nd play, No passes
    7 - 6/7 81 yards - 18 yard TD pass
    8 - 4 running plays 27 yards GW FG, No passes
  9. aikemirv

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    There is no doubt that the offensive plan is a pass first plan when Chang is in and a very balanced attack when Henson is in. I have seen it in every game that Chang has played and I just think it is there way to get Chang a lot of throws in a short period of time.

    Chang is not a bad player and I think he should have gone to a team where he could have been the starter. He is better than some of the straters on the other teams.
  10. RCowboyFan

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    I think they put each player in what he is comfortable and what maybe their NFL coaches want them to do. Earlier, I think they tried to have Chang in behind the center, but he seems to have struggled there. But lately they are mostly going Shot gun with him, where he seems comfortable.

    And yeah, Chang swings the ball around a lot and gives the ball away a lot too, especially in Red Zone. But I think he would have been better off as QB of another team, since I think Chang is better than couple of other QBs in other teams in NFLE.

    Personally this game, I thought Henson didn't look as good as I thought he should have except for fourth quarter, especially when it mattered most it seems like. Thats a reason to be real happy. I personally thought even if stats don't show etc., he had a better game last week, when the team lost than this week, since last week he barely had time to setup, while this week he had enough protection, but not as accurate as I thought he should be, well in first half anyway.

    Next weeks should be a good one, since that game might decide world bowl place.
  11. AbeBeta

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    Henson is the 2nd highest rated passer in NFLE with an 87.6 rating. He has shown increasing poise and leadership -- his stats also are a bit deflated by the awful O-line and receiving talent around him. The OL problems present a good challenge for him and make the game more similar to what he'll experience in the NFL. The WR stuff though is just bad play. Every game his guys drop several well thrown balls.

    All in all, I'd say at this point it looks like his spot on the team next year is totally secure.
  12. TheEnigma

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    Man, who is the freaking running back? Henson should throw every down.
  14. RCowboyFan

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    Actually his RBs as are usually good, especially Jackson, but unusual for them, they had I think 3 fumbles yesterday, especially two costly ones, which cost them points.

    I think thats why the last two drives, especially one that Henson took them for TD, after a second fumble and score was impressive. Since seems like team was in dire straits after seemingly in control of game, with those turnovers, now trailing by a score.
  15. aikemirv

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    They had Henson miked up for the game and I took a couple of things from that. The pass that almost got int at the endzone was one in which the Wr was supposed to keep crossing rather than cut into the endzone and I believe it was late in the game before he said something to the effect that he had not had a chance to get into a good rythm until then.
  16. Paniolo22

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    Put Chang in the shot gun and give him time and he'll pick you apart. That happens when you throw 50 times a game in college. Put a little pressure on him or get no separation from his receivers, you can almost see his eyes go from size 2 to size 30, his feet start skipping around like a girl in the playground, and his passes kill just about every ground insect in a 10 yd radius. There is a reason they are putting him in the shotgun.
  17. RCowboyFan

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    I didn't listen to that then, but it was nice to listen to his cadence and how he seems to totally command the Offense. It was fun to listen to him get excited and jump on Samp after the last TD too :D Seems like he is enjoying NFLE a lot.
  18. RCowboyFan

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