Hey Jerry! Take some lessons from the 49 ers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dirt, Jan 13, 2013.

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    The Niner's had most of those pieces in place and were going nowhere until they hired the right coach. The right coach turned their fortunes around immediately. Before you let the coach have total control, you have to have the right coach.

    Jim Harbaugh >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jason Garrett
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    This can't be said enough, and should be said in almost every thread of this board. When comparing us to other teams, it should always be realized how much we failed between 06-09, and that things are getting better draft and free agent pickup wise.

    The players from 06-09 should be the ones carrying this team right now, and we have very little to show for that period after this offseason. Right now, we have either a bunch of older players on their way to retirement and young players still trying to prove they are players.....but nothing in the middle cause of those drafts.

    Things have gotten better lately in picking up talent, that should be obvious....and the sole and only reason I have any optimism at all for this team.
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    49ers are built for the long haul... They'll be a force for the next 10 years sadly.
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    Please put this on Jerry's frig.
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    And then what do we do when he chokes it all away again in a playoff game or a play-in game to make the playoffs?

    Lets not act like Romo has been playing with a bunch of scrubs his entire career. From 06-10 he had one of the best Off lines in football, a 1st ballot hall of game Wr, a 3 headed monster backfield and a top 5 defense.

    What was the result? He fumbled a hold on a 21 yd fg, played horribly vs nyg and threw a int at the end to seal it, played his worst career game in Philly as we got stomped by 30+ pts. In the big spot, In the big moment of the big game he has come up small. Sure he's won plenty of week 7 or week 3 games. Even made a few comebacks. But NEVER when it mattered most
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    9ers went thru several coaches and picking high in the draft before they hired Harbaugh.
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    From 2006-2010 Romo had one of the best offensive lines in football?

    I stopped reading there because after that, anything you post is simply drivel.
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    You hit the nail on the head.
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    Isnt having a good coach like cheating or soemthing ???
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    Did you put any thought into the money side of that wish list? Owed money? Salary cap?
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    Wow. Just wow. Did you get all your "opinions" from ExtremeSkins???

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    What is interesting to me is fan's takes on certain situations just to fit their agenda. When the 9ers are brought up, everyone says take lessons from them cause of their OL and such but don't look at the most obvious lesson he should take from them.

    Hey Jerry, you want change and to make everyone in VR uncomfortable?!?! Then be like the 9ers, draft a QB in the second round and make the most important player on the field, Romo, uncomfortable like the 9ers did to Alex Smith with Kaepernick.

    Now that would shake up VR, not all this fake talk of change zeroing in on the D where we will basically still have the same players. Make Romo uncomfortable, then your words will be taken seriously Jerry, otherwise its just a bunch of nothing coming out your mouth as usual.
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    not sure if you are intentionally being obtuse or really dont get it

    the lessons jerry needs to learn from the 49ers are (in order):

    1) hire a real HC and then get out of the way
    2) build a strong OL and DL and dont go for the flashy toys
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    I think the 49ers got it right with the coach, but didn't they spend top 10 picks on Smith (QB), Davis (TE), Crabtree (WR)? Those are flashy picks.

    They didn't get good until they hired a real HC.
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    Maybe we should hire Scott McLaughlin for some role? He built most of that team before he got run out of town a year or two ago. The Baalke-Harbaugh drafts have Aldon Smith and Kaepernick; but those lines, linebackers, Crabtree, Davis and Goldson are a McLaughlin production.
  17. Deep_Freeze

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    Nah, I'm not being obtuse at all, those are the things you believe Jerry needs to learn according to your direction that you believe this team needs to go, in other words your opinion.

    The QB position is the most important position on the field and should always be developed, and our backup position shouldn't be sowed up by a has-been QB who got benched by Tim Tebow.

    Sure it is more than Romo, but we need to be developing the position right now cause he might never get his issues fixed and we need another viable option. So you have issues with the HC and lines, but there are alot of losing teams in this league with both of those in good shape. Bout time we start listening and watching whats going on out there, instead of putting our head in the sand about the situation.

    If Jerry wants a change that truly will send a message to this team that noone is comfortable and safe......then it will be with drafting a QB high in the draft.
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    Making Romo less comfortable by drafting a QB won't work if the OL isn't fixed. Kaepernick is only possible because SF has a great OL in front of him. I don't believe any QB can run Dallas' offense, with a bad running game and a leaky OL, better than Romo.

    And, what teams in the NFL this year are losing with a good coach and a good OL? None come to mind.
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    i was talking about us, so that assumes we have romo

    take any of the teams you feel have good/great OL and DL and a good/great HC and put romo on that team and tell me they are not in the playoffs

    that is the point

    we already have the QB, just need to give him the help he needs instead of messing around

    get a real HC
    let him get his people
    FA and draft on OL, DL, safety

    not tough to understand
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    Coaches get fired cause of wins and losses, and alot of times good coaches get fired cause they don't have the right pieces in place to win. A great OL can easily get a coach fired if he doesn't have anything to go along with it like in Cleveland or Miami.

    Hopefully our OL improves, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that we have an aging QB who has basically choked in the clutch time and time again. We can make all the excuses we want, and I'm one that hopes he turns it around, but I also want a viable option to go to just in case he doesn't.

    The star is wayyyy more important than one player, and they all can be replaced if it means improving this team. Improve the OL, and everyone will still think we suck cause of Romo. Sure we can make up excuses, but point blank we can at least have a viable option just in case. Right now, we have nothing, and that is a problem that is as big as any other issue on this team.

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