Hey photoshop guys.... Need some help..

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Cajuncowboy

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    I need to talk with some of you photoshop guys. If you are pretty good with photoshop and can help create a logo for a new business IM me. I know nothing about how to do this stuff and need a great looking logo for this business. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. jacs

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    i would help you but i suck at photoshop
  3. jacs

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    but if you if you want just give me the info and ill do something tommorrow when i am at work if theres notthing to do ofcourse and ill do a little something.
  4. trickblue

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    I know nothimg about Photoshop... oh wait... maybe I do... ;)

    You should IM'ed me Cajun...
  5. Juke99

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    Hey...Be glad to help...PM me...

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