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    Good morning to you all

    Seems like a strange time to join a football board when the superbowl is only a couple of weeks away but I've always been aware of what a cracking game your version of football is. I say your version as I'm in the west of Scotland, where our football is a little different. I really hope joining this board will help me understand and enjoy the game more
    I've always had a passing interest due to movies and TV shows esoecially Friday Night Lights movie an TV show and Remember the Titans. I also managed to catch the ESPN shows 30 for 30 about the move of the Baltimore Colts which I found incredible and the Greatest that Never was which was really moving
    I have always looked for Cowboys results as I had an aunt who lived in Dallas who sent over tops balls and games. She would watch the team and always write about them.
    Watching games over here is ok and the suoerbowl isalways on, although I don't often get the chance to watch the whole game due to it being on so late here and there's not a lot of highlight shows.
    So a bit about myself... I'm the wrong side of 35 and love most sports. When I was younger I played soccer and rugby, playing rugby league at a reasonable level till my knees gave up long before the rest of my body. I still watch soccer as often often as I can although my team, The Rangers are facing major financial problems that could see them out of business.
    I hope you're all patient and don't mind stupid questions but I look forward to learning more about football
    All the best folks
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    The NFL is a great thing and hopefully you can learn a lot about it from reading around the various NFL forums. Glad to see you're a Cowboys :)
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    :welcome: Jock!

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