Hightower looked good today

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Agree. ESPN3 showed several shots of Garrett and Saban standing together smiling and talking.
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    Go back and look at my posts. I've been saying since i first got on here that Hightower is the best of the Bama kids and would/should be our #1 priority out of all of them. Especially if he starts falling in the draft by some miracle and the Giants or eagles snag him. Even more impressive, go look at his 2009 tape before he had knee surgery, moves even better then.
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    Wow. A 27.5 vertical? That's pathetic.
  4. boysfanindc

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    I agree Hightower will be a great OLB in the pros.
  5. Zimmy Lives

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    I believe you. I know there is a small minority here that see his potential in Dallas' defense and in Garrett's program overall. I think he is the excat type of player Garrett is looking for on his team: A player who will push others to compete; a player who will show leadership and toughness; and, a player who can play multiple LB positions.

    Now I'm not going to say that I prefer Hightower over Cox, DeCastro or Claiborne but I am saying that I would be pleased to see him in a Cowboys uniform! :D
  6. supercowboy8

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    Saban and Garrett are close friends. Saben was the Head Coach in Miami when Garrett was the QB coach in Miami.

    I think that Saban and Garrett will talk about these players and Garrett really trust what Saban has to say. Saban is a very good secondary coach and still coaches those players now. If Saban is telling Garrett that Barron and Kirkpatrick are the legit players and will be stars in the NFL I bet Garrett listens to Saban.
  7. Sasquatch

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    At #14, I have to think it's Barron or Kirkpatrick. Barron is underrated here despite being a very good safety prospect, projecting well to the pros, and it being a position of perennial need for the Dallas Cowboys.
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    There are things I like about almost all of those Alabama defenders, but I have concerns about a lot of them too.

    I liked Upshaw's nastiness and tenacity. Seemed like a very powerful player. But those numbers were frightening. I don't like him as a 34 OLB at all anymore.

    Before Brandon Carr was signed, I had no doubt that Kirkpatrick would have been the guy. After Carr, I really had my doubts. It would still surprise me to see Dallas draft a fourth corner with the other glaring needs on this team.

    Barron is a guy that I had been hoping would somehow fall to the second round. Not to wish ill on the young man, but I had sort of hoped his injuries would scare enough teams away that the Cowboys might get a Sean Lee situation. I don't have those same hopes anymore. I need to watch more of him because I think it's really tough to judge a safety in the college game.

    Donta Hightower was my favorite player on that defense. The knee scares me some, but the guy just jumps out at you. People have already talked about his strength and burst, and it's obvious. Add to that how he was the QB of that defense and moved all over, and he definitely seems like the "right kind of guy". I was trying to think of an NFL comparison, and I kept thinking of Adalius Thomas or Mike Vrabel? He just seems like he can do a lot of things on the field, but I wonder if he does any of it it well enough to not be more than a thumper? I believe he could play outside, but after Connor was signed, I figured he wasn't someone the Cowboys were targeting, but they could shock me.
  9. supercowboy8

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    I think out of the two Kirkpatrick has the best chance at being a late 1st pick.

    I think Gilmore and Jenkins will go before Kirkpatrick.
    There are a few teams that need a CB, Cincy, Tennessee, Detroit.
    I don't know if Kirkpatrick will make it past 21
  10. Gaede

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    I'm not Hightower's biggest fan, but I could live with him in a trade down
  11. Dash28

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    What would be the target area for Hightower in a trade down?
  12. Macnalty

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    I have seen him linked with the Steelers and Patroits at their picks. Hard to nail it down as all the mocks seem to be in a state of flux after these pro days, working on my mock and trying to take him in the first left me tired with all the trades, I have liked him from the beginning, and the forum has pushed Cox and Brockers into a similar tier for me. Another guy like him is the kid from OK R Lewis both are going to be outstanding players after a year in their new positions. I predict Dont'a moves way down into the teens before the draft.
  13. ThreeandOut

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    If Hightower could eventually play SOLB, then this is a pick that makes a lot of sense. If they keep Spencer this year, then he is a player that could see action this year at both SOLB and ILB. I could see Ryan putting Ware, Spencer and Hightower on the field at the same time on passing downs with Hightower rushing from the ILB position. He also seems to be more explosive than Upshaw so he may have more long-term potential as a pass rusher.
  14. Zimmy Lives

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    This is exactly how I see the Cowboys using a guy like Hightower.

    Yes, I know they have Conner and Carter (sounds like a law firm) but Garrett wants competition at every position. Anyway, it would only be for one year until Hightower can transition into the NFL and to outside LB. I think it would be a great move. The challenge would be whether Dallas thinks he is worth the 14th pick and who is on the board when they are on the clock.
  15. ThreeandOut

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    I don't think he would be the selection at 14 but he could be a consideration in a trade down, which seems to be a real possibility.
  16. Zimmy Lives

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    Dallas must stay put until their pick if only to see if they can get one of the top- tier players who might happen to slip to 14.

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