History repeating itself?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by blindzebra, Jun 14, 2014.

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    There are 29 forum rules. "You will not misinterpret posts or threads" is not one of them. :)
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    I don't even think it's as good as the 1990 7-9 team. That team was clearly on the upswing.
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    People would have laughed in June of 1991 if you said that they would win the 1992 and 1993 Super Bowls.

    It's possible that this team is on the rise, but the majority of "fans" and media won't recognize it until after the fact just like they didn't recognize it in the past.
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    Yes they have. The last time was 83 but we've come close since the last in 07. It is more likely we will be in the 28-29+range. I'm probably a bit too optimistic with the D giving up 20ppg as well; although I did say 20+. I can't remember if we gave up 25 or 26ppg last year. Either is bad BTW. Even 22-23 will make us a handful. Losing Lee wasn't helpful. :(
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    I'm not so sure about that.

    The cowboys went from 1-15 the previous year to 7-9 in 1991. More importantly, down the stretch, they went 4-2 (and the last two games were lost because Aikman was out and Laufenberg was in). Jimmy Johnson won coach of the year, Emmitt Smith won rookie of the year honors,and the team was being recognized for doing well in the draft. It would not have been too difficult to predict future success under these circumstances. And I doubt anyone would be laughing at you if you did so.
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    I followed the Cowboys just as closely then as I do now, plus I live in the middle of DFW. Nobody was expecting a Super Bowl in the summer of 1991.

    Keep in mind that Erik Williams was just a rookie that had never taken a snap in the NFL at that point. Nate Newton had been playing RT. The OL had not really come together yet.

    The defense was nothing special either. Russell Maryland had yet to play a snap as a rookie. Darren Woodson, Kevin Smith and Charles Haley were not on the team.
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    You make a very good point x.

    What the current team needs is that "stepping-stone" season like that did going from 7-9 to 11-5 and then winning the whole shebang.

    This team has been 8-8 for... a while now... LOL!

    It needs to break through and give fans a couple wins more before there is a solid base of optimism.
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    The offense took a big leap in 91.

    The defense ended up middle of the pack. They added pieces in 92 and became the #1 D with zero pro bowlers in 92.

    Just like 91 people are expecting big things from the offense and zip from the defense. I am betting that the guys that suffered through the last two years on D will have a huge chip on their shoulder and listening to our corners that seems to be the case. If the guys coming off injuries and the new guys add anything it is very possible that these guys can get us to that 17th ranked D like we were in 91.

    Get Lee back and add a couple of pieces next year and we are right there, IMO.
  9. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I knew they were going to be good that year. I was very optimistic.
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  10. tantrix1969

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    I was alot more optimistic about that team for sure
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  11. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Yep. I didn't know that they were going to be as dominate as they became but I did think they would be in the playoffs. I had no faith in Johnson in 1989 but he turned me around. I could see the team improving. I don't see nothing like that with this team.
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  12. jnday

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    It was clear in 1991 that the team was young and was going to be good within a year or two. The current team would shock everyone if they even made it deep in the playoffs because the talent is simply not there.
  13. xwalker

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    It was not clear that the defense was going to be good and the OL was just OK. Remember we're talking about the summer before the 1991 season.

    The only thing that was clear was the triplets were good players.

    8 Troy Aikman
    7 Steve Beuerlein

    Running Backs
    34 Tommie Agee RB/FB
    48 Daryl Johnston FB
    22 Emmitt Smith

    Wide Receivers
    80 Alvin Harper (Rookie)
    88 Michael Irvin
    83 Kelvin Martin PR
    87 Alfredo Roberts TE
    81 Alexander Wright KR

    Tight Ends
    89 Rob Awalt
    84 Jay Novacek (2nd year with Cowboys)

    Offensive Linemen
    63 John Gesek G
    66 Kevin Gogan G/T
    61 Nate Newton T/G
    53 Mark Stepnoski C
    71 Mark Tuinei T
    76 Alan Veingrad G/T
    79 Erik Williams T

    Defensive Linemen
    75 Tony Casillas DT (1st year with Cowboys)
    90 Tony Hill DE
    77 Jim Jeffcoat DE
    97 Jimmie Jones DT
    78 Leon Lett DE/DT (Rookie)
    67 Russell Maryland DT (Rookie)
    73 Danny Noonan DT
    92 Tony Tolbert DE

    59 Darrick Brownlow MLB
    93 Reggie Cooper OLB
    55 Jack Del Rio MLB
    58 Dixon Edwards MLB
    51 Ken Norton, Jr. OLB
    52 Mickey Pruitt OLB
    57 Vinson Smith OLB

    Defensive Backs
    40 Bill Bates SS
    24 Larry Brown CB
    29 Kenneth Gant FS/CB
    45 Manny Hendrix CB
    30 Issiac Holt CB
    20 Ray Horton FS
    42 Stan Smagala CB
    37 James Washington SS
    23 Robert Williams CB

    Special Teams
    70 Dale Hellestrae LS/C/OT
    4 Mike Saxon P
    1 Ken Willis K
  14. xwalker

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    I'm not too worried about the exact win/loss record in 2014. A lot of that is dependent on the competition and a little luck or lack thereof.

    I'm more concerned about developing some players such that the roster is really strong going into the off-season.

    Going into the 2014 draft, they had questions at almost all positions on defense and they had Zero backup interior OL. I would like to see them with minimal question marks going into the 2015 draft. If they can develop a few players like Wilcox, Holloman, Lawrence, etc., then they can target a free agent or two to complete the roster.

    Obviously, 4-12 would be a bad sign, but there could be minimal difference between 9-7 and 7-9 from a talent perspective.

    The big difference between now and the past is that most of the players on the roster are young. They are unlikely to be losing any players like Ware, Hatcher, etc..
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    Love the optimism. I see your point on offense. I'd go as far to say I like the receiving talent on this team better than the '91 team.

    Jimmy's defenses were predicated on speed. I don't see many players on this defense with above average speed.
  16. ShiningStar

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    LOL, isnt this like the third time people ahve pulled this, didnt someone try it after the Giants win of the SB and than the whole history thing starts up, No, no one sees history, there the end. You know whats in history, the last time Dallas was relevant.
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    How many teams have gone on to win multiple Super bowls with 34 years + QBs?
  18. cml750

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    The Broncos with Elway are the only one that comes to my mind right now.
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    He gave me an inkling a couple weeks ago that we were 4-5 years away. I'm hoping he was being facetious...
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    You missed the Coach of the Yea part. He knocked the crap out of the strong 91 Redskins with his coaching alone. Jason can't close out a game let alone out coach a HOF rival. Even IF Jason was an average coach, he is saddled with a nut job micro-manager as a fake GM.

    Also missed the top ranked special teams, a sign of good solid coaching.

    I don't see much speed on defense, at least in the way the 91 team had an advantage over its rivals. It was built different, to Johnson's Miami 4-3. This team is more like the bad news bears than a defense built with a singular purpose. Its on its 3rd DC in 3 years, they are guessing at this point.

    I love the blind enthusiasm but I hate hearing about the promise of the 91 team. Tons of that a few years ago and it aint coming back like that ever again. Let it go and lets hope this team can build it own identify. Use the very promising OL to run and help Tony for once. I see this playing out more like the Denver 96 team (if the 3 headed offense by group-think would run the ball). Let the running game carry you and let your QB take his shots with out having to carry the team.
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