How about Fujita to ILB and Burnett to OLB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheHustler, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. TheHustler

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    I haven't seen Shanle make a play in a month. Fujita is too slow to chase RBs down on sweeps but is a solid tackler. How about Fujita inside next to James, and Burnett to the outside, who played well and seems MUCH faster than Fujita.

    Something needs to be done. Our defense has been awful the last 3 weeks.
  2. Chuck 54

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    I vote to draft or sign a big tough ILB to play beside James.
    Move Burnett to the outside opposite Ware.
    Shanle and Fujita are special teamers and backups, imo....Shanle might be able to play in the nickel.
  3. Eddie

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    Shanle won't be on this team next year. Neither will Fujita.
  4. Hiero

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    either way i agree, fujita starting at olb is not the best situation. maybe he can play inside, and burnett outside, but it seems like we will need an ilb next year. we need a jeremiah trotter type ilb .
  5. Sarge

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    I think Fujita will be here but realistically ya don't know. So much can happen in the offeseason as far as player acquisitions go.
  6. AbeBeta

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    Shanle and Fujita are what they are. Our backup LBs that were forced in to starting roles by injury. Is it really a surprise that they aren't as good as Dat and Al S? Burnett moves inside next year and we bring in another OLB as one of our top priorities. Shanle and Fujita are good players when put in the right roles -- starting isn't that role.

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