How about, insert name here, as head coach? **merged**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmberBeer, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Funny you mention Shula because I think there are parallels that can be drawn between his Miami teams and our teams. Don Shula had Dan Marino, one of the greatest QBs to play the game, and yet only managed to get to one SB during Marino's entire career. One of the greatest coaching failures in the history of the game, IMO. How do you have a QB as great as Marino and can't manage to put a viable team around him in all the years he was there? Same thing here. While some would like to debate on how good Romo really is, I personally think he's one of the very best QBs playing today and his stats certainly support that. And yet, he's only won a single playoff game. I think that has far more to do with the utter failure of the organization to put a decent team around him and they'll wind up wasting away his entire career because of their incompetence.
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    So does that mean we are due for another one soon?
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    Saban I doubt would come here.....Shaw is my college guy far as a pro guy, Lovie and Gruden, but a dark horse would be Carmichael of the Saints???
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    Wes Phillips or John Garrett?
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    There's no parallels that can be drawn between Shula's teams and our teams. Don Shula is one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history while Jason Garrett has no business being an NFL head coach. Garrett took over 3 years ago for another head coaching dud who had no business leading a team and the Cowboys ended up quitting on him. There's no similarities between the Cowboys coaching situation and the Dolphins during Marino's tenure at QB. Dan Marino is one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game and was arguably the greatest pure passer of his era. He held several NFL passing records at the time of his retirement and although his playoff record wasn't great he still led his teams to the playoffs 18 times winning 8 playoff games plus he played in a SB.

    Tony Romo isn't half the QB that Marino was. Romo has never even led the league in any single category during a season. He has peers who outproduce him every year. Romo has only played in 4 playoff games in his 8 years as a starter and has only one playoff win to his credit. Romo is one of the best QB's playing today but he's not one of the greatest QB's to ever play. FANS who claim Romo's talents are being wasted away in Dallas are being ridiculous. He's had some great skill position players around him better than Marino had. Marino made his receivers Romo's had receivers in TO, Witten and Dez who could produce with any QB. Romo has been apart of some very good teams and contributed to those teams successes and failures.
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    Steve mariuchi
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    How about a coach born AFTER the AFL-NFL merger?
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    What about Richie Incognito? He could go bully Jerry and maybe Jerry leaves the team checks himself into a clinic. It's a win / win.
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    None of the above.
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    Don't care as long as the GM is NOT Jerry Jones or anybody else named Jones.
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    I don't know why Jerry even bothers hiring head coaches they're nothing more than figureheads.
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    In Jerry's case, when the medication is suspended and sufficiently diluted in an alcohol solution, I think we're' ok.
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    If a stool softener is ever diluted in an alcohol solution Jerry is going to have to eat everyone of his meals while reclining on a toilet.
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    Good point.
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    5 year extension for a head coach that cant beat anybody with a winning ever.

    Whats next? We going to start handing our participation trophies and have ice cream in the lockerroom for "giving good effort?"

    "Great job boys, you held the Saints under 50 points.............who wants cookies and milk?"
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    Just imagine Jimmy Johnson taking over as head coach, talk about ratings and keeping the Cowboys relevant for the next half decade without doing anything, right up Jerry Jones' alley.

    Jimmy is 70 which isn't all that old. It'd be a story for the football ages if Jimmy came back here and won us another Lombardi. Plus it would instantly become the biggest story of the offseason, which may be a huge motivator for Jerry. I'd be very happy if this somehow happened, I don't think it would but maybe there is a slimmer of a chance.... maybe...
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    Jimmy is 70 and hasn't coached in this league since 1999. It is a different league now -- we saw in Miami how the copycat league (e.g., small and fast defenders) caught up with him and his approach became less effective. He's done
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    Paul Chryst
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    Bored today?
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