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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by NotNOCODE, Sep 3, 2005.

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    Im a long time reader of the site, but post very very few threads. But i thought id pass this thought along. If the Drew Bledsoe experiment is even somewhat sucssesful this year, then we are probably looking at another year of him next season too if Parcells is still here, which puts the QB of the future debate still up in the air since Drew Henson hasnt shown much(so far). So we are still three years away maybe before actually getting our QB of the future on the field. Since college football started today, i thought of Chad Henne, the current Michigan QB. He is a soph, so we would have to wait a few years, plus Michigan QBs tend to stay all 4 years, so thats another draw back of him. But at least hear me out ok. Im a long time Michigan football fan, and hitorically ive never been a big fan of the QBs that have come through here in recent years. The only one i really seemed to like was Griese, but that may be because he gave us a national championship, so i might be biased in that sence. Others i have not liked at all, i didnt see much talent in them. Ill even put Griese in the catagory of not much talent, to go along with others such as Driesbach, Brady(who would of thought), and Navvare. I liked Henson, but he should have stayed for his senoir year, and if he did i truley believe he would be a starting QB in the NFL right now. Chad Henne is the best QB that has come along here in a long time, maybe better then Elvis Grbac. Henne puts up great numbers in a mostly run orriented offense. Head coach Llyod Carr usually doenst let his QBs throw the ball the way Henne is allowed too, Carr is a typical Michigan head coach where he loves to run the ball and win with that and deffense, but Henne is so tatented that he has let this kid air it out and he is very succssesful. Once again its kind of down the road if he were an option, but who knows what our record would be in that time, and if we are still looking for a QB. Chad Henne has the goods. :bow:
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    Michigan QBs, Brady , yeah who would have thought. Grbac, he got to start and he put up good numbers but he really did not have it, he was a career backup who shined like a starter when the starter got hurt, like Scott Mitchell did when Marino went down.
    Harbaugh was the best to me until now (Brady), Navarre, Griese, he's missing something. How many other Michigan QBs have been long time starters?

    They mostly are always career backups right?
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    NotNoCode, where did you come up with that name?
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    QB and WR will be top targets in the draft this year.
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    Next years' draft is going to be really exciting. I have a feeling the Cowboys are going to pick up some marquee names.
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    This Chad Henne might be worth watching. He will be coming out (assuming he stays 4 years) at just the right time. By then we should have a decision made on Henson and know for sure what we have in him and Romo might very well have moved on in FA by then as well.

    I wouldn't count on a QB draft next year. We will still be working on Henson and we have Romo for another year as well. I agree on WR though.
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    I have only watched since Griese years, but I have to say, Chad Henne is not as good as Henson. He reminds more of Navarre. Not accurate, but heck of arm and a good leader. I do think he is better than Navarre.

    Anyway, I think his WRs make too many leaping or behind their back grabs. You seem to have memory based on what Henson has done this pre-season. Carr has aired it out Navarre years a whole lot then he did during Griese/Brady/Henson era. That has continued. Mostly because Michigan D has sucked compared to what it was during their years, hence having to play catch up or more airing it out.

    Infact I like Omar Jacobs from what I have seen better than Chad Henne. But really, no offense, but Henson was by far the best QB I saw since I have been regularly watching Michigan Football from year 97. And you seem to have selective memory about it.

    Now I will give you that Henson this year in pre-season hasn't looked the Qb he was in michigan, not even half of what he was, IMO. I still have high hopes for him, since I have seen Phillip Rivers suck in Pre-season this year too. At least we didn't pay for Henson that muchl.
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    I totally agree with you about Henne. Also, I agree that he is not Henson when he wore the blue and yellow jersey, but he is only a sophmore. He will only get better the next coming years. I hope Bledsoe can be serviable for the next couple of years until he have to make a decision on Henson, Romo, or draft pick. Unforunately I am a Buckeyes fan, so I have to be nervous about him the next two or three years. I think he will be the best QB coming out of Michigan for the NFL because he played three or four years, and Henson left early to play baseball.
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    Good replys to my post, i do appriciate it. But i do have to disagree with the posters who are saying the Henson is better then what Henne is. Hensons first year as a full time starter he was a junior and he had just as many weapons that Henne has had his first year, and now on to this year, and Henne is a Soph, and put up far better numbers then what Henson put up his one year of starting. Henne has a gun for an arm, better then Henson, and his accuracy will only get better. Ive watched alot of Michigan football in my days, and ive NEVER been a fan of alot of Michigan QBs, so not to blow my own horn, but if i say that im impressed with a Michigan QB, its saying alot HAHA......but really, it is. When Henne is a Junior he will be far better then Henson, and once he gets to the NFL he will be far more ready too. Im not dogging on Henson by any means here, i was very excited when Dallas signed him last year, because i was targeting Henson when he was in college to be drafted by Dallas. I just think Henne will be really good, and prepared.

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