How Addicted are you

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by k19, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Nightshade

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    Addicted... what.... what... :laugh1: who me?.... nnoo... NO! :eek:hno: i'm ...Not... AdDICTtEDdddD... d?!?

    :insane: :explode:
  2. Nightshade

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    BTW the poll needs another option.

    hopelessly addicted, no money for subscriptions so forced to troll 24/7. :)
  3. smashmouth

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    The favorite for me is Game day. I have all of my radio set for the ticket, 103.3, and the Cowboy game day station. I record all pre-game Cowboy shows on tv, and it's the best.

    I don't subscribe to anything, but my dream is to have a 24hour-365 day a year cowboy radio station. I hate listening to the ticket unless it's Norm, and I'll listen to the 10oclock show on ESPN radio and Randy Galloway.

    Like tonight, all of the major tv networks will have their extended spot on sports and I'll record 2 of them with my DV recorder and watch the others. My wife thinks I'm nuts seeing the same thing over and over. Tonight, I'm going to pull out my old 92 superbowl tape and watch the whole thing to really feel it..
  4. k19

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    Sorry for leaving you out shade :D
  5. dargonking999

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    I'm addicted to them, but...with soem others posting the same articles, and by me being under 16 i dont have that abilty to pay (my dad want even get that package that allows me to see all the NFL games:( )
  6. k19

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    Couldnt that be considered abuse in some states. :p:

    Great sig Dargon, it definitely fits ya
  7. dargonking999

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    DOnt i wish then i coudl sue him use the money to buy the package, :D:D

    BTW thanx it was actaully Danny's Idea and he made the sig for me. It was on some thread.
  8. Banned_n_austin

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    Clever, but that sounds disgusting ...

  9. Seven

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    Well let's see...... I still have my Dallas helmet lamp, helmet digital clock (digital led display was the big ta-dooh then) and helmet radio I got for christmas in '75 displayed in our bedroom. It will not be removed under penalty of limb removal. Had that clearly stated in the wedding vows. Made a scrap book of the latest superbowls with picture from DCW's. I'll work three jobs, sundays off, to pay for whatever to watch Dallas. My children will be staunch fans or they will be someone else's children. I just bought a new truck, '04, and have Cowboy's paraphenila all over it. I've color schemed my pool to the tune of silver and blue....not kidding. My wife wants a tattoo and I'm very close to a Blue Star on her person. Other than football I rarely watch TV. I do not watch any other sport. All of the above is true. Except for the children and vow part...but I tried!!!!
  10. NorTex

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    Hello, my name is Ron, I'm an addict.

    However, as addictions go, this is relatively cheap. I pay for Cowboys plus, Ranch Report. I finally got over the fear of satellite tv and dropped cable in favor of DirecTV, of course I bought all the NFL programing available and a Tivo.

    I live just south of the Oregon border, all we get here is Raider's and 49er's coverage.
  11. Hostile

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    Okay, so long as you guys are patient. I really haven't even begun yet. I ordered new keys for the doors and ignition and they haven't arrived yet. I need that to even get it home at this point. It is out at a friend's shop.

    I also ordered the gray primer which will be the first step once I start sanding it down. The guy did some damage to my baby. I need to do some minor body work first. Nothing huge, thank goodness.

    Once I get her home I will take a picture and post it. Then I'll post more as I start restoring it. This will not be a fast restoration. Don't have the free time to do that.

    I forgot to add that the spoke area of the chrome rims will be painted to match the blue of the star. I am currently thinking the engine area will be silver and the engine itself will be blue. I'd like to chrome the whole top and have all the hoses braided with blue ends.

    I haven't made any decisions on the undercarriage or even if I will pay any attention to it.
  12. Erik_H

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    I'm basically a leech here, in that I get most of my info from this site. This makes getting my daily (many times a day) fix easy.

    Living in Jints Country it's tough getting news elsewhere.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Ditto for me except this is KC land. Ugh!

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