News: How are Super Bowl teams spending their money?

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    Below is a chart with the teams from the previous 10 Super Bowls, their average spending per player by position, and how it differed from the league average. The raw data is available on page 2 for you to manipulate and try to find your own trends/patterns.

    Defense might just win championships - Not including kickers, 12 of the 15 biggest high-paying deviations from the league average were on defense.

    14 of the previous 20 Super Bowl teams spent more than the league average on QB

    Secondary isn't secondary - Both of this season's teams outspend the league average by more than 60% at Safety

    16 of the previous 20 Super Bowl Teams spent more than the league average per player

    This season's 49ers team is biggest difference per player (+35%) in the past 10 Super Bowls
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    So spending money on great players, and not bad ones is a good strategy. Got it!

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