How bad is Jerry Jones?

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    Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989. The team had just gone 3-13 the previous year. (Michael Irvin had already been drafted)

    Jerry hired Jimmy Johnson in 1989, and with the first overall pick in the draft (afforded to you when your team is the worst of the worst), they took Troy Aikman.

    The big move that Jerry made in 1989 though was the huge Herschel Walker trade. Which I'm sure in tandem with firing Landry was probably seen as lunacy at the time. This trade essentially pioneered the Cowboys and quickly brought them from being one of the worst teams in the nfl to becoming one of the best.

    Between 1991 and 1996 we never had a season under 10 wins. We won 3 super bowls.

    What most people don't realize is that there was no salary cap in the NFL until 1994. And what did Jerry do to try to keep the wins coming? He heavily back loaded contracts in order to still get key players like Deion Sanders (95) and Charles Haley (92).

    The offense was starting to fall apart, we tried to replace Jay Novacek with David LaFleur (who would ultimately retire early due to back issues iirc) and finally in 1998 Michael Irvin was forced to retire due to career ending injury.

    There is also this idea that Jerry completely ignored the offensive line, which isn't true. Between drafting Aikman and his retirement we drafted a total of 12 "first day" offensive linemen.

    In 1999 we weren't a horrible team, but without Irvin, we certainly weren't consistent on offense. We were ranked 11th in points scored and 5th in points allowed.


    Both Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith are aging at this point, what does Jerry try to do? He tries to make a big spash to try to rejuvenate this offense. What does he do? He trades two first round draft picks for Joey Galloway. A speed receiver who is a major threat in the NFL, who was in a contract issue with the Seahawks. He played only one game with Aikman gaining 62 yards and a touchdown before tearing his ACL in the 4th quarter of his first game.

    We would fall to 5-11, but without the first round draft pick to benefit from the early draft position, we would continue to turmoil. Aikman would be forced to retire in this year.

    And mind you we're dealing with some serious dead money through all of this, due to back loaded contracts that made it possible for us to win in the early/mid 90s. There was a point where we could barely man a full roster.

    I'm not sure if Dwayne Goodrich would have turned into something eventually, but him going to jail in 2003 certainly didn't help our roster develop given he was our first pick in 2000.

    Again we have no first round draft pick. We need a quarterback to replace Troy, and we go after Quincy Carter. We have the 53rd pick in the draft. We've already missed out on Michael Vick and Drew Brees, but it's not as though any quarterback drafted afterwards had a stellar career.

    We go 5-11 again under Carter and Chad Hutchinson.

    2003 & Parcells Era
    Jerry Jones hires hall of fame coach Bill Parcells. In 2005 he would direct us to move our efforts towards the 3-4 rather than the 4-3. Something we did not have the coaches for or the scouting department. Note that we had the #2 defense in the nfl in points and #1 defense in the nfl in yards in 2003 and while we weren't as good in 2004, I would suggest that had a great deal to do with a sophomore slump by Newman, and a major slide in cornerback quality in 04. We were still 10th against the run. Players like Pete Hunter and Lance Frazier certainly don't help you.

    The transition to attempt to scout and draft 3-4 players resulted in failed and semi failed draft picks such as:

    Marcus Spears

    Bobby Carpenter

    Anthony Spencer*

    Jason Williams
    Victor Butler
    Brandon Williams

    I would like to note that it was also Parcell's drive to get a two tight end system going in dallas. Anthony Fasano (5th tight end in the 2006 draft) and when we tried to replace him in 2008 (notably after Parcells) with Martellus Bennett (4th tight end in the 2008 draft).

    At any rate we found a huge gem in Tony Romo. Thanks to Sean Payton (who Parcells helped drive out, not that we cared to stop him).

    We go 13-3 and are first in the NFC in the regular season. Terrell Owen gets injured late at the end of the year, and we end up losing to the Giants despite Owens playing, by 4 points. The Giants go on to win the Super Bowl.

    In 2008, the offense was struggling, but Jerry Jones was confident in that team from 2007. He makes another huge trade to try to set the offense right by getting Roy Williams. It simply did not work, and Jones receives a great deal of animosity for the move. I think we should have made a move for Anquan Boldin who went for much less, but regardless of that. I would say this was a terrible move, but Jerry wanted to try to win then.

    Romo ends up missing 3 games, and we miss the playoffs, going 9-7. Is it possible that if Romo doesn't get hurt that we make the playoffs? Absolutely. All we needed was one more win to make the playoffs over the Eagles. That being said we weren't a great team, and it's clear we probably wouldn't have gotten far, but we certainly did compete with some teams that were in there in the final 4. We actually played all 4 of those teams that year, and while we didn't win any of the games, we were within 7 each time (except for one of the routes against the Eagles, though we did beat them earlier in the year).


    We went 11-5, won the NFC East, and beat the Super Bowl champion Saints ending their undefeated season. We lost to the Vikings who lost to the Saints, who went on to win the Super Bowl. Our offensive line simply couldn't stand up against the Vikings, but we were certainly not a slouch of a team.

    One of the worst years in the Romo era. People point to Romo going 1-5 before being hurt, but people who watched those games, know those loses weren't on him.

    Wade Phillips had lost the team, and it all came tumbling down from there.

    Since the Romo era began, only 1 year have we not been in contention to make the playoffs. And that was the year where he was injured after 6 games. We went 6-10, but with Romo, we still probably could have made the playoffs. With Brad Johnson this team lost three games by 3 points or less. Maybe we beat Jacksonville, and maybe we beat New York.

    My point is since the recovery of the 5-11 seasons, and missing out on those draft picks, and weathering the storm of not having any quarterbacks until Romo, we haven't been all that bad. So I think Jerry Jones should get a lot of credit along with as much blame as he gets. It hasn't been nearly as bad as people think it was, and many of the moves he has made, have been in the moment at the least rational.

    For all the crap we gave Zimmer, it certainly didn't take him long to turn around the Bengals defense. People give a lot of credit to Parcells for the turn around of this team. And honestly I just don't see it.

    The reality is if Parcells doesn't come to the rescue we probably suck for another year, and then end up with Eli Manning or Phillip Rivers. Similarly to that I would suggest that the success Jerry Jones has had in the Parcells-Romo era, has actually hindered us. We've been so talented that we've ended up just middle of the pack or worse in terms of the draft.

    Highest draft pick since the Romo era began (except for trading up)? 9th Tyron Smith, after a season where Romo missed 10 games...

    Other than that? 14th (and we traded down further).

    People gush over the 49ers, and how they're such a well run organization. Could it have anything to do with having

    7th pick in 2011, 11th pick in 2010, 17th pick in 2010, 10th pick in 2009, 29th pick in 2008, 11th pick in 2007, 28th pick in 2007, 6th pick in 2006, 22nd pick in 2006, 1st pick in 2005.

    Why do they have multiple picks in some years? Because when you suck, you get to trade down, and put picks together.

    It would have been awesome to collect from those 3 5-11 years. But we only got Joey Galloway and Roy Williams and Terence Newman out of it. I wouldn't say that is absolutely terrible. If Aikman and Galloway would have been able to play together also with Ismail, maybe we could have put together a super bowl in 2000. Instead of the passing game truly struggling.

    If you base things on our 5th rated defense in 1999 you might think that was a wise move.

    Have we had playoff success? Certainly we haven't, but as I've shown there have been a lot of circumstances to create that perfect storm, and it hasn't just been Jerry's ineptitude. It also has to do with the fact that we have one of the toughest divisions in football. Combine that with a total team collapse, salary cap hell, some key injuries, and missing premium draft picks due to risks taken, and a few bad drafts to be honest, it's fuel for disaster.

    The number 1 person I would blame would be Bill Parcells. I find it funny that he gets so much praise for reviving our team. I would say he was a bandage on a gunshot wound.
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    Don't care what the stats say.

    He puts a lowzy product on the field year after year (for the money and market Dallas has).

    He's the worst GM in the league, cause any other GM would have been fired 3 times over in his 17 years stint
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    Great analytic response.
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    You might think it's funny but he certainly set this team back moving it to the 3-4.

    Tons of wasted draft picks on players who may or may not fit the 3-4. Drafting defensive ends in college and trying to convert them to linebackers in the nfl.

    The only thing the 3-4 managed to do for us is stop the run, but it left us with terrible unagile linebackers who couldn't cover to save their lives. Parcells wanted us to focus on stopping the run in a pass first league.

    What great offenses players to Parcells draft?

    Jason Witten. Patrick Crayton? That's it.

    What about on defense?

    DeMarcus Ware? No. That was Jerry overruling Parcells who wanted to draft Spears first.

    First round draft picks under Bill Parcells

    1. Terence Newman
    2. Marcus Spears (3-4)
    3. Bobby Carpenter (3-4)

    Second round draft picks under Bill Parcells

    1. Al Johnson
    2. Julius Jones
    3. Jacob Rogers
    4. Kevin Burnett (3-4)
    5. Anthony Fasano (12)

    Third round draft picks under Bill Parcells

    1. Jason Witten
    2. Stephen Peterman
    3. Jason Hatcher (3-4)

    Fourth round draft picks under Bill Parcells

    1. Bradie James (3-4)
    2. Bruce Thornton
    3. Marion Barber
    4. Chris Canty (3-4)
    5. Skyler Green

    I don't really need to on....
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    If Parcells doesn't "save" our team in 2003.

    We're looking at a pretty high 2004 draft pick. We get either Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, or Ben Roethlisberger. Or 2005 Maybe we end up getting Aaron Rodgers (assuming we aren't bad enough still to get Alex Smith).

    Why didn't we draft a QB in 2004 or 2005? Because we had Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe to the rescue...

    We get a quarterback early on and we stick with the 4-3, we would have had a very different last 10 years.
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    Jerry is the most clueless, ridiculous excuse of a GM that has ever donned the title, and that includes Al Davis.

    It is absurdly unfair to Al Davis to compare Jerry to Al Davis.
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    Not even trying to be mean, but that might be the single worst post I've ever read on this board.
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    You are more than welcome to stop posting here and go find another team. I am sick of hearing all the whining. Ya'll would do exactly what JJ is doing but worse. Just be glad we have an owner who wants to win and actually cares. If you are tired of JJ move on the pathetic mewing is really getting old.
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    What it took u 18 yrs to get fed up? Lol
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    I have been fed up, which is why I haven't been posting in a very long time. It just gets old hearing these mewing children whine day after day after day.....
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    Jerry's a mixed bag. He had a hand in 3 Superbowls. He built us a hell of a stadium. He keeps the organization prominent. He's willing to spend money, and he's put together a pretty good roster during most of the Romo years.

    At the same time, he puts ridiculous pressure on the team to perform under difficult circumstances. He's impatient. He takes unnecessary and inadvisable personnel risks. He allows players access to him around the coaching staff.

    Overall, I'd probably say he's a bottom-third-of-the-league guy in his overall management capacity. Basically, he's a liability overall.

    At the same time, I think the posts that he's the worst GM in the league or that pretend it's been 17 years in a row of abject failure are, for the most part, melodramatic silliness.
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    A: post more often.

    B: erod does his share of bashing JJ, but he's not a guy who only posts the negatives about the team. There are plenty of those around, too, but he's not one of them in my book, fwtw.
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    It wasn't just directed at Erod, but all the other "fans" who have to post about JJ all the time. HE ain't leaving! When is passes, his son is taking over...get over it or move on....Let's talk football or get move on please.
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    Yeah, I don't get the banging-your-head-bloody-over-Jerry-Jones one bit. He's as happy with the negative reactions as he is the positive ones, anyway, and, as you say, nothing is going to change anytime soon.
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    Jerry has been learning on the fly how to manage a team in the salary cap era. I am happy with our drafts recently under Garrett and I think he has shown improvement. He's not the best, and he's not the worst GM. I can't complain with the direction this team is heading.
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    If Bill Parcells was a bandage on a gunshot wound,then it was a self inflicted gunshot wound by Jerry.First of all,and we can argue this,I give Jerry very little credit for personnel moves from 89-93.I give him credit for hiring Jimmy,and blame for making him so miserable he wanted to leave.I see where you mainly blame back loaded contracts for the failures of the late 90's,and early 2000's.Remember Jerry gave out those contracts.The real blame goes to bad drafting.When you have a aging team,and your losing your players in free agency,you have to draft well to make up the difference.
    Shante Carver
    Larry Allen(major hit,but you have to hit on more than 1 player in a draft)
    George Hegamin
    Willie Jackson
    Dewayne Dotson
    Sherman Williams
    Kendall Watkins
    Shane Hannah
    Charlie Williams
    Eric Bjornson
    Alundis Bryce
    Kavika Pittman
    Clay Shiver
    Stepfret Williams
    Mike Ulafale
    Randall Godfrey(not bad)
    David LaFleur
    Dexter Coakley(a good one,but the only one again)
    Steve Scifres
    Kenny Wheaton
    Antonio Anderson
    Macy Brooks
    Greg Ellis(instead of Randy Moss)
    Flozell Adams(very good)
    Michael Myers
    Darren Hambrick
    Oliver Ross
    Ebenezer Ekuban
    Solomon Page
    Dat Nguyen(good)
    Wayne McGarrity
    Peppi Zellner
    Dwayne Goodrich(so bad,his teammates blamed him for stealing money)
    Kareem Larrimore
    Quincy Carter(Jerry threw all scouts and coaches out of war room,and moved him up the board 2 full rounds)
    Tony Dixon
    Willie Blade
    Markus Steele
    Roy Williams(couldn't cover my old ...)
    Andre Gurode(a good one,but again the only one)
    Derek Ross
    Jamar Martin
    This was the cause of the downfall of the Cowboys.I don't have a problem with Parcells going to the 3-4.He should have done it in 2003.Parcells did build up the talent base here.Jerry has just made alot of the same mistakes this time that he did the 1st time around.You can't have back to back drafts,(2008 and 2009)with only 1 guy to show for it.That kind of disaster affects you years down the road.So there is only 1 person to blame,and it isn't Bill Parcells.Sorry for the long post,but if we're going to look back,let's look back correctly.
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    17 years of. 500 football and only a single playoff win pretty well sums it up.
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    Jerry wouldn't have drafted a QB ... because he's so afraid of the pick busting.

    Because QB's have the highest bust rate.

    Dwayne Goodrich would have been our first round draft pick had we had one.

    It's a bad joke folks. This team is about as poorly run as any.

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