How big of a need is LB?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. tm1119

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    Carter is looking like a part time player at best, Durrant + Sims are mediocre, and Lee is hurt....again.

    I'd say LB is pretty close to S as our 2nd biggest need on D (i'm counting the whole DL as 1)
  2. Future

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    Yea, I still think we should have gone after a guy like Bostic in the second or Greene in the 3rd or 4th - both of whom went to the Bears - to get some depth. They went the later route with Holloman and Magee, but LB is probably going to be a need this offseason, especially since Lee can't stay on the field.
  3. RS12

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    I think Mosley out of Alabama is one of the surest things in this years draft. Carter looks like a weak side LB trapped in a strong side LB's body. Strictly run and chase.
  4. xwalker

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    The 3rd LB does not play many snaps in the modern pass happy NFL.

    Carter appears to just be a slow learner. There were many questions about why he didn't play more after he got healthy in his rookie year. He then had a good 2nd season.

    We'll get to see Holloman in a few days.

    Generally 4-3 LBs often come from mid to later round picks.

    The Cowboys must fix the DL to keep blockers off of the LBs.
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  5. tm1119

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    Slow leaner is a huge understatement. For a guy who allegedly runs a 4.4 he sure gets beat a lot. I agree with RS12 that Carter is that 3rd LB you are referring to that comes off the field a lot. Plays the run well and can tackle, but I am seriously doubting his ability to cover.

    But I'm not arguing that DL is much more important. I think LB should start to get seriously looked at around the 3rd round of the draft though.
  6. XDez88BeastX

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    I don't think The defensive coaches like what they see from carter & I believe he will be traded in the offseason.... I'm guessing a 3rd round pic from a top half of the draft team, Atlanta maybe.
  7. JeffInDC

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    While I'm not quite giving up on Carter (he was too successful in college as a WLB in a 4-3 for me to think he can't be now), LB SHOULD be addressed. If Shazier from OSU and Mosely are around when we pick in Round 1 AND they are the definitive BPA's, I would pick them. Period. I think the team can find some really good OL/DL prospects from Rounds 2-4.
  8. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    It wouldn't shock me if a 3-4 team watches his tape from last year and wants to trade for him. 3rd or 4th seems reasonable and could benefit us as well if he just doesn't fit
  9. kiheikiwi

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    I would be very suprised to see Carter shipped off, think he gets one more year. I do think we need more depth, one more starter, but too many other needs to use a high pick this year. Nothing before the 4th round, and aren't we due for a couple of 4th - 5th round compensatory picks this year ? (Hopefully).
  10. ABQcowboyJR

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    I don't think Carter is going anywhere yet. This defense still doesn't have a true identity IMO. I think he will catch on next season.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    Not that important in this scheme. You need studs on the DLine and in the back end (safeties). You can get by with just serviceable starting LBs next to Lee
  12. bosley88

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    Carter shows signs of brilliance.. we need another sean lee.. a playmaker and i dont think carter is that
    With that being said i hope they dont move him

    Kahlil Mack??
  13. Manwiththeplan

    Manwiththeplan Well-Known Member

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    Derrick Brooks says hello
  14. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    Top priority is DL, DL. DL and S. After that I would consider LB and CB.
  15. Pessimist_cowboy

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    i think its the 2nd biggest need behind DL.
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  16. ninja

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    Top priority is, and always should be, best player available regardless of position. We can rightfully assume DL is the top priority at this time, but you never really know with injuries and FA. And we really don't need to be reaching for players based on need.

    Crawford and Bass might come back and thrive under Marinelli's scheme. And maybe Hatcher re-signs. If so, taking the BPA might be a CB or LB or WR or OL. Who cares as long as the player can play.
  17. jimnabby

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    Well, nobody's mentioned the draft in this thread yet. In free agency, need certainly plays a role: you're not going to break the bank signing, say, another CB even if he's the best FA available. And you certainly target those middle-class and low-rent signings to shore up positions of need. In the draft, I'm a huge BPA guy, but if the early-round BPA is a CB or god forbid a TE, we should definitely be exploring a profitable trade down.

    In general, I agree with you though. I don't really care if the stud we get is a DT, DE, LB or S, as long as he's a stud.

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