How Cowboys get down to $104 million - Norm Hitzges

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by robert70x7, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Does this consider keeping Spencer?
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    Last year was a penalty - the money wasn't there.

    In previous years, when they've been in "cap hell," they've managed to sign Archuleta, Haynesworth, Lloyd, Randle-El, etc. I'm not saying the players were good signings, or they panned out - but they made money available. And those contracts sent them into 'cap hell' again, and they managed to move money and sign more players. Players can move within a salary cap by restructuring.

    I'm not defending Dallas's cap situation. They suck at it, and Jerry gives out terrible contracts like they're candy. I'm just saying teams find a way out of bad contracts, and they never really bite teams like you'd think they would.
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    Yikes, that is putting things in perspective. Sounds even worse when you spell it out like that....

    I wonder why no one has asked the Cowboys this question. I would like to hear the answer.
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    When Romo leaves, we are going to be 2-14 regardless so it really doesnt matter if we mortgage the future at this point.
  5. Disturbed

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    Not true. The Cowboys could draft a good young QB (see the many teams that did just that last year). In fact, a good young QB could make Dallas better and change the fortunes for the whole team. So mortgaging our future now for any one player is a dumb thing to fact, it is always a dumb thing to do.
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    I hope our front office doesn't think like that.

    How about planning for life after Romo? There are future franchise QBs entering the league.
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    lol @ that. Yeah, like we would have been 2-14 if we drafted Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Luck, RG3, etc.
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    or Jumungous or Heath Shuler or Blaine Gabbert or Colt McCoy or any number of other QB busts over the last 10 years or so.

    The hit rate of QBs (and of course its early yet) last year is way above normal.

    You can usually expect 30-60% bust rates for QBs.
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    As long as this happens. I AM GOOD with it !!!

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