How did you do in your fantasy leagues this season?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by ZeroClub, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I had 4 yahoo leagues, 4 ESPN leagues, and 2 leagues.

    I won 2 championships on yahoo, and I'm in the championship game in another this weekend, and I feel pretty confident about a win. The other team came in 4th place.

    For ESPN, 1 team is in the championship game and should easily win. I have a 30 point lead going into this weekend. 2 teams placed 3rd, and the other placed 4th.

    For, 1 team lost the championship game (Romo was my starting QB and he was injured), and the other placed 5th.
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    official count,

    2 championships(worst showing ever for me)

    9 second place finishes

    6 third place

    3 4th

    a 5th two 6th and a 9th

    week 16 romo gets hurt and i lose 3 championships and my 6 third place finishes then in the week 17 championships i ran into some combination of stafford, nelson, brees, megatron, cruz, and even the freaking vikings in every match up

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