How difficult do you think it will be to engineer a successful trade down

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 29, 2012.

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    this year?

    I think Tannehill will go before 14, probably to either the Dolphins or the Browns (maybe the Browns trade down a couple spots first themselves, but before the Dolphins pick). My best guess is the Dolphins draft him.

    I think Richardson will probably go in the top 10 as well. Quite possibly to Cleveland with their 1st first round pick or to TB.

    Floyd could be one of the keys. If he were to drop, I could see a team like the Browns using their other 1st rounder to trade up as they need offensive weapons. I don't think the Browns will go WR with their first 1st round pick.

    The other trade down scenario I could see happen is if the top OLBs are still available - so there is a run on the defensive lineman early on like Poe, Brockers, Cox, and Coples - but Ingram, Mercilus, etc. are still available at 14.

    In that instance, assuming we still want to trade down, a team like SD may want to move up and take their favorite OLB/pass rusher and give the Cowboys an extra 3rd rounder.

    I don't necessarily see teams moving up to draft any CBs or Safeties at 14 (assuming Claiborne doesn't slip), any TEs, QBs (outside of Tannehill who I think goes before 14) or an OC, RB (outside of Richardson) or even an OG.

    What do you guys think as of today?

    EDIT: And as for OTs, it appears to be a generally weak class right at the top outside of Kalil (sp?).

    I think we need to hope that Floyd, Ingram fall to 14 IF we want to get a trade down, outside of guys like Tannehill, Claiborne, etc.

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