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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Actually, I don't. Maybe you should pay attention rather than trying to assign me thoughts.
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    I asked what was holding us back. You said offensive line. I said oh the one Garrett built. You said yeah but omg injuries!

    If you agree that the line Garrett built, even when healthy, isn't good enough, why make excuses for them?

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

    spin away, superfan
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    Fix the offensive line, defensive line and safety position. And please draft a QB.
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    You are choosing to be ignorant.
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    If Rob Ryans injury excuses werent acceptable........ what are we supposed to take from this, for garrett?
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    So, let me get this straight. You don't see the OL as a problem?

    Edit...oops, I guess you can't answer.
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    I didn't say Rob Ryan's injury excuses were unacceptable, nor that these injuries are.

    Was the OL good enough? No. Largely due to so many injuries. Is that not a fact? If it is true, why are you upset about it? Regardless of their injuries I want to see them get better personnel there. Remember, I am the guy who has in recent years been stumping for Mike Iupati and David DeCastro. I haven't changed one iota. Give me Chance Warmack if he falls. Give me Jonathon Cooper or Barrett Jones if Warmack doesn't. I'd love the big kid from Kentucky in the 2nd and DL in the 1st.

    Did the Defense have too many injuries to overcome? Yes. Clearly that was the case. Only a fool would think otherwise. But regardless of how many injuries they sustained they still did not get the job done. We were 1-3 against rookie QBs and the lone win took overtime to pull off. We gave up 400 points and the most yards we ever have. We had the fewest takeaways we have ever had. Is this good enough for you? If you say yes I will confess to being amazed at the myopia that takes.

    To be contenders we have to fix the OL and we have to get takeaways from the Defense and they have to hold opponents to better than a 25 points per game average.

    Do you disagree? If not, then what exactly is the problem with my opinions other than they are mine?
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    If a player is bad, and gets injuries, it still doesn't take away from him being bad. The only good player on the Oline is Smith. Miles has been injured for the past 2 years.
    As for the defense Church is not a good player, you can not count on Carter since he is injured all the time, Ratliff started the year injured played a handful of games, and then got hurt again. Scandrick just plain sucks, Coleman is an avg player you can replace, the only one you can actually argue is Lee. He played most of the year last year, you knew what he is capable of, and he was/is a part of the defense.

    This team has some talent, but is no where close on talent as these playoff teams.

    My question to people who use this injury argument is: What do you get out of believing it?

    Every team has injuries, I would go so far to say, the Ravens had the worst of it, having Suggs coming off an Achilles injury and Lewis on IR until the playoffs after 6 games.
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    Injuries or the plain simple fact that we have mostly JAGs on the O line.

    Bernie and Livings - your two pickups supposedly on Red Balls approval.

    Dumpster diving.

    No draft picks last year on the O line.

    So yes Red Ball HAS responsibility for the content of the O line no matter how much hoss tries to shift the question.
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    Where did I try to shift it? I said to the question, yes his OL. I said they weren't good enough. You really need to get over this aversion to reading.
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    O line is bad. REally bad.
    Yes, injuries were high this year.
    Our defense (injuries excuse again), even when healthy was not dominant.
    Even when Romo is looking good and in sync with his recevers, the game plan would change in timing, direction and strategy -- and that would stymie Oh No Romo.
    Lastly -- AND THIS IS BIG, MENS -- we lacked the smash-mouth defense and offense that was so evident with Atlanta, San Fran and the Ravens. Not so much the Patriots.

    there, that summarizes.

    Now let us go back to the garden, so to speak, and ax yourself this:
    Are we up to par with the four teams that played Sunday???

    I say a resounding nO (with a capital O) and the lack of smash-mouth football and the sometimes not-in-sync game plan did us in.
    Yes Injuries too but ever body has injuries.

    We are not even close to keeping up the the Sunday teams.
    Let's address this in the offseason, Jerra, as best we kin.

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